Cheers to a breezy weekend

Friday, May 31, 2013

Oh boy, it's Friday and it's sunny...My lovely ladies, what are you up to this weekend? Remember when I told you last week that I'm going for an acupuncture? Well, I did and as scary as it seemed at first (to the point that I wanted to back out in the last minute) as soon as I got over the initial shock of needles being stuck in my head, I felt lighter. That is the best way I can describe it and the lady told me that many people say that too after their first visit. Also, I slept much better this whole week and felt less tense. I can't wait to go again:) Also, our weekend will be all about strawberry pancakes, long walks and sushi making class on Sunday. Can't wait. Loves, have a wonderful two days and as always here are a few cool links for your weekend fun!

That dress! Isn't it beautiful?

Fancy a seat that maximizes your relaxation?

Very interesting list of cravings and what they tell you.

More beautiful peonies. (I can't get enough of them).


Going for vacation soon? The art of packing!

What a pretty take on hair-buns:)

Nail pen?

This video is hilarious!

Ha! Script copper wine toppers - brilliant!

Oh boy, picnic bike basket!

I'm planning to make those scrumptious little bites tonight.

How touching!

I'd love to have an outdoor the future (maybe).

How to make your own bike porter crate.

Sassy summer dresses:)

A bunch of nifty makeup tricks for girls who wear glasses.

This gluten free pasta looks good.

Also, don't miss our beautiful jewelry GIVEAWAY! Only two more days left to enter.

Darlings, see you Monday morning. xoxo

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(Photo of NYC via Oh, hello friend)

This Week's Gems

Sassy and adorable = that is how I like my summer dresses. You?...

Oh you, stacking rings, you are so irresistible!...

This blanket must be mine + it's hand stitched!...

Unfussy and understated = the perfect everyday necklace...

That little cupcake/cheese stand is totally tickling my fancy...

Found! The most adorable and comfy one-piece swimsuit:)...

This must be one of the sassiest camera bags I've ever seen! Beautiful...

Don't you just love the colour of those studs? They would look great with messy French bun and no makeup:)...

Love those pencils:)...

What an adorable bookmark! Simply perfect for summer reading, don't you think?...

And the always beautiful Irises:)...

Happy Friday, darlings. What caught your eye this week? Any great buys or finds? Do tell:) xo

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(Top photo by Sara)

Flower Crown

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Speaking of flowers,*gasp* how beautifully understated is Kate’s fresh flower side crown? I love how tiny it is and how elegant it looks. Now I just need an excuse to make one myself. Anyone getting married soon? :) Btw: I’m curious: would you wear a flower crown for your wedding or a romantic dinner party with friends? Eek, I want to wear one for a date night. What do you think? xo

P.S: Plus, messy braids + spring flowers.

(Photos by Kate Miss)

Spring Awakening: Peonies

Darlings, did you treat yourself to a flower this week? If not, my suggestion is a peony. What do you say? It's an easy-peasy type of pick since they're so utterly swoonworthy, totally in season right now and they smell better and more soothing than morning coffee. Is it just me or each time I pick up a bunch or just one, our flat brightens immediately and the living room looks a dash fancier than before.

Fun facts: Did you know that according to feng shui, putting fresh peonies (or "king flowers" as they call them in Japan) in your home will bring love to your life? That is why they make the most perfect gift to a single friend or someone who is ready to mingle:) Also, I just read that peony is the traditional flower of a 12th wedding anniversary (self-reminder: make a note) and it symbolises beauty and happy marriage/relationship. But the most interesting thing about them is that supposedly their beautiful perfume-like scent increases memory and calms nerves, so you should try keeping them near you all day. Ha, who would have thought?

Lovelies, what's your favourite peony colour? Is it pink, rose, purple, scarlet, white, yellow, coral, cream or maybe crimson? Do tell! xo

P.S: Also, tulips...
P.P.S: And don't forget about our nifty little trick to keep your cut flowers fresh and beautiful for (much) longer:) It works like a charm!

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exPress-o Originals: Bear's Onion Pesto

My lovelies, have you ever heard of bear's onion or wild garlic? If you haven't, you've been missing out on something delicious. It's a leafy plant that grows only for a very short period of time in spring. It has a garlicky taste, a bit similar to chives but a dash more delicate yet richer. It's one of our favourite spring pesto ingredients since it's totally unfussy! You can eat it on a piece of bread with tons of different toppings, like salmon, ham, tuna, sunny side up egg or even on its own. Best part? It's super healthy and it will keep your whole body in a top notch shape.

So if you're intrigued, make sure to pick up a bunch of it next time you're at the Farmers' Market. You won't be sorry:) Here is the recipe.

