Cheers to a long weekend

Friday, August 30, 2013

Blimey, tomorrow is the last day of August. Can you believe it? It blows my mind that summer is almost over. Anyway, what are you up to this long weekend? Tomorrow my friend is organizing an end of August picnic in the park nearby, so I am looking forward to lying on the grass (if it doesn’t rain) and eat glazed peaches on a stick - my new revelation. Dears, as always have a blast and stay safe if you are traveling. Plus, here are a few cool links for your weekend-blog-hopping-fun. I see you Tuesday bright and early :) xo
10 great tips on how to make new friends in the city.
3-ingredient caramel frappe.
Clever, very clever.
Ha, microwave snacks you can cook in a mug. Who knew?
Brooklyn home that makes me swoon.
Late summer party - a must!
A great read and a fantastic advice.
Back-to-school supplies for big kids:)
Aww...Beyonce and Kid President.
I adorable this girl.
Midnight in Paris.
A quick and easy cat-eye. (Psst: perfect for hot dates).
Perfect heirloom tomato sandwich.
Dating tips for women from 1938 - yowza!
LA's forgotten stairways to the stars.

Plus, don't forget about the awesome A Matter Of Choice jewelry shop discount code for all the lovely exPress-o readers: EXPRESSO. This peacock feathers bobby pin tickles my fancy.

And fancy a blast from the past?
- Three years ago today.
- Two years ago today.
- One year ago today.

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(Photo of the adorable little fox via Ivy & Twine)

This Week's Gems.

A great shirt to welcome autumn:)...

Brilliant! Fancy your city/state ring? I totally do!...

My kitchen table totally needs this tea towel mat. How beautiful!...

How swoonworthy is this pendant? (Plus, here is a little discount code for all exPress-o readers: EXPRESSO. Thanks, Sharon!)...

The perfect hooks to hang your fall raincoats on...

Studs perfection!...

The prettiest nursery decal ever. Don't you just love dandelions?...

Vintage 1960's Eames style chair - great for that sassy pop of colour...

Backpack made for city strolls:)...


What a
timeless piece! Totally smitten with this bag. Psst: This one tickles my fancy as well + they are on sale!...

This ladder would came in handy in tiny little bathrooms like ours:)...

Rosemary candle - my new favourite!...

Happy last Friday of August, sweets:) What caught your eye this week? Any great buys or finds? Do tell...xo

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(12th photo by Paul Barbera)


Thursday, August 29, 2013

From time to time certain landscapes need a tiny makeover. Wouldn’t you agree? Well, Irby Pace is the genius photographer who enjoys giving ordinary and traditional subjects an exciting and brand new perspective. By incorporating artificial coloured smoke-clouds, he cleverly reinterprets the look of various desolate landscapes by inserting vibrant life to their respective settings. I just love how that pop of colour fits right in. Like it belongs there. Isn't it clever? xo

P.S: Remember this place?
P.P.S: How about this photo series?

(via Because I'm Addicted)

Best Moments in People’s Lives

A little over a month ago a writer named Richard Deitsch asked his Twitter audience this simple question: How many of you have a photograph of the single best moment of your life? If so, what a gift! As soon as he tweeted the message, the photos started to pour in. Richard said that it was one of the most special nights he ever experienced. By now there are over a few hundred photos shared but those seven above are my favourite. 

Do you have the single best moment of your life captured on film? xo

P.S: The one piece of advice you wish you'd been given.
P.P.S: On love.

(via Twisted Sifter)

Lantern Festival in Thailand

Gasp! Each November the city of Chiang Mai in Thailand transforms into the most mesmerizing lantern festival called yi peng (second full moon). It’s believed that by releasing a lantern into the air you are also getting rid of all your worries and problems. It symbolizes the new beginning. This year the festival will take place between 15th and 18th of November. I’m totally gobsmacked by it all! Just imagine seeing it in person - swoon! xo

P.S: Midsummer night in Poland.
P.P.S: And the lantern floating ceremony in Hawaii.

