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Friday, June 10, 2011

My Loves, what are you up to this weekend? Tomorrow, I'm meeting a few of my girl friends for a lunch and hopefully later at night Balazs and I will have a chance to fit in a low key date night with our favourite Italian pasta and a movie. Anyone seen Hangover 2? I wonder if it's as good as the first one. As always here are a few great links from around the web. Enjoy!

I can't get enough of strawberries lately, so I'm making this cake tonight.

Not sure if bangs suit you? You can always go with a faux bang. Brilliant!

Smitten with summer nail polish guide. Can't wait to try this one.

I love this outfits and art project.

Doesn't Kate look stunning in this dress?

Smitten with all things stripes.

Locket perfection, don't you think?

Father's Day gift guide.

DIY: turban twisted scarf and how to tie summer turban in two different ways!

This melts my heart!

How dreamy would it be to spend a long weekend here?

Hookeychain magnets. For real!

Also, there are only two more days left to enter our three bracelates giveaway and the skirt of your choice giveaway! Don't miss it.

If you fancy some fun chatter you can always pop in on Twitter and join exPress-o group on Facebook.

Darlings, have a great weekend and I'll see you Monday morning. Love:) xo

(photo of Michigan Avenue in Chicago by Olivo Barbieri, NY Magazine)


Liesl said...

Have an awesome weekend to, Diana!!! I am off to meet a bunch of girlfriends for dinner and a movie tonight in Hollywood and then off to visit the set of a movie tomorrow and hang with some friends we know in it, which should be a fun relaxing day! Have a wonderful time with your friends enjoying pasta and "Hangover 2," which I haven't seen yet...you'll have to let us know what you think!

Liesl :)

Unknown said...

can't wait to watch the hangover 2, have fun with your friends :))


Carrie said...

Have a great weekend!!!!


Carmen said...

I did see Hangover 2! I did a review of it over on my blog if you'd like to take a peek. Enjoy your weekend!

Claudia Fabiana said...

I'm going to take my son surfing and the rest is up in the air...hurray for weekends!


diana said...

WOW that strawberry cake looks amazing!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! <3 Im hanging out with girlfriends too for a birthday lunch and going to see Bridesmaids with them! <3

Tiff For Tat said...

Beautiful photo! I am off to the beach this weekend..I can't wait! Enjoy yours as well!!

Diana Mieczan said...

I so want to see Bridesmaids as well, Di! Let me know how was it, ok?

Diana Mieczan said...

Deal, Liesl! Have a great time tonight.

C... said...

No time to do girl stuff, watching two autistic kids (incl. mine).

Monica Aguinaga said...

I just saw the hangover 2 and it was hilarious! I think you're going to love it!!!

enjoy the weekend! muah!

*Allie* said...

Love the nail polish and the cake looks delish! Have a great weekend!

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

I agree, Kate looks so stunning in that dress! Gorgeous weekend to you Diana! ~much luv*

Ashley said...

Thanks for the great links. I am trying to find a new summer neutral polish. Have you tried the gel nail polish? I heard it stays for a month or more!

Tanvi said...

Enjoy the movie! I've heard it is decent.

♥ from © tanvii.com

Stephanie said...

That cake looks soooo good! And conveniently enough, my local farmers'
market is having a strawberry festival tomorrow!! :-)

Ishara said...

Love this photo. Thanks for helpful website. I will regularly bookmark your website. Thanks for sharing with us.

twelfth street by cynthia vincent

Safe in the Steep Cliffs said...

have a great weekend to you too! i haven't seen the hangover 2 but ahem... might i suggest kung fu panda 2?


shopgirl said...

Your weekend sounds lovely with the girls Diana! The photo of the baby twins are adorable!

Sara said...

Have a great weekend!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Sounds like you are going to have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

Happy weekend to you too lovely:)
That locket is unbelievable...i have an obsession w lockets and own a few vintage ones that I LOVE and wear to death.

Barbara von Enger said...

Have a good time at the cinema, have fun baking and eating strawberries;-)

m_b said...

i thought hangover 2 was really fun...but pretty much a carbon copy of the first one. have a great weekend diana! :-)

ShanaEmily said...

Have a great weekend! Gym, Photos, short film, date night...lot's to do this weekend. Umm I need that locket and loving those stripes!

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Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous links, darling!
Hope you have a lovely weekend!


Elisa said...

have a great weekend! that strawberry summer tart looks delicious. I saw hangover 2 but I won't spoil it for you.

We're invited to a bbq this weekend, other than that, just spending time with Beli and hubby.

quintessence said...

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!! I'm afraid The Hangover wasn't quite my kind of movie. I'm so looking forward to seeing Midnight in Paris and Super 8!!

annie said...

lovely post! thnks for the links


Gina said...

i have been planning to make that strawberry cake too! I <3 SMITTEN KITCHEN :)

Let me know if it come out good!


Sarah said...

Dearest D, my weekend was wonderful. I spent my Sunday with my best friend, planning for our little beach getaway in about a months time. This is perhaps one of the loveliest weekends thus far. Hope yours was great too! x

Elisa @ Crazy, Amazing Life said...

Great links! My goodness, that shade if nail polish IS gorgeous! I am very very tempted.

Diana Mieczan said...

Gina, it was delicious and really easy to make. You should try it and deb is really the best, isnt she? I cook/bake using her recipes all the time.

Diana Mieczan said...

Monica and Marissa, you girls were so right! Hangover 2 was really fun! We LOVED it!!!

The Franglaise said...

Great links, as always! The photo of the twins is a heart melter! Have a lovely weekend. xx

Jen said...

Hey Sweetie Pie! Have a good weekend too!!


Kristin H said...

love your Friday Hotshot list!!!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend:)

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