Bear's Onion Pesto
- A bunch of bear's onion leaves (washed and chopped)
- 1 tablespoon of parmesan cheese (grated)
- 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
- 1 clove of garlic (grated)
- 1 handful of pine nuts
- A dash of salt and pepper to your taste

Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend until well combined and smooth. Serve immediately and enjoy! Ta dah!

Lovelies, what do you think? Would you try it? Have you already? xo

P.S: Also, rucola and avocado pesto and sun dried tomato pesto bread - yum!
P.P.S: And
a few other recipes you might like.

(Photos, recipe and layout by

Wednesday Giveaway

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Today’s giveaway is from Two Little Doves, a beautiful and totally affordable jewelry boutique based in Malibu, California. The shop is full of fresh and dandy necklaces, adorable earrings, sassy rings and charmingly understated bracelets - basically the perfect everyday accessories that will make you feel snazzy each time you wear them.

Today, Two Little Doves is offering one lucky person a chance to win a $25 gift card to their shop. You can pick and choose what you fancy the most. I adore the sideways heart necklace and I would wear this one daily with my V-neck tees and red lips. Those two beauties would make a fantastic gift to a friend and this bracelet would go so well with jeans and oversized striped tops. What's your pick?

For a chance to win you should be a follower of exPress-o, visit the Two Little Doves shop and tell us which piece is your favourite or which piece/s would you choose. As always the giveaway is open worldwide. The winner will be chosen at random on Sunday night. Good luck! xo

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The Proof That Soulmates Exist

Do you believe in soulmates?...Hold that thought for a minute and watch the heart-warmingly sweet video above. And if you still don’t think that there is that one special person for everyone, at least I hope it will give you that warm fuzzy Wednesday morning feeling and get your day going with a huge smile. Good morning, darlings. xo

P.S: Love ever after:)
P.P.S: A sassy GIVEAWAY is coming up. Stay tuned!

(via Nice Work. Video by Emanuele. Layout by exPress-o)

exPress-o Film Club: The Impossible

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lovelies, have you seen The Impossible? It’s an English-language Spanish produced film based on a true story of an incredible family of 5 (3 boys and their parents). I can’t wait to hear your feelings about it. What did you think? Although on the surface the film is all about the heart-breaking tsunami that happened on 26th of December, 2004, the underlining story is about a family caught among the devastation, fear, hopelessness and suffering.

It’s about survival against all the odds and hanging on to the last bit of hope when faced with something so incredibly heart-breaking. It shows the raw emotions, the humanity, the need to feel close to the ones you love and it proved once again that nothing is more important in this world than the people you love. It’s true what they say: material things can be easily replaced but the people you love are irreplaceable, so cherish them. I was left inspired by Lucas (their oldest son). He was the hero and despite his very young age, he became the one who in a way brought them all back together. So, if you are in the mood for an inspiring night in front of the telly, this film is for you :)

Bits and bobs:
- Here is a wonderful interview with the real Maria (The mother in the film).
- She was present on the film set while shooting and often helped Naomi recreate the true feeling she felt in the moment. Incredible!
- This is so emotional...and here is the whole story behind the film.
- I was in awe of Naomi Watts. She was brilliant!
- And I would totally say the same about Ewan McGregor and the awesome dude, Tom Holland. (He was extraordinary).
- How I Live Now is a new film that Tom is playing in and it will be released in October.
- Have you seen Naomi in The Ring? (Scary to the point that you can't stop watching).
- Fun fact: she is actually not only Australian but also British. She was born in  Kent!
- In 2001 Naomi produced and played in her first ever short called Ellie Parker. Have you seen it?
- Great Inside The Actors Studio with Naomi. (Fantastic watch).
- Tom talking about his role in this film.
- This is how they shot the wave.
- This is what Maria said that made me super emotional: "My family was all gone. It was, 'Oh my goodness, I'm alive but I am alone.'
- I adored Ewan in Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. Such a brilliant film!

P.S: Plus, a few other films that rock my world right now.
P.P.S: And 10 feel good films of my 20s!

(Photos via IMDb)

What's your super power?

What's your super power aka the thing that you are super-duper-good-at? One of the perks of being married and having a foreign partner is that it's very easy to develop a great eye for reading body language. Back in the day whenever I was around Balazs' family or his Hungarian friends that didn't really speak English, I learned to feed off their gestures, lip movements, gesticulations and all the little quirks that you pay attention to when you don't completely understand the other person. I remember catching myself repeating new words I learned in Hungarian by recreating the hand movement and facial expression of the person I heard it from. It's so bizarre but so helpful to me! I bet that those of you married to a foreigner can relate to this, can't you? So, in the past few years I've noticed that I rely on those body language instincts much more than I used to. At times Balazs is even spooked out by how accurately I can make an observation and respond to someone the right way even if that person didn't really say much. Ever since I'm with Balazs (which is over 11 years now - yowza) I became fascinated with body language and maybe that is why I love people-watching so much. Once a friend who shares my super power said that even if we don't say something, our body says it for us:) I love that!

