Icelandic Ultimate Getaway

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Eek, how neat is this tiny little house sitting on the edge of the Elliðaey Island’s cliff? I think this place totally defines the concept of the ultimate getaway, doesn’t it? Just imagine spending a couple of days there, watching puffins, listening to the sounds of water and taking morning barefoot walks around the edges if you fancy a bit of thrill. I am sold! You?
P.S: Also, Happy Halloween, loves! Have a safe and silly night:)
P.P.S: And how about this river house, this Swedish cherry-red tiny spot or those tiny places?

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Sweater Tights: Thumbs up or down?

Do you wear sweater tights? With the weather cooling down faster than I can blink, and with the gloominess all around, I thought that my beloved dresses will be short lived this season as pants and long socks seemed like the way to go on those windy mornings. That is till last week, when I finally got my first pair of sweater tights. I never knew that those cozy little rascals can be so warm and elegant at the same time. My friend Sofia compared them to the fuzzy warm feeling you have on a Sunday snowy morning while drinking a cup of tea.
Loves, do they tickle your fancy? (Or they just tickle you, period?) Would you rock a pair of sweater wool tights this season? Or you'd rather stick to pants? xo
P.P.S: More adorable and super cute tights and a few other autumn trends you might like.

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10 Cozy Gems For Your Autumn Kitchen

My mom has this fun little tradition of buying a handful of new kitchen knick-knacks in the beginning of each season to make the weather transition smoother and more fun. She says that especially during autumn it's important to treat ourselves a bit, and because the kitchen becomes the "hang out place" during the coolest season, she makes sure to have that spot totally covered with little indulgences. Well, here are 10 little gems that I'll be getting for my hang out place this season.

1. Penguin tea timer, ($29.95). He will take care of your dipping time!
2. Glass milk bottles, ($2.50).
3. Chocolate and tea duet. (How awesome is that?)
4. Hammered copper tea kettle, ($39.99).
5. Poachpod, ($9.50). Poaching eggs can not get any easier with those clever pods. (I just got one).
6. Pink Himalayan salt, ($12). After trying this salt, I'll never go back to the regular kind. It's healthier, makes everything taste so good and you can even use it as a relaxing bath salt. Brilliant
7. Spicy apple tea candles, ($12). My favourite scent!
8. Egg perfect, ($10). Soft, medium or hard - how do you like your eggs?
9. A duo of hand and dish soap, ($6). The best part: it's lavender scented so your hands can be smooth and well taken care of all winter long.
10. Tea towel, ($16) + it's a guide to pairing white wine with food. Win-win!

Would you like to have any of those gems in your autumn/winter kitchen? What's your favourite kitchen gadget? xo

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Sweet & Spicy Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Don’t we all love a tasty grilled cheese sandwich once in a while? Well, there are so many different takes on the classic with tons of little twists but luckily for us, I am willing to try them all in search for the perfect few. Well, this one certainly deserves a spot. Balazs and I tried this recipe last week and we hardly can wait to make them again sometime this week. The idea of sweet and spicy caramelized onion mixed with BBQ sauce, two types of ooey-gooey cheese (sharp cheddar and pepper jack) all piled up between two scrumptiously grilled challah slices - frankly blows my socks off. Yum!
Darlings, how often do you eat grilled cheese sandwich? What’s your take on it? Would you try this one? xo
P.S: And here are a few with a sweet twist: caramel & apple, fontina & berries and brie, chocolate & strawberries.
P.P.S: Plus this one.

(Photos by Laura - Ring finger tan line)

10 Best Scary Films (just in time for Halloween)

Do you like scary films? How about your husband/boyfriend? Balazs and I have a deal that whenever we go to the cinema, we pick the movies in turns. So I usually go for a drama that will make me cry or a sweet little comedy, but when it's Balazs' turn he likes the thrill of scary movies.

Having said that, the one night in the year that I’m up for a horror is Halloween. So I asked Balazs to share 10 films that are worth scaring yourself silly for. There are a few classics that I even enjoy, but there are also a few that without a bucket of popcorn and some candy, I can't sit through. Anyhow, tomorrow night I am ready to get scared to the fullest. How about you?

