exPress-o Film Club: Celeste & Jesse Forever

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Darlings, have you seen Celeste and Jesse Forever? What did you think? Like most Monday evenings, last night Balazs was stuck in the studio till very late so I made an omelette and watched this romantic comedy that really turned out to be more of an emotional drama with some funny quirks.

It’s a story of love, marriage, heartache, being right and never wanting to say sorry. No marriage ends in the same way and there is always second- guessing. The message that really stayed with me is that sometimes you have to choose between being right and being happy. It’s a choice that is hard to make but as the main character learned, it is the right one in the end :) It’s one of those girlie films that you want to watch after a long day at work with a glass of wine by your side. Enjoy!

Bits and bobs:
- This song by Lily Allen is amazing and it was the opening track of this film.
- Rashida Jones the main character talks about the film:)
- Andy Samberg plays the husband and you might remember him from That's My Boy - a silly little comedy or SNL.
- Here are a few of his funniest impressions from SNL.
- Rashida was awesome in The Office!
- Did you know that The Office was her big break into acting? I had no clue.
- Remember this?
- Rashida is currently on Perks and Recreation. Are you watching?
- She is the daughter of the legendary music producer Quincy Jones.
- Here she talks about him.
- I so want to play the mustache game with Rashida and Conan now - giggle!
- Ari Graynor played their best friend and I recently watched another film with her called What's Your Number.
- Elijah Wood aka Frodo Baggins has a small role too.

P.S: Tonight my friend Sofia and I are re-watching this film.
P.P.S: Plus, a few other films you might like.

 (Photos via IMDb)

Black & White Spring: Thumbs up or down?

What’s the first thing that pops to your mind when you think about black & white outfit combinations? For me the word is flawless. Recently I read that this year’s spring is all about this beautifully stylish pairing and I’m really happy about that. It’s one of those timeless duos that are safe yet super chic and versatile - plus with a pop of bold lipstick, it can totally spice up even the most simple date night outfit :) What do you think? Will you be wearing the black and white duo this spring? What’s your favourite take on it?

P.S: I so want to wear this outfit today and a few other sassy trends that you might like:)
P.P.S: And how to dress like a true Parisian this spring.

(Photos by Angelica Ardasheva, The Sartorialist, Vanessa Jackman and via Kendi)

When was the last time you...?

Loves, here is what I learned about you recently: you love belly laughs and people make you giggle. You smooch your partners, puppies and babies daily, and enjoy forehead kisses occasionally. And you find a cup of latte, long shower, babble bath, hiking and an Indian take out super relaxing.

So, let’s continue on getting to know each other. Shall we?

Ok, here I go: The last great book I read was Food Rules an Eater’s Manual. A read that changed the way I look at food. My first kiss was pretty accidental. It happened with my friend who was my neighbour and we were playing camping under his dining table. We were seven and it was totally un-romantic:). And the last time I got tummy butterflies was on Saturday morning. I don’t know what it was but Balazs and I had a breakfast on our balcony and I just felt so special in that moment.

So, darlings, now your turn: Tell me about your first ever kiss, what book blew your socks off lately and when was the last time you got all giddy and felt special. Do tell!

P.S: And a nifty little smooching guide.
P.P.S: Plus, our perfections...

(Photos by/via Stefany AlvesMonica, Apathy)

Beautifully Frantic Paris

Monday, April 29, 2013

Don’t you just love how beautifully frantic Paris looks through Stephanie's lens? With those mesmerizing multiple-exposure photographs she captured the mysterious, a bit ragged and ever on the go side of the world’s most romantic city. Bravo! Loves, planning a trip there this summer? xo

P.S: Yoga in Paris:)
P.P.S: Paris then & now.

(Thanks, Monica)

My Flower Epiphany

Recently I had a little flower epiphany. Hear me out. It’s true that fresh flowers can be expensive and with everything going on in today’s world, people try to save by not treating themselves to life's little pleasures. Flowers are becoming a waste of money for many and even a few of my friends admit that they haven’t bought a bunch of flowers in years since they will die anyway. So recently I realised that flowers are only expensive if you buy a whole bunch. If you just get one piece, you’ll not even feel it as an expense.

So last week, in hopes to make my friends realize that simple pleasures, like flowers are important, I got them each, one peonie and an old wine bottle (from my home). It totally made their day and they are hooked.

So, darlings, since I can’t give you all a flower, how about one day this week, on the way from work, you treat yourself to one of your favourite flowers. Just one! Promise, it will feel amazing :) Ah, the little things in life. What do you say? Do we have a deal? xo

P.S: Oh, don't forget this trick!

