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Friday, October 12, 2012

If you like pie, I have a treat for you this morning. Recently, Nikole started a scrumptious series that celebrates the simple things in life. It’s about making the dough from scratch, using fresh ingredients and making sure that your kitchen smells like Christmas morning. She asked a few of her favourite people to share their special pie and tart recipes so the rest of us can add them to our recipe boxes, try them out over family gatherings or even put our own twist on them. They all look finger-licking delicious and my plan this autumn is to try a few that I find simply irresistible. So, here's what's on my list: the blueberry lemon verbena pie, apricot crumble pie and the peach-berry gingersnap crumble. Don’t they sound sinful?
Lovelies, what’s your favourite pie, tart or crumble? Fancy sharing a recipe with me? I’d love to try it. xo

P.S: Also, this one and that one:)

(Photos by Kimberley Hasselbrink, Tim Mazurek, Heidi Swanson, Jen Causey & Parker Fitzgerald)


Anonymous said...

Ha! Pie could be my second name. I could eat a classic apple pie for breakfast, dinner and lunch. My nana is the one who can make the best of best pies and this year I am planning to try her recipe myself. Can I send it to you by email? (It's pretty long).


Diana Mieczan said...

Ola, classic apple pie reminds me of childhood memories - swoon! Yes, that would be awesome. Thank you:)

Here is my email address:

Annie said...

Yummmm!!! Apple pie and pumpkin pie have always been my two favorites, but I'm excited for some more unique pie recipes like this peach-berry crumble!

Amber said...

I'm not a big pie eater unless its apple and it's warm and there's ice cream. what can I say, I'm a picky gal

Le said...

Beautiful how you left it all dusty with flour and pie filling chillin on a window sillin....I smell it....Mmm thanks my mouth is watering.

Le said...

No favorite....too many I like...cherry, lemon, pecan, key lime...lovem all. What's your favorite?

Diana Mieczan said...

Lena, I simply adore a classic apple pie:)

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