Are You Afraid To Fail?

Monday, November 25, 2013

The thing about us adults is that we are scared of failure. Kids just go for things with no fear whatsoever. If they don’t succeed, it’s really not a big deal to them. They just keep on trying. Remember those times? But when the teenage years hit, we get self-conscious, afraid to look unsure or uncool. And that’s when we stop trying as much, become more careful and more set in our ways. By the time we’re full-fledged adults, the word “new” can sound as scary as “defeat,” so we play it safe and stick to what we know instead of just breaking free like kids do. You know what they say, right? Kids truly hold the essence of life.

Well, this video will not only make your Monday morning wonderfully smiley but it will also prove that the statement above is true. Unstuck asked a bunch of kiddos a few questions about failing, like if they were afraid of it, what it means to fail and how to just go for it. It’s incredible how smart, factual and truthful they were. What are we so afraid of? I have no clue but I know one thing, next time I am faced even with the smallest challenge, I will take in on like the little boy in the grey tee and shake off that excessive worry and go for it like back in the day on that playground swing:)

P.S: I forgot my phone.
P.P.S: A sassy GIVEAWAY is coming up!

(via Uunstuck)


Anonymous said...

This is precious. I love how kids tell it as it is and when you listen to them the world really doesn't seem that scary. Thank you. Jill

Unknown said...

This was great and perfect for a Monday morning! Thank you for making me smile!

xo Mary Jo

Diana Mieczan said...

Spot on, Jill:)

Diana Mieczan said... pleasure, Mary Jo:)

Monica Aguinaga said...

kids are so wise! loved this little video.

Diana Mieczan said...

Monica, I totally agree!

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