Christmas Gift Guide 2012: *Part Six* For The Cool Friend Always On The Move

Monday, December 17, 2012

Oh boy, Christmas is exactly a week away so let's start this Monday with 16 little gift ideas for those awesome friends who are always on the go, flying the world and sending the coolest greetings cards from the most magical places around. Those who have the craziest stories to tell during dinner parties and if you could, you would embark on an adventure with them in a heartbeat!

Here we go:

1. The 36 Hours Europe ($39) book is a must for those who crave European adventure!

2. How about this O.M.G. overnight bag ($275) so she can always travel in style?

3. This crumpled city map ($17) of Paris so she can start planning her romantic trip to the city of love!

4. A set of essentials oils! Especially the peppermint oil ($14) as it's great for stressed skin, and it cools and invigorates during those long flights.

5. "From the same egg" by David Cosma ($10.25) = the perfect CD for long road trips!

6. A sassy little bracelet ($13) as turquoise is her favourite colour.

7. How about this plane necklace ($25) so she can keep her travelling-bug close to her heart!

8. A mini magnetic light ($7.99) for her bag so she can always find what she needs:)

9. A French pillow ($8.40) for red-eye flights!

10. For kissable lips after a long trip, treat her to the awesome lip exfoliator ($24)! It's genius!

11. Yup, duck earrbuds ($16).

12. Every travelling pro has a snazzy hat with them. This fedora hat ($178) is just the thing for her.

13. A comfy tee ($65) as she can never have too many of those.

14. Yup, a Thinking Putty ($9.45) for the inner child in her:)

15. Glove tip ($19) so she can stay plugged in while on the go during the frosty season.

16. Treat her to a sassy luggage tag ($15), just because!

Loves, did you spot anything you like? xo

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Anonymous said...

This is the best collection. I am getting that bag-light right now. I need it badly. Cheers, Grace

Diana Mieczan said...

Yay, that is awesome, Grace! I want that bag light too:)

LyddieGal said...

the bonjour luggage tag is just the cutest!
Chic on the Cheap

Test said...

I want that book... Love those 36 hours articles!

Anonymous said...

Definitely has to be my favorite gift guide yet! ...I think you've ignited the inner travel enthusiast within me... :) Great gift guide!

Diana Mieczan said...

So true, Lyddie:) I love that tag:)

Diana Mieczan said...

Me too, Punctuation Mark!

Diana Mieczan said... are such a sweetheart, tutusandtea:)

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