Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

My lovelies, happy, happy Thanksgiving! This afternoon we are meeting a whole bunch of friends for a huge Thanksgiving feast and afterwards everyone is coming over to our place for drinks, wine and pie. And since tomorrow it's Balazs 39th birthday, we are planning to make it into a whole weekend of playing board games, listening to Miles Davis, watching a few classic films, drinking cocktails with those ice cubes and eat, eat, eat ourselves silly!

If you are in a post-reading-type-of-mood in the next few days, please feel free to browse through exPress-o! Here are a few scrumptious ideas including those festive spoons, the 'it' panini for Friday (we can't wait to make it again this year), some pie goodness and if you feel a bit chilly, this hot chocolate with wine will make you feel all warm and happy in no time. Promise! Also, for those who like their wine cold, here are 2 last minute wine chilling tricks and a nifty tip on saving leftover wine. Next week I'll continue with our gift guides and I am so pleased that you're enjoying them so far. Also, don't miss our beautiful Keecie GIVEAWAY!

And here are a few cool discount details for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping fun!
- Petitor: 15% off on all designs (no coupon necessary)
- Scarlett Jewelry: 10% off with the code: BLACKFRIDAY10
- Crave Jewelry Design: 15% off on orders of $20 or more with the code: WHOOHOO
- Elisabeth Michael: 20% off with the code: BlackFriday + 50% off on Cyber Monday
- ShopCuffs: has a cool contest of shop to win $100 gift card with the code: ShopToWin
- Upper Metal Class: 30% off with the code: ThankYou30
- Swedish Inspirations: 10% off with the code: 10OFF
- Gwen Delicious: 15% off with the code: EXPRESS15
- Garnish: offers free shopping on all orders over $75
- Andrea Bonelli: 30% off on select pieces
- Minetta: 10% off with the code: ESTYSALE

Darlings, I'll see you all Monday morning (miss you already). xo

P.S: If you fancy a bit of chit-chat, you can always catch me on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

(Photo of a group of girls holding turkeys as they practice singing Christmas carols on the 29th of November 1929 by FPG)
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