Have a dazzling weekend!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Darlings, my mom is in town for a few days so we are starting the weekend a dash earlier. Tonight we are off for a night boat tour under the city lights (and blankets if it gets coldish). Besides that I can't wait to have late night chats on the balcony, long walks on the island and we’re also planning to pop-by a few of her favourite places around here. I'll see you Monday morning but for now here are a few great links for you to check out if you are in a blog-hopping-mood. Enjoy! xo

If you've ever been in love...


She has one awesome top knot!

Happiness in a cup:)

Jackie & JFK.

I'm not too crazy about coconut but chocolate dipped rochers look scrumptious.

A few cool NYC places to take your mom on Mother's Day.

A snazzy mister.


Have you been to Lisbon?

That house.

I used this recipe for poached rhubarb the other day and it was delicious.

The dashing London!

I need to try making those dog treats for my puppies.

Jeans shorts two ways.

An afternoon picnic by the lake - dreamy!

Friendship bracelets.

Superfoods to boost your mood.

How to choose the right nail polish color.

And how about 4 exPress-o posts all about flowers that you might have missed?
* dip dye flower vases.
* Japanese flower garden.
* Parisian market.
* Flower classes.

(Photo of lilacs by Nicole Franzen)


Natasha Fatah said...

Have a wonderful time with your mom. :)

~Natasha Fatah~

Vintage Market Place said...

Oh how wonderful to have your mom visit right before Mothers day.
So happy for you :)
Enjoy your long weekend.
Sounds fun

HiLLjO said...

Happy Weekend with mom! See you soon!

Diana Mieczan said...

Thank you, darlings:)

Diana Mieczan said...

Amy, so sweet of you and I am really happy about that too:) I'm taking her for an early Mother's day massage on Sunday!

Kristina said...

great links as usual! have a wonderful time with your mom and a nice long weekend!! xx

Ana Degenaar said...

Oh, friend! Have a stunning weekend! I miss my mom so much :( xoxoxo

Christianna said...

Have an amazing weekend with your mom! That all sounds like so much fun!

Polly Rowan said...

aww have a lovely time with your mum. Mum visits are the best! Love that girl's topknot on the link too x

Thelma Frayne said...

Love the links from wit&delight- that underwear is so beautiful. No other word for it.

Enjoy the time with your Mum x

Elisa @ Crazy, Amazing Life said...

Have a fantastic time with your mom! I am visiting mine right now, in Sardinia - I never realize how much I miss my family until I get to hug them and sit down to dinner with them! Here's to our moms :-)

Amanda said...

Lovely links today! Have a fabulous time with your mom!

Steph said...

Love those black and white London photographs! Enjoy mom time x

Annie said...

I love lilacs! Especially their scent :) Have a wonderful weekend Diana!! xo

Melissa Blake said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! :)

amy b.s. said...

oh lilacs. i so love.

Patricia Villamil said...

I know very well about those late night conversations with mom in the balcony, i do it everytime i get the chance. Sounds like a fun filled weekend!

Barbara von Enger said...

Enjoy the weekend with your mama;-)

Monica Aguinaga said...

Enjoy the mother-daughter time! happy weekend!

Unknown said...

Hope you have a wonderful time with your mom! Enjoy the weekend! I'm off to check out your links!

xo Mary Jo

Cindy / Aka Chymecindy said...

Sounds like a very nice weekend. Enjoy and have fun with your mum.


Liesl said...

I hope you had a lovely boat tour, Diana, sounds lovely! Thanks for more fun links too...love them! :)

Anonymous said...

Another fantabulous round up!

| Bright Green Laces |

Test said...

that image itself makes me happy!!! hope you had a great weekend!

Diana Mieczan said...

Elisa, that is so sweet and so true! Have a great time with your mom:)

Diana Mieczan said...

Steph, aren't they stunning?

Diana Mieczan said...

Aww thank you SO much for all those sweet comment. We had a great time! You all are so lovely. xoxo

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