Cheers to a restful weekend!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

My sweets, I'm signing out a day earlier this week as my mid-week cold transformed into a little monster-cold this morning. I'll be spending the next three days eating homemade veggie soup, drinking tons of tea with honey, resting under a blanket and watching Seinfeld. What are your plans for the weekend? Wish you a wonderful next three days and as always here are a few fun links for you to check out. Enjoy!
Paris all brown and beautiful.

A perfect plant even for those with not-so-green-fingers.

What's really happening inside your refrigerator.

Picnic in the park kind of outfit.

Another snazzy pair of booties.

How dreamy is this igloo village in Finland?

The trick to life.

Coffee magic.

Such a cool wrapping paper idea that you can make yourself.

Makeup tips for girls who wear glasses.

So true!

This chocolate cake looks beautiful!

Such a cozy little flat.

Flowers on my mind.

I need to try this roasted vegetable salad soon!

Cozy pillow-blanket sets.

Swoonworthy scarves.

A few awesome spots in Ireland!

Plus 4 more exPress-o bits and bobs all about autumn trends:
* Snazzy red shoes.
* Cozy blazers.
* Sassy liberty print button-ups.
* And the stylish pops of burgundy.

See you Monday morning:) xoxo

(Photo via Note To Self)


Vintage Market Place said...

Aww get better soon! Sounds like you have a great plan in place to feel cozy.

This picture is so great!
I love the color and shadowing of it all.

Unknown said...

Lovely colour and I really like the off focus style, it's dreamy.

Mal said...

Feel better!

Stephanie said...

Ick, feel better soon!! Seems like everyone's getting a cold lately, my husband and I were both sick last week. :-(

Monica Aguinaga said...

sorry to hear that! get tons of sleep and you'll feel better!


Aurélia Mattos said...

Hi Diana, saudades de vc em meu blog! Apareça. kisses darling

Thelma Frayne said...

Hope you're better soon xx

HiLLjO said...

Oohhh the bunnay! I love bunnays!!! Bunnay is what hubstache and I call each other :o)

Feel better, my dear; Seinfeld is great for badweather days.

Maria Maria Maria said...

Oh no! Hope you feel better soon! The engagement rings are beautiful, I'll be having a better look at those later! ;) The wrapping paper is also beautiful and such a great idea.

Carrie said...

i really hope you feel better. take all the rest you need! this weekend, i'm going out with the whole family. just spending a little quality time. :D

Want to win $50 worth of clothing? Come join my MIXMOSS giveaway!!! :)


Silvia C said...

Oh sweetie! Hope you feel better soon! Kiss, kiss.

Le said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Le said...

If I was your doctor I'd recommend all the above...soup, blanket, tea, box of neexe's, plenty of zzz's and here is my lil drank to help stop those colds...
Strawberry juice-fresh
Blackberry juice-fresh (only the juice)
Lime juice-from fresh squeeze lime
a lil sug and salt
mineral or spring water over ice...
Hope you feel better very soon

Test said...

Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

Rita said...

what a picture! I love it!
aww honey, get better soon!!take care there!'internets' will wait;)

Alexa said...

Hope you are starting to feel better! Tea and Seinfeld are always good remedies!

Diana Mieczan said...

Aww..thank you for all those sweet comments. I am feeling 1000times better!

Diana Mieczan said...

I adore that photo too, Amy! The lighting makes me swoon.

Diana Mieczan said...

Aww..that is so sweet, HiLLjO:)

Diana Mieczan said...

Right, Maria? I am so in love with those rings:)

Diana Mieczan said...

Thank you, Lena!

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