(Photos by and via Jillian, Brown Dress with White dots, Zita)

Azalea Festival In South Korea

Have you ever seen anything this beautiful? A little over a week ago Janis and a few of her friends took a little day trip to Bucheon in South Korea and spent the day getting utterly mesmerized by azaleas. Ah, if those flower fields look so incredible on photos, can you imagine how breathtaking they must look in person? If I had a magical wand, I would transport myself to this exact spot. Where would you go? xo

P.S: And the stunning cherry blossom avenue in Germany.
P.P.S: Plus, Holland's flower garden:)

(Photos by Janis RoseAnne)

Cheers to a sunny weekend

Friday, April 26, 2013

Hello, Friday - I've missed you:) It's been a long-sunny-busy week in our end. How was it for you, lovelies? What are you up to this weekend? I'm making strawberry sorbet tonight and no other plans really. Just hoping to catch some sunshine, take a bike ride and sleep in. How about you?

Also, as always here are a few cool links for your weekend fun. Enjoy and I'll see you Monday morning. xoxo

Have you ever been on a goat farm?

Totally fancy trying those onion pies sometime soon.

Awesome! How to turn boring string lights into a rainbow extravaganza.


Ha, vintage social media:) Remember those times?


To love is to be vulnerable.

Check this out - incredible transformation.

How about yellow window frames?

WOW, the amazing rain room is coming to NYC.

Swedish Lucia saffron buns.

Wish to be in this adorable hotel in Berlin this weekend:) tipi.

Green beauty products rock. (Nr.2 is my favourite!)

Fruits + nuts = scrumptious smoothie.

Wish I could wear this outfit today.

How to monogram your watering can.

Such a great idea for the kids room.

Honey is healthy:)

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(Photo via Ignite Light)

This Week's Gems

The most adorable little wool coat for those late night romantic date nights...

Kari Herer's peonies make me swoon!...

I totally fancy treating myself to this sassy little diamond stacking ring. Beautiful, isn't it?...

Oversized striped top is always a yes in my book:)...

Coffee anyone? I totally adore this print, you?...

Ha, those are the most beautiful screw head studs I've ever seen. So stunningly understated...

This little herb saver sounds like a nifty little gadget...

What a sassy weekender bag....

Awww....origami pillows:)...

Happy Friday, lovelies. What tickles your fancy this week? Any great buys or finds?

P.S: Fancy more gems? How about those?

Baby Lambs

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fancy a little smile? A few weeks ago Anna, her daughter and their friends spent an afternoon with some newly born baby lambs. Yup, they cuddled them, chased them around and just enjoyed the simplicity of something as sweet and precious as warm fuzzy hugs from baby animals. Ah, the simple things in life:)

I’m curious, what’s the most unusual animal you had contact with? Balazs held a koala once while in Australia and years ago I took care of a squirrel for a few days. Your turn.

P.S:  Audrey Hepburn and her sweet baby deer.
P.P.S: Neil the adorable lion:)

(Photos by Anna Naphtali)

Would you dare?

Yowza! Lovelies, would you be brave enough to take a dip in the world’s deepest indoor swimming pool? This incredible gem which should really be called a diving pool is located in Brussels, Belgium. Besides having a standard-looking open swimming area, it also has several super deep underwater caves and tunnels that you can dive through. The awesome part is that the whole pool is filled only with spring water and it gets as deep as 113 ft. (34.5 meters).

Crikey, I want to say that I would dare diving all the way down but I am pretty sure that I’d have second thoughts on the spot. How about you? It looks amazing, doesn't it? xo

P.S: Remember the awesome Jellyfish Lake?
P.P.S: How about a hot air balloon ride this spring?

(Photos via 9 wows, Httatil, Twisted Sifter and Oh Gizmo)

The Meaning Of Cacti

When I sprained my ankle a few weeks ago Balazs and I were totally overwhelmed by how sweet our friends were. They called hundreds of times to ask if I'm ok, they brought food and even helped Balazs with all the Easter preparations. Anyway, my friend Paul who is a florist came over the day after my stumble and brought me a cactus. Yup, we started to giggle since you don't really see people gifting cacti to each other. But then he explained that cactus symbolizes endurance and it's the perfect gift to someone that is going through a hard time, whether it's emotional or physical. Ever since that day, I have a new fund love for cacti and now I'm thinking about creating a big planter full of those cool rascals.

Do you have cactus plants at home? Would you like to? Aren't those beautiful? xo

P.S: Plus, this nifty little trick.
P.P.S: Remember those?