Now your turn. What's your super power? Do you have a sixth sense? Are you great with numbers? A fantastic problem solver or maybe you are a wonderful friend? Balazs' super power is his friendliness. He is the easiest person I've ever known to make friends. People just love talking to him. xo

P.S: And your anti-stress hero:)

(Photo of Batwoman via Down the rabbit hole)

Lovers' Dance

 Have you ever wondered what happens to your partner and you when you are both sleeping? Well, Paul Schneggenburger was mighty curious about the rather vulnerable and super intimate act of sleeping, so he created a beautiful long exposure series of photographs that he captured over a 6 hour period. The series attempts to answer if sleeping next to a lover is a “nocturnal lover’s dance, a kind of unaware preformed tenderness, or does one turn their back on each other?” He wanted to see if there was a moment when the loves share some type of emotion or connection or do they keep to themselves. Hmm, to me those images look strangely romantic and utterly insightful, yet they surely make you think about your own sleeping patterns, don’t they? xo

P.S: Remember those images of dancer in motion?
P.P.S Plus, emotional photo encounters.

(via Sho & Tell)

Cheers to a restful weekend

Friday, May 24, 2013

Yay to Friday:) What are you up to this weekend? Tomorrow morning, I have an acupuncture appointment. I'm pretty excited but also a bit scared. Have you ever been on one? Any tips on what can I expect? I've been reading tons about how relaxing it can be and my friend Paul always says that he feels like a new man afterwards, so I've decided to try it! (...since May is all about being spontaneous and all, for me). Lovelies, have a wonderful weekend and as always here is a bunch of cool links for your weekend blog-hopping-fun! Enjoy and I'll see you Tuesday morning. xo

The art of staying focused in a distracting world.

21 rules of entertaining.

Fascinating read! 

Zen bedroom:)

Fruity striped ice cubes? Oh yes!

A few nifty ways to start feeling happier now:)

Brilliant mirror images!

The joy of accounting.

So want to do this!

10 things to avoid for a toxin free home.


What a great idea: mixology party!

Oh boy, this cake looks finger-licking delicious:)

Flowers make me happy...

Boy, oh boy...look at this flat in Paris!

Sassy layered lengths.

Aww, baby's first year on Polaroid = Special.

Beautiful project.

I am tempted to make those lanterns for my kitchen. Aren't they cute?

Spring perfect jackets:)

Plus, don't miss our super stylish and totally sassy GIVEAWAY!

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(Photo via Ignite Light)
Update: The winner of the $100 Shopgirls Giveaway is Katie Walker. Congrats! Thank you all for playing. New giveaway is coming on Wednesday. xo

This Week's Gems

Such a great bag! The pattern is so pretty, isn't it?...


What a beautiful hotplate...

It doesn't get any better than a whale cushion:)...

I just realized that I need a new rain coat and this one with Liberty print on the inside totally tickles my fancy...

Oh, Captain! This must be the most perfect summer ring. Don't you think? LOVE!...

Ha! Stainless steel straws:)...

Heart necklace = swoonworthy everyday accessory!...

Sexy and sassy:)...

Charming misty morning print...

Happy Friday, darlings:) What caught your eye this week? Any great finds? xo

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Girl Crush Parisian Style

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Does it get any better than an easy-going and oh-so stylish Parisian style? Ella totally nailed it with the mix of those cute shorts, the adorable sweater (with tiny hearts), sassy peek-a-boo collar and the sexy red lips. Plus, don’t even get my started on the loafers and the classic red French beret! What a great everyday look! Oh la la. I’m smitten and inspired, you? (Somehow she looks like such a sweetheart and the type that you just want to be friends with, don't you think?). xo

P.S: And this cutie.
P.P.S: Plus, this mustard colour dress...

4 Easy Peasy Tricks To Beautiful Hair

I have a confession to make - I don’t believe in expensive hair products. Here is why…about a year ago I complained to my hairdresser that no matter what products I use, my hair gets super frizzy, shine-less and unmanageable. Since, Dora knew that I’m all about unfussy solutions, she let me in on some hairdressers' secrets. She said that the best way to get your hair looking healthy and shiny is to simply follow four basic rules:

- use the cheapest shampoo around (ironically those have the least chemicals). I use scentless baby shampoo.
- use hair oil on your wet hair after washing and before brushing. (I love this one but this one is awesome too and it smells divine).
- don’t dry your hair with a hairdryer, the oil will speed that up for you anyway (It's like a miracle worker).
- and always but always rinse your hair with cold water, as it closes the hair cuticles and makes it shiny and smooth in a totally natural way. With this one even Liv Tyler agrees:)

If you're game, do it for a month and I promise you'll see amazing results without overspending.

