The Beauty Of A Great Cause

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Can you guess what those photos are? It’s pretty tricky but if you look closely enough, you will notice that the beautiful mix of bright colours is actually the image of the world’s largest raft structure. Over one and a half years ago on September 24, 1,925 boats, canoes and kayaks gathered on the Fourth Lake of the central Adirondack town of Inlet to set the newest Guinness World Record. The entire group of boaters held hand in an effort to create this amazing raft. Besides becoming the newest champions, the event also helped raise a huge sum toward breast cancer research.

Brilliant and beautiful, isn’t it? What a fantastic team-work! It makes me so happy to see stuff like that, you? :) xo

P.S: Head in the clouds!
P.P.S: Remember those photos? Or the incredible bubble clouds?

(Photos by Nancie Battaglia via National Geographic via Twisted Sifter)


Anonymous said...

How did they do this? I looks so unreal and very beautiful. You always find the best stuff. Cheers, Grace

Unknown said...

Wow!! This is truly amazing! I wouldn't have known about this if I hadn't dropped by your lovely blog today.

Wishing you a wonderful day Diana!

Melanie said...

From the lil picture on my blog reader I was like "What is that?!?!" That's so awesome!!! =)

Ergo - Blog

Kait | KeepingChange said...

Wow! What incredible photos! Thanks for sharing :)

Anacristina said...

This is amazing! If I look at it too long I get dizzy, it's fantastic!

x's & o's

Chrissy said...

Wow, this is so amazing! Wonderful! xxx

Diana Mieczan said...

Grace, they held hands together to create this amazing structure. Awesome, isn't it?

Diana Mieczan said... are so sweet, Reese:)

Diana Mieczan said...


Test said...

This looks amazing!!!

Test said...

its amazing what people can do when they join forces!

Thelma Frayne said...

So cool!

Diana Mieczan said...

So true, Punctuation Mark!!!

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