(Photos via Emma Robertson, From Ezter with Love, The Brick House, Assemble and Uncovet)

Sassy French Manicure

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I’m more of a one colour nail polish type of girl but after spotting Alejandra’s cute French manicure, I can barely wait to try it myself. The best part is that it looks easy-peasy: just coat your nails with a basic clear nail polish and paint the tips with this sassy ‘only gold for me’ glitter from Sephora. It's one of those looks that are perfect for dressing up with a little black dress or dressing down with a pair of jeans and boyfriend's oxford blue shirt. Fancy trying? xo

P.S: And coral ombre nails.
P.P.S: My other favourite.

SFPH: White Chocolate (Tipsy) Clusters

Fancy a tipsy chocolate treat? When I was about 10 years old, I remember my dad bringing home a box of those old fashioned little chocolates that had cherries and some kind of alcohol in them. They were individually wrapped in a gold colour sparkly wrapping. Now it sounds silly, but back then those little treats seemed so elegant and grown up to me. For a while now, I've been planning to recreate them at home and I think I finally managed with this nifty little recipe.

The good part is that if you're not into white chocolate, you can use milk or dark chocolate. We used white since its Balazs' favourite. Also, rosemary is a must. Somehow this beautifully fragrant herb brings out the best of tipsy treats and makes them come together in the most delicious way.

So tonight instead of a glass of wine how about a few of chocolate tipsy clusters?

White Chocolate Clusters
(Makes around 12 pieces. Adapted from Maria Elia)

- 3 tbsp. brandy
- 50g (about ½ cup) roasted hazelnuts (roughly chopped)
- 50g (about ½ cup) dried sour cherries (roughly chopped)
- 200g (7 ounces) white chocolate
- 1 sprig of fresh rosemary (finely chopped)

Gently warm the brandy and pour it into a bowl with the cherries. Leave them to plump up for around 10 minutes. In the meantime, break the chocolate into pieces, and together with the rosemary put them into a heat-proof bowl. Set the bowl over a pan of simmering water, stirring from time to time, until smooth and then remove from the heat. Next, drain the cherries and add them to the chocolate with the hazelnuts. Place heaped teaspoons of the mix on to a tray lined with parchment paper and leave them to set in a cool place. Keep in an airtight container. Ta dah!

P.S: Plus, caramel candy and crumbly toffee.
P.P.S: And a few more of my favourite recipes.

(Photos by exPress-o. Layout by Ana Degenaar - Blog Milk for exPress-o. Thank you Ana for your help with this series).

Crashing Waves

Are you a swimmer? I love water and I miss living near the ocean. I remember how easy it used to be to just stroll down and take a morning dip whenever I fancied. Those incredibly beautiful and a bit terrifying photographs of people swimming under crashing waves by Mark Tipple make me dream of summer swims, salty hair and sand feet. You know what they say - if you see a huge wave charging at you, don’t panic, just dive under it and you will be safe and sound. I’m curious: what was the first instinctive emotion you felt while glancing at those photos? (For me it was a mix of incredibly beautiful and equally scary). xo

P.S: And the amazing Sydney ocean pool.
P.P.S: Fancy a swim over Manhattan?

(via Kottke via Design Mom)

exPress-o Film Club: The Vow

Tuesday, April 23, 2013
Have you seen The Vow? I’ve been dying to share my thoughts on this film and I can’t wait to hear what you thought about it too. I always had this fear that one day I'll go into a coma and wake up with a blank mind, totally not remembering my life and what’s worse, not remembering my husband. Can you imagine that scenario? Scary, right? Well, the film is exactly that. A bittersweet and very heart-warming tale of a woman who doesn’t remember her life and a husband who is trying to do his best not to lose the woman he loves so much.  He is the one who knows how they met, their daily routines and all the little things that make them so perfect for each other. She, on the other hand has no idea who he is. The most incredible part is that the film is based on real life story.
It’s one of those films that will make you appreciate the life you have:) As the main character said: "Life is about moments of impact and how they change our lives forever".  A must see for sure!

Bits and bobs:
- Here is the full real life story of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter aka the couple behind the movie. It's incredible!
- Rachel McAdams is amazing in the film.
- I loved her also in Morning Glory and Midnight in Paris but she was also brilliant in Sherlock Holmes:)
- Here Channing Tatum and Rachel talk about the film.
- Rachel on Jimmy Kimmel - brilliant!
- After reading this interview I can't wait to see Rachel in To The Wonder. Have you seen it?
- Fancy knowing what Rachel was worried about playing this role?
- Rachel and her hair = swoon!
- Channing and Chelsea Lately = hilarious!
- Another film I really want to see with Channing is Side Effects. Interesting!
- Jessica Lange played the mother in the film and you might remember her from Big Fish.

P.S: Plus, a few other films that rock my world right now.

(Photos via IMDb)
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