Cheers to a relaxing weekend

Friday, February 21, 2014

Can you believe this is the last weekend in February? Oh boy, spring is coming soon! I can hardly wait. What are you up to this weekend, sweet ladies? The thing I'm hoping for is to be able to sleep in till noon and score some great coffee:) I am very low maintenance, obviously:) Darlings, have a relaxing next two days. I will see you Monday morning but in the meantime, here is a bunch of awesome links for your weekend blog-hoping-fun! Enjoy.

Have you ever had palmiers?

Are you dating a designer by any chance? Check this out:)

This clementine and rosemary sugar scrub must smell wonderful!

Hanging vase displays are so stunning!

Twelve awesome ways to top your baked potato.

Lemon twist.

Ha! 15 food words that you're mispronouncing!

Frozen greek yogurt and pomegranate bites.

How to eat soup dumplings - very nifty!

After reading this, you will never buy packaged food again!

5 ways to fail gracefully:)

The sweetest little bow bracelet that you can make yourself.

Liz on new babies:)


An incredible interview...

Ever wondered how successful people stay calm?

And fancy a blast from the past?
- Three years ago today.
- Two years ago today.
- One year ago today.

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(Photo of Norway by David Bonnefoy)


Unknown said...

Those yoghurt bites look delicious and the photo of Norway is stunning!

Liz Halle said...

Love all these posts. So fun to check out the dif links you come across in the week.


Unknown said...

Have a wonderful weekend, Diana! My husband is making an Indian feast for friends on Sunday afternoon. And I hope to catch up on some sleep and maybe take a yoga class.

Ela said...

Diana, what a lovely view and wonderful reflections on the water.
Have a nice weekend :)

Unknown said...

sooo ready for spring! have a great weekend! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

Vintage Market Place said...

Spring is already here in our part of the land.
We spent last weekend spring cleaning with the windows and doors fully open. The cats flip flopping on the warm concrete. And pulling weeds and cleaning all of the fallen pollen out of our rock beds. This weekend I think I will just relax and enjoy the clean spring :)

A Life Un-Styled said...

The weekend is over but I hope it was relaxing. I'm not really looking forward to the new season. Summer was horrid here but then again perhaps Autumn will be wonderful? xoxox

Diana Mieczan said...

Wilma, I am totally swooning over that photo as well:)

Diana Mieczan said...


Diana Mieczan said...

Katie, I hope you had an amazing time on Sunday, darling.

Diana Mieczan said...


Diana Mieczan said...

Amy, I am getting ready for spring cleaning too:) Hope you enjoyed your relaxing weekend. xo

Diana Mieczan said...

Vanisha, too hot? Hope you have a magical autumn, sweetie.

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