(Photos by Taradol Chitmanchaitham, Ng Chai Hock, Pansiri Pikunkaew, F. Hug, Athit Perewongmetha, via My amp goes to 11)

Fancy Morning Brew.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Speaking of all things delicious, if your mornings tend to be a bit on the miserable side, here is a good solution: Jazz up your regular cup of coffee with a bit of vanilla syrup and some caramel sauce. I've been treating myself to this combo for the past two mornings and what a fancy little treat it is! Here is the full how to. Are you a coffee drinker?

P.S: More coffee goodness including homemade vanilla syrup, ice (cube) coffee and this brilliant coffee concentrate.
P.P.S: And this little trick!

(Photos by Milo & Me)

Ode to Homemade Soft Pretzels

Some days are simply made for soft, buttery pretzels and as much as I tried to deny it, the craving just sneaked up on me without a warning. After a whole weekend of daydreaming about homemade pretzels, I finally gave in on Monday morning and made a whole batch. It’s funny because no matter whom you ask 'fancy a pretzel?' most people will say 'yea sure, thanks' and continue on telling you their rather hilarious or embarrassing childhood pretzel related story. We all have one, don’t we? Some involve boys or movies, but one thing for sure: pretzels will always make you thirsty as Kramer pointed out in Seinfeld :) Remember that episode? George's interpretation was my favourite:)

Oh, pretzels, you are soft, chewy, comforting, familiar, underestimated and loveable. Thank you for Monday :) Lovelies when was the last time you had a proper soft pretzel?

And if you fancy making some tonight, here is the recipe:

Soft Pretzels
(Makes 6 smaller or 4 bigger. Recipe adapted from Jeannie Yee via Rachel - Elephantine)

* ¾ cup warm water (110°F)
* 1 ¼ tsp of active dry yeast
* 1 tbsp brown sugar
* ½ tsp salt
* 2 cups all-purpose flour
* 1 cup warm water (110°F)
* 2 tbsp baking soda (for soaking)
* ½ tbsp butter, melted
* coarse kosher salt
First things first, pour ¾ cup warm water into a mixing bowl. Dissolve yeast, brown sugar, and salt into the water and then stir in the flour. When the mixture comes together, dump onto a floured surface and knead for about 5-6 minutes or until smooth. Pour a few drops of olive oil into the mixing bowl; place the dough in, cover the bowl with a tea towel and let it rise for 1 hour. When the dough is ready, cut it into 6 pieces and roll each piece into ½ inch thick ropes. Shape the pretzels by forming a U, then twist the ends and flip it over onto itself, gently pressing the overlapping dough to seal. Next, let it rest and rise for 15 minutes. In the meantime, fill a bowl with 1 cup of warm water and add baking soda. Make sure to stir well. Next, soak each pretzel for 30 seconds, flipping over halfway through if not fully submerged. Place each on parchment-lined baking sheet and brush with melted butter and sprinkle coarse salt over the top. Bake at 450°F for 10-18 minutes or until golden brown. Ta dah!

P.S: And here are a few more of my favourite recipes.
P.P.S: Plus, this caramel candy recipe and the scrumptious autumn booster.

(Photos and layout by exPress-o)

Bivouac NYC.

Fancy a NYC night under the stars? Two years ago artist Thomas Stevenson was struck by all the unused space above the city and by all the clutter of everyday life, so his solution was unplugging the best way he knew - on a rooftop in East Williamsburg. He built seven tents from canvas and wood along with a picnic table where people can spend a night, gasp over the twinkling lights on the never sleeping city, drink wine, eat baguettes and chat the night away. One of the attendees said: I enjoyed having no place to go and nothing specific to do – Bliss! So if you fancy a go too, Thomas is planning one more city sleepover in early October :)

P.S: You can read more about it here and tons more of NYC goodness.
P.P.S: Plus, more amazing rooftops and fine dining in the NYC subway.