Now, I'm curious to hear all about your hair-tricks:) xo

P.S: Also, how to wear your hair like a true Parisian this spring.
P.P.S: And my beloved bangs.

(Photos via Ignite Light)

Hidden Gem In Bosnia

What a dreamy spot! Can you imagine eating your morning granola and sipping your coffee while sitting on those little steps, getting warmed up by the morning sun and dipping your toes in the chilly water of the Buna river? Ever since I spotted this enchanting 1520’s spot in Blagaj, Bosnia, I can’t stop thinking about it. The whole place is actually a historical Tekke (a building made specifically for spiritual meetings) but if it ever became available as a vacation-rent, I would totally be tempted to rent it for the summer with a bunch of friends, late night bbq’s, morning fresh swims and the sounds of soothing water in the background.What an adventure that would be! Would you do it? xo

P.S: Remember this spot? Or this one?

(via Amazing Places on Earth. Photos by My Bukit, Harun Fazlic and Terra)

$100 Wednesday Giveaway!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Today’s giveaway is from Shopgirls, a beautiful gallery boutique based in Toronto that just recently celebrated its 5 year anniversary. Huge congrats! Their selection features over 80 of the best Canadian designers to bring you the latest and most unique designs straight to your home. All their pieces are tailored to celebrate the female form as it should be and they cater to women of all shapes. The ever launched a Shop Your Shape campaign to take the focus off size and help women feel beautiful in their own skin. Bravo! Bonus: they sell the most flattering jeans in the world :)

Today, Shopgirls is offering one lucky person a chance to win a $100 gift card to their shop. Isn't that fantastic? You can totally pick and choose what you fancy the most. I would get this beautifully flowy blouse or the super sassy dress or maybe even those cute tomboyish pants. I also adore those silk shorts and this wrap skirt would look rather beautiful with a simple tee and red lips.

For a chance to win you should be a follower of exPress-o + follow Shopgirls on Twitter, visit the Shopgirls online-boutique and tell us which piece is your favourite or which piece/s would you choose. As always the giveaway is open worldwide. The winner will be chosen at random on Sunday night. Good luck! xo

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Update: The winner of the $100 Shopgirls Giveaway is Katie Walker. Congrats! Thank you all for playing. New giveaway is coming on Wednesday. xo

How To Make Moroccan Mint Tea (+ one special ingredient)

Whenever Balazs and I have a dinner in our local Moroccan spot down the street, afterwards I always promise myself that I'll try recreating their signature Moroccan mint tea at home. Have you ever tried the traditional blend? It's such a staple and it gives a regular mint tea run for its money - big time! Anyway, after a few failed attempts I finally found the perfect recipe blend that takes me back to my favourite restaurant with every sip. The secret ingredient? Well, it's verbena leaves. They add that special citrus flavour that refreshes you and energizes your whole body in an instant. Plus, the whole drink looks super fancy and beautiful, so you can feel like you are somewhere special when you drink it. The little things in life!

If you fancy trying it, here is the how to:
Put 1 green tea bag, a handful of mint sprigs and a small handful of dried verbena leaves into a cooking pan and pour in 4 cups of water. Bring the whole mix to boil and simmer for about 5 minutes before pouring it off to pre-prepared glasses. Psst: don't forget to add a sprig of mint to each glass for that fancy factor and a bit of honey for sweetness :)

Btw: you can drink it hot or cold. After your tea cools off a bit, just add a few ice cubes on top:) It's the perfect thing for hot days. Ta dah!

P.S: Also how to make a spiced chai concentrate and delicious green sun tea:)
P.P.S: Super snazzy GIVEAWAY is coming up!

(Recipe adapted from Fern Green. Photo by Polly Wreford and Sarah Kaye for Red Mag)

9 Frames

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Have you heard about 9 Film Frames? It’s an awesome tumblr that showcases some totally iconic films using only nine of its frames. It’s a great way to get a feel of the films - they bring back memories or might even entice you to watch them. If you are a movie buff, you will love this place :). Above are a few of my favourites. What are yours?

From top: Amelie, The Royal TenenbaumsMulholland Drive, Inception, The Dark Knight, The Shining, The Godfather, Taxi Driver, Three Colors Trilogy and The Darjeeling Limited

P.S: Plus, a few other films that I love right now.

(via Sho & Tell)
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