A Nifty Little Guide To Understated Summer In Style

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fancy an understated, relaxed and sassy summer? You know the one that makes you feel good in your own skin while looking stylish without trying too hard? Well, since my goal for this year is simplicity, last night I sorted through all my clothes and boxed all the items that I haven’t worn in a year, or those that are too small and also the ones I call “what were you thinking?”. We all have those, don't we?

Anyway, the whole process felt so freeing and since I’m on a summer roll, I put together a little guide to understated summer based on the actual clothes I have in my own closet. Those 15 basic pieces below are my favourite items I own and wear all the time. The best part? They all go together perfectly and by matching, mixing and swapping them around, they can easily get you through the whole season in understated, comfy and super stylish fashion. What do you say?

So here we go:
1. A boatneck striped tee that you can wear with shorts, jeans, over the dress or with the denim skirt.
2. A sun hat that can take you from a day in the city to a weekend by the beach.
3. A red lipstick (my favourite is this one in no.1) to make any easy-going look more chic.
4. A pair of simple ballerinas for a day-time coffee date or a work meeting.
5. A breezy chambray shirt to wear with the dress, on top of the tees and with shorts, jeans or even the skirt.
6. A pair of your beloved jeans because they are a must.
7. A pair of comfy shorts - that goes without saying.
8. A sassy and easy denim midi skirt since they are so totally in style right now and look great on any body shape.
9. An  ivory super versatile and totally casual dress that will take you from day-to-night in a blink of an eye.
10. An eye-catching understated necklace like this baby skull one to add a fun edge to the look.
11. A little sassy everyday stacking ring. Who doesn't like those, right?
12. A bunch of your cotton v-neck tees since they are super comfy and classic. (psst: v-neck makes your neck look longer and your posture taller).
13. A pair of comfy Converse for busy days around the city. (Plus they give a great pop of colour).
14. Chic cat-eye sunglasses - unexpected and sassy. Bonus: they make your cheeks pop!
15. Rosebud salve to keep your lips and cheeks blushed all summer long. It's a miracle worker!

Would you wear them? What are your few summer-essentials? xo

P.S: Modern rules of red lips.
P.P.S: Plus, how to wear layers like a true French mademoiselle!

(Photos by/via Street Style Aesthetic, The Sartorialist, Oracle Fox, French Voguettes, Stockholm Streetstyle, Fox on the run. Layout of the last image by exPress-o)


little luxury list said...

Love this! I'm all about relaxed t-shirts and easy shift dresses for summer!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Vintage Market Place said...

yes, I am totally having one of the summers you just described, I feel relaxed in my clothes for the first time in my life. I have almost all the things on your list except the lip stuff and a dress. I have lost so much weight that I totally feel too tomboy in a dress anymore. ;)
But loving a stripe shirt with casual shorts and vnecks couldn't live without them this summer
Great list Diana!!!

Polly Rowan said...

I really love this post! Some great picks right here. I love the look of the girl in the last photograph - very clean yet chic and I loooove those shoes. You don't happen to know where they're from do you?! X

hello.agi said...

Thank you for this post Diana!

I want to sort my clothes and buy some basic pieces this weekend :)

Thelma Frayne said...

Love this - great post Diana xo

Liesl said...

Such great tips and I love how you describe it as a understated, relaxed and sassy summer...so cute! :)

Tiffany Kadani said...

Such a thorough and practical and chic list. Wow! I'm needing a bit more sass in my day, my good friend!

katie said...

Love this! I would wear everything on your list. For me, I'd add a pair of simple leather sandals and a black maxi dress.

Diana Mieczan said...

Glad you like it, Amy! Btw: I have a tomboyish frame too and this dress adds a great dash of femininity to the day.

Diana Mieczan said...

Polly, sadly, I don't but I found two other pairs that are similar and I think you might like them too:


What do you think?

Diana Mieczan said...

My pleasure, Agi:) Have fun shopping!

Diana Mieczan said...

thanks, little t:)

Diana Mieczan said...

I love your comments, Liesl:)

Diana Mieczan said...

Tiffany:) Yay!

Diana Mieczan said...

Good idea to both, Katie!

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