(Photos by Michael K. Smith for The NY Times via Sho & Tell)

exPress-o Film Club: Lola Versus

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Darlings, have you seen the 2012 indie comedy, Lola Versus? How did you like it? I watched it very recently after Balazs’ recommendation. He is pretty great at spotting films that I surely will enjoy :)

Ok, take a second and imagine yourself turning 30 in about 3 weeks. Are you there? Now, think of having all the amazing future plans like getting married to the guy of your dreams, planning the wedding, seeing all that before your eyes forming into this perfect little world and then *bam*! The fiancĂ© gets cold feet and backs out. What do you do? Do you start from the beginning? Do you go crazy? Or do you let it all overwhelm you? It’s a funny story of a young woman in crises with a super honest portrayal of the difficulties that girls go through on regular basis. And if that's not enough, there is also the wacky best friend who doesn’t help the case at all. A brilliantly refreshing film about a new start on a bumpy road to self-realization:) Enjoy!

Bits and bobs:
- If you loved the film Bridesmaids or the telly series Girls, you will totally enjoy this one too.
- Daryl Wein directed and written this film.
- He also directed Breaking Uppwards a 2009 film.
- Greta Gerwig aka Lola also played in Arthur with Russell Brand and my new must see, Frances Ha.
- Greta and Ben Stiller in Greenberg. Another off-beat comedy with a similar mood and humour.
- She is adorable:)
- How to recover from a break up with Greta.
- I love her passion - brilliant!
- Zoe Listen Jones plays the super wacky best friend.
- Here she talks about writing and starring in Lola Versus.
- Joel Kinnaman aka the fiancĂ© was born in Sweden and I best remember him from The Darkest Hour.
- On his role...
- There is also Bill Pullman and Debra Winger. They make a fantastic duo.

P.S: Plus, a few other films that you might be in the mood for.

(Photos via IMDb)

My Everyday Style.

Darlings, what's the everyday comfort jewelry you wear? You know, like that special ring with a wonderful story that gives you an extra dose of security when you know it's on your finger. Or the necklace that you treated yourself to after a big promotion. Or even that pair of earrings that your mom finally borrowed you but you’re not planning to ever give back, because you hate the thought of not wearing them daily :) I get lots of emails from you, dear readers, asking about my everyday accessories, so last weekend Balazs snapped a few photos of me in my every-day gear as he calls it:)

The daily jewerly I wear is wonderfully understated. The type that just becomes a part of you and you don't have to think about it. The one that suits every single item in your closet.

I'm crazy about this little gold bar necklace right now! It's my all-time new favourite everyday piece. It gives such a sassy little twist to my simple tees or summer dresses. It's wonderfully snazzy without being overpowering. Plus, Cindy is the queen of understated sassiness in my eyes.

This little black diamond seed ring I do not part from even for a second. I got it from Balazs and it symbolizes so much to me. This rose gold piece is perfect for stacking and was made by Blanca Monros Gomez from my all time favourite NYC jewelry shop Catbird. I often find myself checking if it's on my finger, as if it possessed some type of magical power:)

And here is the hairdo that I've been loving lately. It's a simple side braid made of three braids, braided into one. I've been wearing my hair like that endlessly since it's one of those easy-breezy types:)

So, now your turn, lovelies...xo

(Photos by exPress-o)

The Moody Art Of Cycling

Biking during autumn is always a bit bitter-sweet, isn’t it? The crisp air really invigorates you while the chilliness is a bit uncomfortable at times. But you know that as soon as the temperatures drop to the frosty level, your bike goes off for a vacation for the rest of the year, so you really want to enjoy the last few months with it:) At least that is how it’s with me, and those photos above by an Italian photographer Massimiliano Sarno make me daydream about the incredibly wonderful feeling of autumn solitary biking. They’re moody, dreamy, a bit grumpy, oh-so fascinating and somehow therapeutic, wouldn’t you say? Do you bike?

P.S: Plus, NYC biking.
P.P.S: And this super cool invisible bicycle helmet!