1.Friday the 13th, starring a very young, pre-Footloose Kevin Bacon, 1980.
2. Halloween, 1978. Nobody screams like Jamie Lee Curtis.
3. ScreamThe movie where Courteney Cox & David Arquette hooked up.
4. The Shining - before you watch the actual movie check out this spoof trailer from 2006.  Here's Johnny!
5. The Ring. The movie that made me stay away from VHS tapes - thank God they're a thing of the past!
6. Alien, 1979. That famous scene where the baby-alien breaks out from the chest gave me a few sleepless nights.
7. The StrangersThe sheer terror of the unknown and unseen
8. Zombieland. The lighter side of gore, but with equal amount of blood. And Jesse Eisenberg before he became Mark Zuckerberg.
9. Panic Button. A rare find. This british psycho-horror will hit home with all of us actively engaging in social networking. Truly terrifying!
10. A Nightmare On Elm Street, 1984. With the really fresh-faced Johnny Depp. And a fashion note: this is the reason I stay away from red/black striped sweaters :)

Loves, have you seen any of those film? Which one tickles your fancy? How do you celebrate Halloween this year? xo

P.S: 10 feel good films of my 20s and 10 best romantic comedies.
P.P.S: Plus, a few other awesome movies you might like!

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The French Chef In Action

Have you tried any of Julia Child's recipes before? Oh boy, I’ve been smitten with her for a while now and I treat her cookbook like something incredibly precious in my kitchen. So you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon those 1963 photos of her on the set of The French Chef and those behind the scenes trying out recipes. You can totally feel her wittiness and humour there, can’t you? It was during one of those tapings when the infamous potato pancake fail occurred. Eek, she totally handled it like a pro! Are you Julia’s fan?  xo

P.S: Here is her in action making the famous boeuf bourguignon and here she is making hamburgers on David Letterman.
P.P.S: Also, here is her garlic tip and my favourite poached egg trick.

(Photos via Schlesinger Library)

Low Buns With A Pearl Twist

Monday, October 29, 2012

Ladies, how about pearls this autumn? Crikey, I never knew that the old classic can add such a charming little accent to elegant top knots or loosely twisted low buns without looking wedding-y. Having said that, I’m totally smitten with this modern twist. You?

Just imagine wearing a messy French bun with a few of those oversized goodies, rosy cheeks, a little foxy black dress and a pair of fancy heels. Date perfection! xo

Would you wear it? xo

P.S: On a more serious note, those of you affected by the Hurricane Sandy I hope you're all safe and well!
P.P.S: Fancy making your own pearl hairpins? Check this out. Plus, ribbon hairdo:)

(via Honestly, wtf via Style)

Autumn Trend: To Oversize or Not To Oversize?

Remember the other week we talked about French art of layering? Well, many of you asked about this coat so I did a bit of research and fell in love with it. It’s a French winter staple known as the oversized or cocoon coat. I’ve always fancied the idea of bigger and snugger winter covers but never really found the right one, till now that is. The classic wool oversized beauty is perfect for French layering, great for toning down the volume with chic and tailored separates underneath or just simply to keep you warm all winter long while looking classy.

Loves, I will be wearing one with a pair of cigarette pants and booties or wool trousers and animal print flats and maybe even with a sleek tailored shift dress and ankle boots for a romantic date with Balazs.

What do you think? Would you wear it? xo

P.S: Also, navy trench coats and the new black of the season.
P.P.S. Plus, a few other autumn trends you might like!

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Travel Fantasy: Ice Cave in Iceland

Crikey, nature never ceases to amaze me! Have you heard about this crystal ice cave? It’s hidden in the Skaftafell national park in Iceland and it was created by the awesome forces of the Vatnajokull ice cap in the south of the volcanic island. The ice has the most beautiful blue shade and according to the people who’ve been there, the whole place looks like mesmerizing frozen bubbles that are just about to pop. I can barely grasp be feeling of actually seeing this place in person and I can't get over how sensational those images are.

Darlings, have you ever been to a cave before? How about this one? Would you be brave enough? It would be such an adventure, wouldn't it? xo

P.S: Other awesome caves: in New Zealand, in Greece and in Vietnam.
P.P.S: Plus, A few other Icelandic gems.

(Photos by Gummi Stóri, Orvaratli, Maxim Popov and via Daily Mail)

Giveaway Winner

Drum rolls, please!!!
The winner of the Sima Gilady necklace GIVEAWAY is Anna Aspnes. Congrats!! xoxo

P.S: Thank you all for playing.

