Tin Can Cake

Friday, October 26, 2012

Are you a cake person? I prefer pies but this banana tin can cake totally tickles my fancy. Crikey, if there was one in my kitchen right now, Balazs wouldn't stand a chance as my elbows would go into action and not even one crumble would be up for grabs - giggle! It not only has a warm, homey texture but it's also layered with fluffy Swiss cream cheese frosting and topped off with (wait for it) brûlée banana slices. Full recipe here!

How about a piece? (Btw: have you ever baked using tin cans?). xo

P.S: Plus more banana madness!
P.P.S: And gooey chocolate cake perfection.

(Photos by Cristina Sciarra)


Dominika said...

Oh Diana, this is amazing! Tin can baking - wow. I will certainly 'adopt' this idea for my blog! Thank you, cake is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Tin can? Why didn't I think of that! It looks really good and I agree about the elbow action haha. Love, Amy

Amber said...

I want that cake in my belly right now

Pretty Zesty said...

This looks amazing!


Diana Mieczan said...

My pleausre, Dominika:)

Diana Mieczan said...

Giggle, Amy:)

Elizabeth said...

tin cans aren't meant to be baked in! heating it to high temperatures can cause the chemicals to leach into your food.

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