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Thursday, September 27, 2012

My sweets, I'm signing out a day earlier this week as my mid-week cold transformed into a little monster-cold this morning. I'll be spending the next three days eating homemade veggie soup, drinking tons of tea with honey, resting under a blanket and watching Seinfeld. What are your plans for the weekend? Wish you a wonderful next three days and as always here are a few fun links for you to check out. Enjoy!
Paris all brown and beautiful.

A perfect plant even for those with not-so-green-fingers.

What's really happening inside your refrigerator.

Picnic in the park kind of outfit.

Another snazzy pair of booties.

How dreamy is this igloo village in Finland?

The trick to life.

Coffee magic.

Such a cool wrapping paper idea that you can make yourself.

Makeup tips for girls who wear glasses.

So true!

This chocolate cake looks beautiful!

Such a cozy little flat.

Flowers on my mind.

I need to try this roasted vegetable salad soon!

Cozy pillow-blanket sets.

Swoonworthy scarves.

A few awesome spots in Ireland!

Plus 4 more exPress-o bits and bobs all about autumn trends:
* Snazzy red shoes.
* Cozy blazers.
* Sassy liberty print button-ups.
* And the stylish pops of burgundy.

See you Monday morning:) xoxo

(Photo via Note To Self)

This Week's Gems

Cardi perfection, don't you think?...

Thinking about getting a new weekend backpack. This one totally tickles my fancy...

Sweet little heart dish for your tiny bits and bobs:)...

Sassy, adorable and perfect with cozy sweaters...

Ha, Balazs is so getting this wine cooler cork for Christmas. What a gem and no more warm wine...

Our new shower curtain...

I can almost smell the amazing scent of this Napa Valley bath tea!...

I simply can not wait to read Luisa's cookbook. It's part cookbook and part memoir...

This must be the coolest tissue holder I've ever seen. Genius!...

Remember when we talked about booties? Well, those are pretty great, aren't they?...

Happy Thursday! Loves, what caught your eye this week? Are you autumn-ready? Any great finds? xo

P.S: Fancy more gems?

(Top photo by Happily Grey & 8th one by The Wednesday Chef)

Childhood memories & Raspberry Doughnuts

Do you know the feeling when a certain food reminds you of a specific childhood moment? Well, doughnuts will always and forever remind me of my kindergarden time. I wasn’t too keen on the whole idea of kindergarten so in hopes to make it more enjoyable, my mom used to treat me to a little doughnut filled with jam each Thursday on the way back from my miserable kindergarten day. I counted on my fingers each week how many more sleeps till I can have the next one. As funny as it sounds, it helped :) Moms really know best, don’t they? I think those beauties are in order today but instead of buying one I fancy the idea of making a whole bunch of them. (Here is the full recipe). Loves do you like doughnuts? What’s your favourite filling? xo

P.S: Also, remember those?

(Photos by Jenna - Eat, Live, Run)

My Breathing Window NYC Style

Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Fancy a little 'time out for yourself'? If so, then let's finish this unexpectedly busy Wednesday on a dreamy note with Glen's NYC photographs. I call his tumblr my breathing window as his brilliance in capturing moods and tiny little details is so refreshing and rejuvenating. Le sigh! Darlings, how is your day going? xo

P.S: More NYC goodness!

Autumn Transition Piece: Cozy Knit Dress

A few weeks ago I mentioned to my good friend that each autumn I find it hard to put away my flowy summer dresses and start getting into the routine of wearing tons of layers. Being super helpful, she gave me a nifty little tip on how to ease into the autumn/winter cold but still enjoy the transition stage. It's all in sweater dresses. First you wear them with ballerina flats and bare legs, then gradually you add tights, boots, a blazer and finally you dress it up with a trench and a scarf. Ta dah! Inspired by her advice I got this snazzy number that I am wearing today with navy tights and messy hair.

Loves, do you ever wear sweater dresses? Would you? What do you think about my friend's advice? Fancy any of the looks above? xo

P.S: Plus, my beloved elbow patches and a few fun sweater inspirations.

(Photos by The Sartorialist, Hanneli and via Circa Fashion, Fits of FashionScent of Obsession, A well traveled woman, The Golden Diamonds)

Home Inspiration: Radiator Shelf (+plants)

Lately I’ve been thinking about creating a cool little green-spot near our living room windows for autumn and winter. I don’t know what it is, but as soon as the cooler season kicks in, I always crave greenery around. Is it just me? So last week I spotted this awesome radiator solution that I can not wait to try. I even asked my friend Paul the florist for tips on what kind of flowers/plants like radiator warmth.
Here are his 5 top radiator friendly plants:
- Orchids
- Jade
- Ferns
- Calendula
- Mother’s Tongue

Lovelies, do you have a radiator shelf in your home? What do you keep on top of it? xo

P.S: Remember colourful radiators?
P.P.S: And this Parisian green wall still makes me swoon!