Cheers to a cozy weekend

Friday, October 26, 2012

Don't you just love Fridays? What are you up to this weekend? Balazs and I don't have much planned besides baking a banana loaf. The other thing I will be doing for sure is snuggling under a blanket and reading the whole stack of magazines that is waiting for me. I can not wait! Loves, stay warm and here are a few fun links for you to check out if you're in a blog-hopping-type-of-mood. Enjoy!

One awesome monster party!

Fishtail perfection.

This flat! I want to move there right now. You?

One each, please!

Aww...pinky rings.

Mist and fog in Switzerland.

Pumpkin vase?

What a great rooftop dinner party:)

How genius are those yarn ball bookmarks?

On squash.

Ha! One super clever polka dot tights trick!

A book shower.

Almond date truffles - yum!

Oh la la, Paris in the fall.

All you need for pumpkin carving!

Have you ever tasted grape jelly?

The sweetest photo.

Ten steps to create a perfect fitness routine.

Plus, there are only two more days left to enter our charming necklace GIVEAWAY! Don't miss it.

Lovelies, stay cozy and I see you Monday morning. xo

P.S: Fancy a bit of chit-chat? Join me on Twitter, Facebook or even Pinterest.

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This Week's Gems

I love Big bags and I can not lie...- giggle!...

This platter would be perfect for this year's Thanksgiving feast!...

Yawza!!! (Would you wear it?)...

I can't get my eyes off this print. Brilliantly done!...

My feet are always like little ice lollies. Yours? I bet those bunny slippers would do the trick...

This watercolor business card holder looks so elegant! It would make such a beautiful gift...

Retro style tea towels hold a special spot in my kitchen...

Yup! That is a robot tea infuser. Genius!...

Just imagine wearing this necklace with your favourite boat-neck dress and sassy heels for a date night. Perfection!...

Beautiful pillow to add a bit of sunshine to your autumn sofa:)...

This cookbook tickles my fancy...

Happy Friday, Lovelies! Is the weather all autumn-y already where you are? What caught your eye this week? xoxo

P.S: Fancy more gems?

Tin Can Cake

Are you a cake person? I prefer pies but this banana tin can cake totally tickles my fancy. Crikey, if there was one in my kitchen right now, Balazs wouldn't stand a chance as my elbows would go into action and not even one crumble would be up for grabs - giggle! It not only has a warm, homey texture but it's also layered with fluffy Swiss cream cheese frosting and topped off with (wait for it) brûlée banana slices. Full recipe here!

How about a piece? (Btw: have you ever baked using tin cans?). xo

P.S: Plus more banana madness!
P.P.S: And gooey chocolate cake perfection.

(Photos by Cristina Sciarra)

It All Comes Back To Food!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lovelies, do you often use foodie figures of speech? Till last night I haven't even realized how often I use edible idioms in my everyday life. I am notoriously known for saying 'cool as a cucumber' or 'it’s not my cup of tea' or ever 'piece of cake'. The other one that reminds me of my grandma is a Polish figure of speech, 'bulka z maslem' which pretty much means a roll with butter and it's equivalent of ’piece of cake’.
Well, Sophie recently wrote a super interesting and very eye opening article about the rich food-related figures of speech we use. The incredibly cool part is that she didn’t only stick to English language, she also quoted tons of different ones from many different languages. You should totally check them out but in the meantime here are a few of my favourites.
-  have a peachy day
-  chop chop
-  the rough end of the pineapple
- as happy as a lemon
- if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen
- the icing on the cake

What are yours? Do you speak any other languages besides English? Do you use them a lot? xo

P.S: Also, my thoughts on eating happier.
P.P.S: Plus, eating 50% raw food.

(Photo by What Kate Ate)

Statement Knits: Thumbs up or down?

Would you be brave enough to wear a chunky sweater with a witty pattern or a bold colour combo this autumn? I wasn’t sure about this one since my navy blues and greys are so dear to me but my friend Sofia totally changed my mind. Last week for our lunch-date she wore the prettiest hand-knitted sweater with no makeup and loose, wavy hair. The sweater gave enough statement so she could just relax and enjoy the coziness of it all while looking totally sassy. I'm thinking about getting this one. It’s quite fanciable, isn’t it? (And so perfect just before Halloween). xo

P.S: Princess Di rocked the trend as well in the early 80's:)
P.P.S: Plus, the super cozy knit dresses.

(Photos by/via Atlantic Pacific, Fashion Magazine, Editer, Krisatomic, The Sartorialist, Vogue)
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