5 Poster Giveaway!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today's giveaway is from The Poster List, an awesome design company based in the sunny Long Beach, California! Their webshop is like a candy store, full of amazing posters inspired by photography, food, surfing, typography and even bikes. The Poster List is offering you a chance to win 5 posters (12"x18") of your choice! You can totally transform your home with those beauties or they would also make a great gift. I love this bike and these waffles would look so cool in my kitchen!

For a chance to win you should be a follower of exPress-o, please visit The Poster List webshop and let me know which 5 posters you would choose if you won. A winner will be chosen at random on Friday night. Good luck! xoxox

For  extra entries:
Follow exPress-o on Twitter, follow The Poster List on Twitter, like them on Facebook or tweet about the giveaway and please make sure to leave a separate comment for each entry.

Update: The Poster List is also offering a 20% OFF to all the exPress-o readers. Just enter coupon code expresso at checkout! Fantastic!


And So I Whisper said...

I would definitely choose the Marina District poster. Love it.

Christina @ Simple and Delish said...

I would want:
Waffles Poster
Summer Burn Poster
Juice Poster
Chill Couch Poster (Orange)
Soak Tub

Christina @ Simple and Delish said...

Following you on twitter

Christina @ Simple and Delish said...

Following the poster list

Christina @ Simple and Delish said...

Also tweeted about it!

Carmen said...

Lovely site! I am a follower of yours. If I won I would choose:
Skull Guitars (for my little guy)
Kisses (for my lil diva)

Kristina said...

Would love to win:
This Is My Year Poster (Beige)
California Ave.
The City Poster
Gotcha Poster
Bike Or Die Poster (Light Brown)


Kristina said...

I follow you on twitter :)

Sarah said...

Yet another brilliant giveaway! :D

I would love to win:
1. Keep Calm & Carry On (Pink)
2. Mix Tapes Poster
3. Pattern Birdie Poster
4. Tower 20 Poster (It's just like The OC!)
5. California Ave.


Sarah said...

I'm following you on twitter! x

Dragana said...

Keep Calm and Carry On I already have so now I would choose This is my Year, Green Butterfly, Gotcha, Tree Birds and Retro Fish (red).

Sarah said...

And I just tweeted about the giveaway! :) x

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

I love the In The Tub poster! Too cute!

I'm a follower!

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

oo how fun!! i really love fixed (white) bike, the city , marinia district, gotcha poster, and numberpress. xoxo jcd

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

follow you via twitter! xoxo jcd

Anonymous said...

I would choose:
Don't waste time
This is my year (green)
Rinse lather repeat (because I follow this rule to the death! I have a weird quirk that I think it is bad luck to only wash your hair once... this is the PERFECT poster for my bathroom!)

Anonymous said...

I am following you on twitter!

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

also following the poster list via twitter! xoxo jcd

Anonymous said...

I am also following the Poster List on twitter!

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

just tweeted about the giveaway! xoxo jcd

Siri said...

I want the 5 you posted, especially the bike one which my boyfriend would looooove. Thanks for hosting this!

Nicki said...

I would get: the city, the one for you, the one for me, fixed (grey), and keep calm and carry on (red)!

jessica // union shore said...

what an awesome giveaway!

i'd choose:
wash & dry (pink)
primary cameras
soak tub
bike or die (lt. brown)

rebecca said...

the hubs works for herman miller, so the classic HM poster would be AWESOME.


Love this! The Keep Calm posters in different colors and the shoe poster are my faves!

Megan said...

Oh my....they do have some fabulous posters, don't they?
I've been wanting a keep calm and carry on for ages now, so that's at the top of my list. I also love the summer bum poster.

Oh, and of course I've already been following you, love!

coolkids said...

Hard to decide which ones I would choose!! I love the bikes, eames chair etc. I would put them in our den!

Marta G. (A Bilingual Baby) said...

Hi! My favourite posters:
- Cruise (bike in blue and in red)
- Retro fish poster in grey
- Find my way back to you
- Eat, drink and be merry
I was already a follower of your blog.
martaplayita at gmail dot com

Elisa said...

My top 5 picks:

the green owl,
the butterflies
the city bridge
pink butterflies
and tower 20.

ps. there were many great choices it was difficult to pick just 5!

ps. the african cuisine cooking demonstration was much fun with yummy recipes!

