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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Today’s giveaway is from Rack and Sack, a charming vintage boutique located in Los Angeles that specializes in one of a kind vintage jewelry and accessories. Desiree, the owner is offering you a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to her shop. All the pieces are truly timeless, with a hidden story and would perfectly accessorize your Holiday party outfits. Those 70's earrings would look snazzy with a simple black blouse and messy hair. Also, I'm smitten with this stone ring. Breathtaking - a perfect gift for a mom or gramdma.

For a chance to win you should be a follower of exPress-o, please visit Rack and Sack and let us know your favourite item. As always the giveaway is open worldwide. The winner will be chosen at random on Sunday night. Good luck! xo

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Women Are Heroes

As soon as I spotted those photos my eyes filled up with tears. There is something truly emotional about each and every one of them.

A French street artist JR shot this incredibly deep series while travelling Nairobi, Kenya, and Morro da Providência of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. In each of those travels he was drawn to the simple and profound pain of women who have suffered the indignities of war, poverty, and loss. By engaging with them, JR wanted to draw attention to the persistent strength of all the women in these communities.

These ladies on the giant billboard sized posters actively participated in the creative process by telling their stories with their eyes and their faces. Now, they are part of the communities all around the world, plastered across roofs, trains, steps, river canals, barns and entire neighbourhoods - you name it.

Just one glance can totally inspire, move to tears or empower. Pretty brilliant, don't you think? xo

P.S: Here is the tralier of the "Women are Heroes" documentary that I can't wait to watch.
P.P.S: This series totally reminds me of those Brooklyn stairs and this incredible mural.  Also, stay tuned for a beautiful GIVEAWAY Wednesday.

(via sho & tell. The 7th photo by  Phil)

Monochromatic: Thumbs up or down?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Once in a while there comes a trend that I fall head over heels with. This winter it's all about the monochromatic look for me. There is something so beautifully laidback about this head-to-toe same-colour craze. And to be frank, I love the idea of mixing and matching different tints of the same hue to create an outfit that feels comfy and looks equally snazzy. Darlings, are you on the monochromatic trend-wagon this season? What’s your favourite colour to wear from head-to-toe? xo

P.S: Other awesome trends: tweed, tomboy and the ever trendy geek-chic glasses.

(Photos by/via Garance DoréJillustrations, The Sartorialist & Vanessa Jackman)

The Best Thing After Thanksgiving

Monday, November 28, 2011
Oh boy, if you have some leftover turkey, here is a scrumptious panini idea that Balazs and I are making tonight. The fun combination of jam, Swiss cheese, Dijon and cranberry sauce makes my head spin with excitement. Yum! Darlings, doesn't it look mouth-watering? How was your Thanksgiving? (Recipe here). xo

(Photos by Ree)

Happy Thanksgiving, my Loves!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving, my loves! Wish you all a chillaxing, scrumptious and cozy long weekend! Balazs and I are taking a little staycation. A few of our friends are flying in tonight (super excited about that) and others are busy cooking (including those home fries). The pumpkin pies are in the oven as we speak, so everything seems to be rolling along smoothly. (Fingers crossed!)

If you are in a post-reading-type-of-mood in the next few days, please feel free to browse through exPress-o. If you missed any parts of our Christmas gift guide, you can catch up with them here. I have a few posts scheduled for Monday and Tuesday including a winter fashion trend that I'm totally smitten with. I'll see you all on Wednesday morning. Miss you already:) Have a magnificent time! xo

P.S: You should totally check out this sweet pumpkin proposal story my friend just emailed me. Also, this pop quiz. It's very interesting. Do you know what does 100 calories of pumpkin pie look like?
P.P.S: If you fancy a bit of chit-chat you can always catch me on Twitter and exPress-o group on FB.

(Photo by Lambert Wolterbeek)

Christmas Gift Guide 2011 *Part Five* For Those Who Love Stinky Cheese and Good Wine

Cheese board perfect for wine and cheese parties or cozy evenings in, while watching telly. ($40). (Also in this colour).

Brilliant puzzleboard that would make a great hosting addition. ($29)

Cool and colourful wine bottle screws that are super cute and fit most of the bottle types. ($10 for set of two).

Brooklyn shaped cutting board perfection. ($40). They have a whole selection of different cities and states.

Stylish lettered wine carafes for red wine or white. Up to their fancy! ($48)

A lovely set of blaak onion jam ($10) & Bonnie's red pepper jelly ($9.95) that make scrumptious cheese toppings and this super stylish cheese set. ($56)

Book them a wine and cheese tasting event. ($65 per person)

Wine cork candles for those romantic nights. ($10)

A fun wine tote with their favoruite wine inside. Perfect as a stocking stuffer ($13).

A stunning cheese base for those who always have some stinky cheese at home:) ($125). You could also include a selecion of their favoruite cheeses as an extra. (Just an idea).

