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Monday, April 30, 2012

While waiting for my massage last weekend I read an article that I can't stop thinking about (and I bet that many of you can totally relate to it as well). It was all about escaping stress. I think many of us feel stressed out at times despite how much we try not to let it get to us, right?

A writer, Alan Cohen says that we all have to find our own anti-stress hero. He discovered his while waiting anxiously before his speech some time ago. A few minutes before his turn on the stage he noticed another speaker looking incredibly relaxed. That was the moment when Alan realized that stress is not a condition, it is a choice. After that day that man became Alan's role model for ease - the person he channels in "could-be-stressful-situations".

Here is Alan's tip on how to find yours: "Think of a person or people who inspire you as being relaxed, happy, and successful. You don't have to be like them, just try to tap onto their ability to deal." Makes sense, doesn't it?
Alan continued on saying that the energy of ease is universally available, but some people have found a way to access and use it.

What do you think about Alan’s tip? Do you have an anti-stress hero already? Would you try this tip? How do you deal with stressful situations? xo

(via Red Magazine. Photos via Van Vangarret)

NYC I do's

How adorable are those couples? On a quiet spring morning, Refinery29 took to NYC's iconic City Hall to be part of 14 couples' special day. They all opted for a smaller, simpler and super intimate affair and Winnie brilliantly captured those special moments. Recently, our friend, Luke got married in a City Hall as well and afterwards he and his bride went for an egg breakfast to the spot that they had their first date in. Sweet, isn’t it?

Loves, where did you get married? Did you have a big or small wedding? Would you change it now? For those who are not married, would you consider getting married in a City Hall or you fancy a big ceremony with family and friends? Do tell! xo

P.S: Also, this charming wedding on top of a mountain in Colorado.
P.P.S: And this sweet wedding dress.

Summer Sparkler

With a whopping 100 degrees and my mom visiting, it was the perfect weekend to try out a new cocktail. After long walks in the heat, this sparkler quickly became our favourite treat to enjoy during breezy balcony evenings. It has Italian prosecco (yum!), refreshing lavender, mint and lemon syrup that you pre-simmer and it's topped off with a bit of cold club soda for the bubbles-factor. (Full recipe here).

Doesn’t it sound refreshing? Loves, what’s your favourite summer cocktail/drink? xo

P.S: Missed you last Friday:) So glad to be back to the regular schedule!
P.P.S: Two more posts are coming up today and if you fancy trying another fun cocktail - this one is awesome too.

(Recipe by Marissa Lippert via Nectar)

Have a dazzling weekend!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Darlings, my mom is in town for a few days so we are starting the weekend a dash earlier. Tonight we are off for a night boat tour under the city lights (and blankets if it gets coldish). Besides that I can't wait to have late night chats on the balcony, long walks on the island and we’re also planning to pop-by a few of her favourite places around here. I'll see you Monday morning but for now here are a few great links for you to check out if you are in a blog-hopping-mood. Enjoy! xo

If you've ever been in love...


She has one awesome top knot!

Happiness in a cup:)

Jackie & JFK.

I'm not too crazy about coconut but chocolate dipped rochers look scrumptious.

A few cool NYC places to take your mom on Mother's Day.

A snazzy mister.


Have you been to Lisbon?

That house.

I used this recipe for poached rhubarb the other day and it was delicious.

The dashing London!

I need to try making those dog treats for my puppies.

Jeans shorts two ways.

An afternoon picnic by the lake - dreamy!

Friendship bracelets.

Superfoods to boost your mood.

How to choose the right nail polish color.

And how about 4 exPress-o posts all about flowers that you might have missed?
* dip dye flower vases.
* Japanese flower garden.
* Parisian market.
* Flower classes.

(Photo of lilacs by Nicole Franzen)

This Week's Gems

Dreamy (and it's chiffon)...


Would look adorable with shorts!...

Vintage espresso cups - Life doesn't get any better than that:)...

Aren't tiny triangle studs adorable?...

My favourite skirt for summer! (and it's in raspberry colour)...

An apple bottle opener - a great gem!...

Paris print - J'adore...

A sweet little bracelet to sassy up your spring wardrobe....

Copper tea kettle - want!...

Lovelies, what caught your eye this week? Any favourites? xo

P.S: Fancy more gems? How about those or those?
P.P.S: Some fun links are coming up:)

Ripped Jeans: Thumbs up or down?