Megan said...

I've also already been following you on twitter :)

Megan said...

And I am now following the poster list on twitter :)

(can you tell I need some new art in my life?)

jessica // union shore said...

following you on twitter!

jessica // union shore said...


Caitlin said...

If I won, I would love to get

-Birds on a Wire (Blue)
-Tea Time
-Canvas Bridge (Grey)
-Modest Owl Pattern (Brown)

So many great posters!

HOGGER + Co. said...

Amazing!! I can't pick; there are so many great ones!!
I may have to pick the "Gotcha" one!

Anait said...

Oooooo awesome giveaway!! I would pick:

1. Keep calm and carry on
2.love from paris
3.Pink chandeleir
4. soak tub
5. i miss you already

nicole said...

Wow! Five posters! Awesome...

I would choose:

-Courage My Love
-Rock Song Poster (verse/verse/chorus/bridge/solo/chorus)
-Blue Rooster
-Time to Start Living
-Keep Calm and Carry On in Gold

Thanks for the chance to win! xo.


kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

whaaat? that's awesome!

i love these:

The City
Tree Birds
Red Leaves
Soak Tub

happy wednesday!

Lila said...


My picks:
Find my way back to you (love it)
Green owl
Birds on a wire
Love from Paris and
The bike one (daughter would love)

Brittany H. said...

The "Waffles" and "The Cherry Restaurant" ones were my favorites. Also the "Keep Calm" ones are great in every color. I love what you've got shown here as well.

Can't wait for the Giveaway!!


Jaime @ laviejaime said...


1- modest owl in blue
2- keep calm in gold
3- ripped damask in b/w
4- hanging chandelier

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

follow you on twitter- @laviejaime


Jaime @ laviejaime said...

follow Poster on twitter @laviejaime

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

I tweeted- RT your tweet just now!

Hannah Q. Parris said...

The City
Three Cups
LA State
Hanging Chandelier

Rebecca said...

Warplanes, The one for me, Modest Owl, Fish in the Sea, and Ripped Damask would be just the thing for the bare walls of my bedroom!

Christianna said...

These posters are awesome! They look so cool! They would look awesome in my bathroom! I've been looking for something to go in there for ages!

I love:
Soak Tub
With Heavy Heart
Projector On Wood
Shelter Poster
Don't Blog Me Poster

Beautiful Music Poster
or Green Radios Poster

These are just great!!!

Heather Feemster said...

These are so cool, loving:
Ca Ave
Retro Fish
Summer Burn
The City

Have a beautiful day! xoxo

Rebecca said...

And I follow on Twitter!

Katie said...

LOVE the Poster List

I would pick
We so rock
Sew or Die
Rinse lather repeat
Cut and paste
Soak Tub

Katie said...

I follow Poster List on Twitter too!

Adam said...

Thx Guys! Glad you like the posters!

Going to get Diana a Poster List discount coupon code just for exPress-o readers.

Christianna said...

I follow you on twitter! It's fun to be able to say that!

Christianna said...

Following The Poster List!

Christianna said...

And re-tweeted about the giveaway. Can you tell I kinda want these posters?!

Karena said...

Oh Diana how great!!

We Bike
Shelter Umbrella
Love from Paris
Shoe Fetish
Another Bike Paster!!!!

Art by Karena

Anonymous said...

I would get the 4 "Grills" prints, its the exact color of my living room. And probably a Keep Calm and Carry On for the hall.

What a great resource for affordable prints! Thanks for sharing


cailen ascher said...

I like the breakfast series and this is my year poster.

Great giveaway! Fingers crossed....

cailen ascher said...

I follow you on twitter

angie said...

oh, posters!

i would love:

Fixed (White)
Shelter Poster
We Bike Poster (Vertical)
Pattern Birdie Poster
Primary Cameras Poster

thank you!

angie said...

already followed you on twitter!

angie said...

tweeted: http://twitter.com/noodlenthread/status/50602455041449984

Marisa Seguin said...

Awesome giveaway! I would get the Fork Knife and Spoon for my kitchen as well as the pink Eat Drink & Be Merry. Also must have that Truthiness poster. Undecided about the last two but I think a couple of the San Francisco related prints hung side by side would make a nice diptych!

