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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Humbling! Have you heard about the documentary called Oma & Bella?

It looks very powerful and ever since I spotted it on Luise’s blog, I can’t wait to watch it.  It’s about two best friends, Regina and Bella who live together in a flat in Berlin and cook up a storm each day. The whole documentary was shot by Regina’s granddaughter who basically filmed the two older ladies cooking together as they were telling her stories about their childhood, surviving the Holocaust, camps and how they became the only ones from their families who survived the war. Can you imagine?
 photo omabellacookbook_zpsd6fc4b92.gif
Also, ever since the documentary came out there was a huge demand for Oma (German for grandma) and Bella’s recipes, so the granddaughter, Alexa published a little cookbook with 36 recipes in English and in German. Genius! I just ordered one from here.

P.S: Newly published photographs taken in a German concentration camp (beware: some of them are shocking).
P.P.S: Also, The First 70!
(Top photo by The Wednesday Chef. OMA & BELLA Trailer by Alexa Karolinski)


Anonymous said...

They both look very sweet and I'm bookmarking it for the weekend. Happy Easter Diana.


Tiffany Kadani said...

Oh! I just got chills!

Diana Mieczan said...


Diana Mieczan said...

Me too, Tiffany...

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