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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Have you seen "Meet The Parents"? Did you like it? By now there are three parts to the story but the first one is my favourite as there is nothing more hilarious and nerve-wracking than meeting your future in-laws for the very first time. I still remember how nervous I was when I met Balazs’ dad – yikes! Anyway, the movie basically gives you a great insight to family dynamics and what guys are willing to go through to impress the father of their hopefully-future-wife. After tons of unsuccessful attempts that make you want to bury your head under the blanket, Greg (the super funny Ben Stiller) finally manages to win Jack over (the awesome Robert De Niro). It’s a laugh out loud type of movie that I enjoy re-watching over and over again. You?

Here are 5 of my favourite yet totally awkward moments from the movie:

1. On milking cats.

2. Greg must wait.

3. Greg says grace.

4. Oh boy - up in flames!

5. Step off - giggle!

Bits and bobs:
-  Ben was the voice of Alex the lion in Madagascar.
-  He also played with Winona Ryder in  Reality Bites in 1994.
- Jinxy the rascal cat!
-  I loved Ben on David Letterman back in 2008.
- Combine Robert DeNiro & Dustin Hoffman together and you get a whole lot of funny:)
- I adored him also in Analyze That. Have you seen it?
- Fancy a full review of the movie? Check this out.
- Pam aka Teri Polo played  Abby Michaels on  Frasier back in 2000.
- Did you know that Blythe Danner played in Will & Grace as Marilyn Truman? She was Will's mom:)

P.S: And a few other films you might fancy catching.
P.P.S: Plus 10 life lessons I learned from Seinfeld.

(Top photo via IMDb)


Anonymous said...

Josh and I just watched it last night for the 100th time. We love it tons! I am sending him the link to those videos now. Love, Amy

Diana Mieczan said...

How cool, Amy:)Thanks!

Tiffany Kadani said...

Haha! I love that movie! Ben Stiller is hilarious!

Monica Aguinaga said...

agreed! the first movie is the best!
I loved Owen Wilson in the movie, too!

Diana Mieczan said...

So true, Monica:) Owen Wilson is such a funny guy! Loved him in this movie.

Diana Mieczan said...

He really is, Tiffany!

Christianna said...

This movie is amazing! It always has me laughing my head off! I LOVE that cat milking part, and the poem. OMG and the cat using the ashes as a litter box! That whole scene is the best!

Annie said...

Such a funny movie!! They film part of it where I grew up on Long Island :) Hope you are doing great, Diana!! xo

Test said...

I still feel the emotional pain I felt with everything that happened to him... It was so clever and entertaining! Love it!!!

Diana Mieczan said...

Christianna - giggle. That scene makes me laugh all the time:)

Diana Mieczan said...

How cool, Annie:)

Diana Mieczan said...

Punctuation Mark, I totally agree!

HiLLjO said...

Milk the cat... ;o)

Diana Mieczan said...

giggle, HiLLjO:)

Le said...

silly movie still grabs me every once in a while, giggle

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