Avocado Niftiness

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fancy two little avocado tips this Tuesday morning? Well, since it’s hard to judge those green scrumptious monsters from outside, we often have to play a guessing/touching game to determine if they are ready to be eaten or not. Sadly, the squeezing trick is not always effective!

Here it is: I read that if you flick the little brown belly button with your finger and check the inside, you will be able to tell if the avocado is ripe. Well, if the inside has a rich light green colour that means it’s ready, but if it’s darker green or brownish colour, then it’s not good anymore so don’t bother buying it.

Also, a wine cork opener is super nifty when it comes to removing avocado pits. Simply insert the tip and twist. It's much easier and safer than a knife and less messy than a spoon :)
Now, tell me what’s your favourite take on avocado? (Mine is this). xo
P.S: Remember this trick? Or this one?

(Photos and tips by/via Denna, Lauren, and Matt, Marta)


Anonymous said...

My avocado senses are very off and each time I buy one, it's usually bad already and way to brown. This is going to change my life! Love, Amy

Diana Mieczan said...

Oh no, Amy! I hope those tips will help:) They really helped me.

Ethaney said...

holy crap those avos are green! these are really great tips...i have bad luck choosing ripe fruit and vegetables!

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

I LOVE avocado. I am known for eating it with a spoon, out of its skin, for breakfast. I had it last night on top of a quinoa burger and it was a fantastic combination.

Amanda Swann said...

I just learned that avocado is a perfect first food for baby. I was actually going to go buy one today for my 5 month old and try it out, so thanks for posting this!

The Cheeky Cafe

Diana Mieczan said...

Yum, that sounds delicious, Lisa:)

Diana Mieczan said...

How awesome, Amanda:) Aww....happy eating:)

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