(via My Modern Met)

Pink Rabbit in the Italian Alps

Monday, August 26, 2013

Just imagine hiking in the Italian Alps and stumbling upon this giant cotton candy coloured rascal? That would be a smile-worthy treat, wouldn’t it? For the last 8 years this humongous pink rabbit is chilling on top of the mountain near Cuneo and bringing smiles to all the passing by hikers. Bonus: he is so big that you can actually climb on top of him and take a mid-hike nap if you fancy :) A treat that shouldn’t be missed :) What a gem!

P.S: And this awesome yellow duck:)

(via Design Aside)

Autumn Hair: The Knotty Pony

Doesn't this knotty pony looks like the perfect summer-autumn transition hairdo? It screams casual chic - the type you can take from day to night in a flash. Plus, looks super easy to master and would go great with a cozy plaid shirt and boyfriend's jeans.

Here is the how to:
Part your hair down the middle and divide into two sections. Tie the two sections in a knot. Then tie the ends together into another knot and combine the two ends. Finish off by securing the knot with bobby pins at the nape of the neck.

Thoughts? Would you try it? xo

P.S: Ribbon hairdo and the adorable halo braid.
P.P.S: Plus, a few other hairdos you might like:)

(Photos by Refinery29 via Because I'm Addicted)

Arctic Ice Flowers

Crikey, have you ever seen Arctic ice flowers before? It’s a phenomenon that I find totally irresistible to look at. Those flowers are a real thing and pretty common in the Arctic climate. They are basically ice crystals that form in the frigid air above the ocean surface. I read that for them to form the air must be -7.6 degrees Fahrenheit, with calm winds so the flowers don’t blow away. They usually survive no longer than two weeks, so there are only a lucky few that had a chance to capture them in their full glory. Nature never ceases to amaze me. Aren't they pretty? xo

P.S: Also, this butterfly tree, and where the Baltic Sea and the North Sea meet.
P.P.S: Plus this little hidden gem in Bosnia.

(Photos by Matthian Wietz, Stefan Hefele and via Deep Sea News, Neatorama)

Cheers to a great weekend!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Can you believe there are only nine days till September? Where did the summer go? Oh boy, time flies, doesn't it? For Balazs and I this weekend will be all about relaxing, spending time reading books, catching up on Skype chats with friends and family and listening to Miles David. What are you up to this weekend, lovelies? Have a wonderful last full weekend in August and as always here are a few awesome links for your weekend blog-hopping-fun!

How to order wine on a first date:)

Oh my goodness, Nutella cookbook!!!

J'adore, always and forever!

Adult friends and all that jazz...

Incredible little gem. European architecture is swoonworthy.

Ha, Disneyland staff cafeteria in 1961.

I had this this morning. So good!

Brilliant, 10 foot long birthday candelabra!

Street smarts. Which one tickles your fancy?

After seeing this, I am pretty excited for autumn to come:)

Gabrielle's new house is so beautiful...

Cooking supplies heaven.

Blooms in season right now.

Have you read George Saunders's advice to graduates?

Kale and green garlic bruschetta sounds wonderful right now, doesn't it?

A few sassy braids for curly hair.

Lovelies, see you Monday morning:) xoxo

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(Photo via Elissa)

This Week's Gems

Thinking about getting a great rain-coat for autumn? I adore this one....

Swoon - liquid light lamp. Perfect for autumn evenings in...

Triangle & dot - what a sassy little pairing....

If you fancy keeping your eggs toasty for longer, try those woolly hats:)...

How adorable is this ombre card? Plus, sending thank you notes makes me feel oh-so good:)...

This book looks like a must have...

Aww...stardust earrings! Yes, please:)...

Four snazzy pillows I would love to have in my home right now...

Oh boy, this antique ring just stole my heart! It's super spectacular and very unusual - a true gem, don't you think?...

Pretty, pretty, pretty clutch...

How lovely are those cuffs? Best part? You can personalize it as you wish:)...

And speaking of eggs, those fry rings would come in super handy in my house...

Happy Friday, sweets:) What caught your eye this week? Any great buys or finds? Do tell...xo

P.S: Fancy more gems?
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