(Photos via 79ideas, Poppytalk, The Glitter Guide, sfgirlbybay)

My New Favourite Toner Under $5

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Do you use homemade cosmetics? I mostly stay away from experimenting but a few weeks ago I tried Rebecca's toner mix and by now I'm hooked! Even a few of my friends started to use it.

It’s a simple mix of apple cider vinegar and water. I use the milder take on it which is 3 parts of water mixed with 1 part of apple cider vinegar but you can experiment with the density to suit your skin type.

The awesome thing is that after using it for about a month I can totally see my skin being more glowy and healthy looking. Btw: supposedly it works wonders on acne as well. Oh, and the smell goes away as soon as it soaks into your skin. Natural, unexpensive and works - brilliant! 

Lovelies, would you try it? Any other great homemade mixes you'd like to share? xo

P.S: And how to avoid lipstick faux pas.

(Top photo by Jordan Voth. Second photo by exPress-o.  Second photo layout by Ana Degenaar - Blog Milk for exPress-o)

exPress-o Film Club: Meet The Parents

Have you seen "Meet The Parents"? Did you like it? By now there are three parts to the story but the first one is my favourite as there is nothing more hilarious and nerve-wracking than meeting your future in-laws for the very first time. I still remember how nervous I was when I met Balazs’ dad – yikes! Anyway, the movie basically gives you a great insight to family dynamics and what guys are willing to go through to impress the father of their hopefully-future-wife. After tons of unsuccessful attempts that make you want to bury your head under the blanket, Greg (the super funny Ben Stiller) finally manages to win Jack over (the awesome Robert De Niro). It’s a laugh out loud type of movie that I enjoy re-watching over and over again. You?

Here are 5 of my favourite yet totally awkward moments from the movie:

1. On milking cats.

2. Greg must wait.

3. Greg says grace.

4. Oh boy - up in flames!

5. Step off - giggle!

Bits and bobs:
-  Ben was the voice of Alex the lion in Madagascar.
-  He also played with Winona Ryder in  Reality Bites in 1994.
- Jinxy the rascal cat!
-  I loved Ben on David Letterman back in 2008.
- Combine Robert DeNiro & Dustin Hoffman together and you get a whole lot of funny:)
- I adored him also in Analyze That. Have you seen it?
- Fancy a full review of the movie? Check this out.
- Pam aka Teri Polo played  Abby Michaels on  Frasier back in 2000.
- Did you know that Blythe Danner played in Will & Grace as Marilyn Truman? She was Will's mom:)

P.S: And a few other films you might fancy catching.
P.P.S: Plus 10 life lessons I learned from Seinfeld.

(Top photo via IMDb)

Camo Print: Fancy or not?

I never thought of wearing a camo print but since the cooler weather kicked in, I have noticed girls on the street wearing military vibe jackets and I kind of fancy the look of it. As my friend summed it up: a strong masculine undertone to an easy-going tomboyish style. Lovelies, what do you think? Would you wear a camo print jacket, a coat, a pair of pants or even a top? Do tell! xo

P.S: Also, the sassy duo.
P.P.S: Plus a few more snazzy autumn trends that you might like:)

(Photos by Atlantic-Pacific, Garance Doré, Stockholm Streetstyle, Tommy Ton and via Design You Trust)

Egypt by Boat

Monday, September 24, 2012

Have you ever been on a  sailboat cruise before? Over the weekend my friend, Sofia and I talked about maybe going for a little river cruise next spring and while looking around for fun options we stumbled upon this dreamy little boat hotel. It’s an old style sassy vessel that used to carry royal families around Egypt. Their cruise includes Nile river tours and the chance to see Egypt in a totally new way with archaeological treasure-walks in little villages and the magnificent deserts. What's more, the below-deck rooms are super stylish and when you feel dreamy, you can spend your mornings swimming in the Nile or sunbathing on the deck. Have you ever been to Egypt? xo

P.S: Also, Maine sailing!
P.P.S: Plus, whale watching.

(via size too small. Photos by Nour El Nil and the full schedule of thier tours)

Bed Making = Happiness

Be honest, do you make your bed each morning? Till recently the only reason I was making our bed was out of habit but since I read Karen Miller's theory behind it, I look at that 3 minutes of my morning in a whole different way.

Karen believes that "the state of your bed is the state of your head." Isn’t that spot on? Also, according to Gretchen Rubin (author of The Happiness Project) the whole process of fluffing your pillows and covers boosts happiness, as you start your day on a fresh note and you’ll continue creating positive little changes in your life. Ha, who would have thought? The one thing I know is that I really enjoy my bed making now and let’s face it: what’s better than an extra few minutes between crisp fresh sheets, right? What do you think? xo

P.S: Remember this bedroom?
(Photos via Amanda Jane Jones & Jelanié. Tips via Apartment Therapy)
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