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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Have you seen the kid president before? Well, it’s a cool little dude who tells it how it is and melts my heart in the same time. His whole tumblr is filled with funny videos. So, if you have 3 minutes to spare on this chilly Thursday morning, grab a coffee and enjoy this sweet little pep talk. Don’t we all need a little encouragement every now and then? Well, I promise it will make your morning so much better. I've watched it twice already. (And now let’s dance..:)

So tell me, what would make the world more awesome? xo

P.S: Make someone's day!
P.P.S: Remember this funny video? Or this one?

(via Laughing Squid)


Anonymous said...

Haha, he is funny and cute. I think that the world would be better if we had more sweethearts like you + less world conflicts. Love, Amy

Diana Mieczan said...

Amy, you just made my day with your comment:) Thank you! *I am blushing* Btw: Giggle, he really is , isn't he?

Anonymous said...

This is too funny, my friend showed me this video for the first time yesterday! Cracked me up

Diana Mieczan said...


Anonymous said...

This is fantastic! I needed this pep talk today - thanks for passing it along at exactly the right time! xx

Diana Mieczan said...

skedian, pleasure:)

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