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Friday, August 12, 2011

Lovelies, can you believe that we are almost half way through with August? Is it just me or summer is totally flying by? Tomorrow Balazs is working and I'm meeting my good friend for lunch. I haven't seen her in ages so I'm really looking forward to catching up on everything. Also, Balazs and I are planning to see a movie but not sure which one yet. Any recommendations? What are you up to this weekend? Have a fantastic time and here are a few great links from around the web. Enjoy!

I'm craving salted fudge brownies today. Don't they sound scrumptious?

Brilliant! Clever makeup tips for girls who wear glasses.

Have you heard the news about  the third Bridget Jones movie? So exciting!

A cozy nook! I need one in my kitchen as well:)

Here are 49 ways to live a kick-ass life! (via Susannah Conway).


How awesome is this Polaroid tattoo?

How glamorous - Berlin 1920's!

I'd love to eat this right now. Delicious!

What a beauty.

Another cutie that rocks the sneakers trend to perfection.

Sweet candle project.

Birth in rural Nepal. Very interesting read. (Also, don't miss the photos).

Sexy shorts!

How adorable is that dog? (And pipe puffing puppies).

Fancy a new dress, top or pants for autumn? Check out our $150 and $50 gift certificate GIVEAWAY!!!

Sweets, see you Monday morning! Love. xo

(Photo via b for bonnie via Due Au Soleil)


Unknown said...

enjoy your weekend :)


HiLLjO said...

I have been jonesing for banana bread and lemonade! Salted brownies sound great though!

Enjoy your time alone tomorrow until Balazs comes home!

Liesl said...

Links! Love! Have a wonderful weekend, Diana!

Liesl :)

Anonymous said...

i am definitely making those brownies this weekend! YUM! have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

I'm so in love with that photo!!!

Anonymous said...

Have a fun lunch out with your friend. It's always nice to meet with friends and catch up! <3

Watch Crazy, Stupid, Love!

Have a great weekend!

Btw, follow my blog if you haven't yet and if you can my twitter too! (Viva_La_Breee)

xoxo, Bree


k said...

have a great great w/e too!! i'm in oslo! do you know of anything cool up here??

Inge said...

Feeling lucky? Join my summer GIVEAWAY here and let others have a chance at it too! Enjoy and GOOD LUCK to you all! http://www.ingridslifeandluxur​y.com/2011/08/summer-giveaway.​html

Anonymous said...

wow lovely pictures ..........

Galit said...

August really swoosh by in a scary speed!!
It is nearly spring here already! Much too soon!!

What great links Diana!! The Nepal birth story is heart wrenching and I'm loving this photo from Berlin 1920's!

Have a great weekend lovely!!

Diana Mieczan said...

HiLLjO™, You will love our food post next week:)

Diana Mieczan said...

Bree, thanks for the movie recommendation. I'm going to check it out right now.

Diana Mieczan said...

Aww..thanks, Galit!

jessica // union shore said...

this summer is totally flying by!!

hope you have a great weekend!

little luxury list said...

Happy birthday darling and hope you have a lovely weekend!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Wander.Lust said...

love these links, the kitchen nook is lovely... hope you had a great weekend lady!

quintessence said...

I'm afraid I can't recommend a new movie - haven't been to see one lately except Midnight in Paris. I finally saw the Social Network on TV last night - that's how far behind I am. Hope you had a lovely time whatever you did!!

Diana Mieczan said...

Chic 'n Cheap Living, thank you so much!

Nikki said...

I need more Mr. Darcy in my life. Hope you had a fanstastic weekend!

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