Do you wear ripped jeans? I do, but I never actually bought a pre-ripped pair. I have a thing for well tailored pants. They simply don’t come around too often so when I actually find a pair that fits like a glove, I keep it for as long as I can. Both of my ripped denims got worn-in over the years to the point where they got a bit torn around the knees. I love them that way and they look cute rolled up with boat neck teesflats and rosy cheeks.

Lovelies, how do you feel about ripped jeans? Do you wear them? What do you pair them up with? xo

P.S: The shirt factor and the snazzy denim & navy twister.
P.P.S: Tips on how to have mile long legs!

(Photos by/via The Sartorialist, Garance DorĂ©, Vanessa Jackman,  Tip ToesThe Man Repeller, Atlantic-Pacific)


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A little under two years ago I promised myself that if I ever take the plunge and get a tiny little tattoo it would be for my 30th birthday (which is this August- eek). For the past few months I've been going back and forth about it as I'm craven when it comes to things that are permanent (and painful). However, as I look at those cool inks, I can't help wanting one – le sigh!

Lovelies, do you have a tattoo? How many? Would you want one? What kind or where? Fancy any of the above? xo

P.S: A few more that I like.

Paisley Print For Summer

The other day, I mentioned to my friend, Sofia that I fancy getting frisky with the paisley print this summer. I’m thinking about getting a cute loose top so I can wear it with shorts and sandals or a pair of rolled-up pants. I got hooked on it after I noticed girls all over the city sporting this super feminine trend. How about you, loves? Would you wear a paisley print dress or a skirt or maybe even a scarf or a blouse? Do tell! xo

P.S: Other sassy patterns: florals, stripes, dots and the snazzy animal prints.

(Photos by Vanessa Jackman, The SartorialistJ.Crew, Stockholm Streetstyle, Karla's Closet via My Fashion Tricks & My Daily Glamour)

Slow Poached Eggs (with a twist)

A perfectly poaches egg can totally make up for anything; from a bad night sleep to a mad day at work, even kids screaming. Since last November when I finally learned how to poach an egg in the creamiest of ways, I started to experiment with different techniques. Balazs says that Julia Child gave me an inner egg-making-confidence. We’ve been having them on toasts with herbs, on bagels and roasted asparagus, with salads and even on top of a sliced avocado. So good, you should try it!

Anyway, last night I spotted Steph's really impressive recipe for a slow poached egg and I can’t wait for the weekend to try it out on my mom who is flying in tomorrow.

Steph says that it’s one of the easiest ways to poach eggs with a great twist in the end. You don’t actually crack your eggs, you simply cook them like you would cook onsen eggs in the shells, in 145F water for a whopping 45 minutes. The cool part is that you can make a few of them in the same time or prep them the night before and just warm them up on the go. According to Steph, the end result is totally impressive because as you crack the ready egg open, the creamy poached consistence simply slides out of the shell onto your plate – giving the whole thing a wow factor. Oh boy, I’m hungry!

Wait, there is more. With this technique you can even make a pan fried version of your poached egg as well. Here is how!

Loves, how do you like your egg in the morning? (I bet you’re craving it right now - giggle). xo

(Photos by I am a Food Blog via Shutterbean)

How to: Front Braid Hairdo

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ever since Madewell's spring catalogue came out, I've been dying to try the front braid hairdo. Isn’t it sassy? So, you can imagine my excitement when Lisa (the actual stylist from the Parisian shoot) did a foxy little tutorial on it. Psst, she also let us in on a tiny little secret to messy braid perfection: always use a bit of hairspray beforehand to prevent your hair from being too slippery - interesting, isn't it? (Here is the step-by-step instruction if you fancy giving it a go). I can't wait...

Loves, would you try this look? Have you already? What are your favourite takes on braids? xo

P.S: Also, fishtail braids, braided bun and this snazzy tucked-in French braid!
P.P.S: All things Hair.

(Photos by/via That Kind of Woman, Anna Marie and Sarah)

Moody Walks

Here is a little something that you might not know about me: I find gloomy and rainy days incredibly romantic and utterly calming. I don’t know if it’s the overall quieter vibe of the city or the fact that every time we’ve been to Paris, it was raining: but as soon as the skies get all grey and gloomy, I start daydreaming about Paris. Strolling in the dark with the charming street lights guiding the way, soft jazz music playing in the little passing alleys and trench coats that even look super snazzy wet.

Lovelies, hope that those Parisian photos add a bit of magic to your Tuesday! Planning a trip to the city of light anytime soon? Have you been there already? xo

P.S: All things Paris!
P.P.S: Oh la la...Paris, 1962.

(Photos via/by The Glorious Journey, Lillies & Lace & Irene Suchocki)
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