How fun is this lasso bottle holder? It would look awesome in their kitchen. ($32)

No kitchen should be without a cool cheese grater. This one is made of oak. ($23)

Scrabble coasters perfect for those fun game nights. ($20)

A cool tote bag with bottle pockets. Clever solution for wine buying. ($38.75)

Just imagine how great would it be to serve some smooth Brie, Camembert or any other soft-ripened cheese from this cheese baker. Yum! ($28)

Perfect accessory for their home, a wine trivet kit. ($15)

For those truly passionate about wine, a moleskine wine journal. ($20)

Oh boy! Here is a cute little animation about yoga for wine lovers that Balazs sent me over this morning. (Giggle).

P.S: More gift ideas for best friend, husband/boyfriend and coffee - tea lovers.
P.P.S: The whole last years' exPress-o Christmas gift guide.

The Art Form Called Layering

The other day Sarah gave us a lesson on how to master the layering trend that is everywhere nowadays. It's fascinating to see the different texture and colour combinations that make those J. Crew outfits oh-so lustful and irresistible. I totally have to start mixing it up more this season. How about you? Which outfit do you fancy most? xo

P.S: Cozy layers!
P.P.S:  More awesome trends this year.

Christmas Gift Guide 2011 *Part Four* For Tea Lovers

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Storm in a tea cup for tea-collectors. A stunning little teacup. ($860). (Check out the little video of how it works).

A very stylish and hand-crafted brass tea strainer for their loose leaf tea. ($14)

Classic porcelain teapots for those afternoon British tea-times with friends. ($48)

And no teapot should be without a knitted tea cozy to keep it all warm. ($42)

How about this yellow submarine infuser for fun tea-breaks? ($14)

Fantastic tea cups as you can never have too many: 1.lip tease teacup and saucer set ($43), 2. zipper cup, 3. candy-cane mug inspired by French country kitchen. ($14)

Spiced-chai candle to make their whole flat smell like freshly brewed cuppa. ($20)

Set of Douglas Fir tea ($12) with a refreshing blend of lemon - woodsy aroma and paper tea bags, perfect for loose tea ($9).

A Chai tea cologne spray with a beautiful mix of all things tea including cinnamon, ginger, star anise, peppercorn, and even cloves. Yum! ($10)

For those who love to drink tea and read! Great teabags with cute or humorous quotes.($11.95)

For days when they want to enjoy a quick tea for one. ($17.95)

A box of their favourite macarons. (Price vary)

A cheerful print for their office ($25)

P.S: More gift ideas for coffee people, best friend & husband/boyfriend.
P.P.S: The whole last years' exPress-o Christmas gift guide.

(Photo of macarons via The NY Times)

Fine dining on the NYC Subway

A few months ago, on the 1st of May during the 1 p.m rush hour the second wagon of the L train line from Manhattan to Brooklyn was transformed into a travelling bistro, complete with tables, linens, fine silverware and a bow-tied maître d’hôtel. A group of people who totally didn’t expect anything like that happening on this busy train-line had a chance to enjoy a six-course extravaganza which took only half an hour. A fantastic group called "a razor, a shiny knife" staged this whole shebang hoping to provide a unique and unforgettable experience for the people onboard. The video is 5 minutes long, but it's really worth the time, so grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy it!

Darlings, how much fun would it be to try fine dining made casual? Undoubtedly an experience of a lifetime! (You can read more about it in The New York Times). xo

P.S: Here is my little joy list I shared this morning on Amanda's blog.
P.P.S: 1940's NYC and this awesome Manhattan's rent by hour backyard!

(via T Spoon of Sunshine)

Christmas Gift Guide 2011 *Part Three* For Coffee Lovers

A vintage 1935 coffee shop print for those coffee-nuts out there. It would look amazing framed in a black frame. (Price between $15- $85)

Chemex coffee maker for a new coffee-drinking experience. ($58)

An awesome chalkboard creamer for their next dinner party. ($28)

Moka Express print for those who can't get enough of classic coffee art. ($80)

How about a coffee plant? One of my friends owns it and she says it's pretty easy to maintain. ($5)

Well, this spoon set would add a bit of giggle to each day.

For each morning -  a snazzy coffee grinder for those tasty cuppas. ($29.95)

Coffee chocolate with a scrumptious caramel-like taste - who can resist that, right? ($4.50)

For those hardcore espresso lovers, a mypressi would make a fantastic instant caffeine fix. ($149)

Oh la la...Stylish milk bottle ($54)

The classic and oh-so snazzy French press. It's a must. ($49.95)

A selection of Nespresso capsules packed in a pretty box. (Price vary).

Those toast coasters will make them smile. ($12 for a set of 8)

Moka Express tea towels - perfection. ($13)

Morning buzz tee! A perfect tee for a morning coffee person. ($21)

P.S: More gift ideas including this year's guide for best friend & husband/boyfriend.
P.P.S: The whole last years' exPress-o Christmas gift guide.
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