Kat Ibáñez said...

Thank you for hosting another wonderful giveaway sweet Diana!

My favorites are:
Don´t waste time
Eames Chair
Shoe Fetish


Tanvi said...

This is my Year
With a Heavy Heart
Don't Blog Me
Soak Tub
Pink Butterflies

from © tanvii.com

Marissa said...

What a great giveaway and neat shop!

My favorites are:
Fork Knife and Spoon
Tea Time
Canvas Bridge (Sage)

Tanvi said...

I already follow you on twitter :)

from © tanvii.com

Melanie's Randomness said...

Ohh yes!! I'm so happy you told me about this!! I love the summer burn one, the keep calm and carry on one, the heavy heart, kisses!! and ooo alot more!! =) please count me in!!

Kandice Breinholt said...

i'm loving toast poster, demure owl poster, cruise poster, the one for me poster, and the one for you poster LOOOOVE THOSE!! awesome giveaway :D

*** said...

5 posters - that's amazing! I could definitely use some of them for my office.

What a great giveaway!

Robin Baron @ Simplifying Fabulous! said...

And my favorites are...

Keep Calm and Rock On (Orange)

The City Poster

Tea Time Poster

Grills Poster (Yellow)

We Bike Poster (Overprint)

Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous giveaway, darling!
Love these posters!


Vintage is for Lovers said...

How cool! I know these guys. I bought the "Together We So Rock" poster from them at an indie craft show in LA. They are awesome. The Retro Fish Poster Collection would be perfect for my boys! xo Samantha

katie walker said...

ohh fun! i love all of the different cityscape ones! and the coffee one would be fun in the kitchen!

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

Not only are those posters totally rad for the kitchen, but they have some fantastic prints for the kiddos! I'm crushing on the dumptruck for my little man's room! Great giveaway!

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

Lovin' on FB...and since I can't read directions (duh), these are the fave 5: The dumptruck kids print, the modest owl pattern AND the big modest owl, the eat, drink and be merry (SO AWESOME for the kitchen!), and last but *certainly* not least, the Find my way back to you...WHEW! Too much awesomeness to sort through...(c:

the cape on the corner said...

well, if i don't win, i'm definitely ordering!

for my diner/drive in basement, i NEED the projecter, the super 8, mixed tapes, and grills! together we so rock is just too cute.

i am so excited to discover this shop-thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Hey Everybody,
Adam from The Poster List here...if you don't win. We have a coupon code for 20% OFF for ExPress-O readers. Just enter "expresso" at checkout.

Thx again!
Adam - The Poster List

Lacy Thompson said...

California Ave.
Cruise Blue
Cruise Poster
Summer Burn Poster
We Bike Poster (verticle)

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

SO hard to chose five faves but I like the breckfast ones- the We so rock together, the trucks cuz my monkeys would love them and the owls- I wouldn't want one but I laughed out loud at the K-Fed for president- how funny!!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

I shall TWEET TWEET this on TWITTER>

♥ Sammi ♥ said...

This is such a great giveaway. Me and the boyf are looking at setting up home together next year so these would be great little additions. ^_^

It was hard to choose but my favourites are:
Rinse Lather Repeat
Fork Knife and Spoon
Green Butterfly
Love Bird

Marissa said...

Thank you for letting me know about the giveaway! You knew this would be right up my alley, didn't you? I would pick the Eames Chairs, the Green Butterfly, Tree Birds, Hanging Chandelier and Soak.

Marissa said...

I'm a Twitter follower.

Marissa said...

And I'm tweeting about the giveaway right now.

Marissa said...

And now I'm following the Poster List on Twitter, too. :)

♥ Sammi ♥ said...

I also follow on Twitter and liked on Facebook. :)

My tweet is here: http://twitter.com/#!/hausofsammi/status/50647925549826048

Jill Turner said...

Five?! Wowza! I would choose:

1. Cruise Blue
2. Retro Fish Poster (Brown) - my boyfriend surfs and would love this!
3. Coffee Poster
4. Waffles Poster
5. Keep Calm and Carry On (Gold)



Jill Turner said...

I am following you on Twitter - @jillianturner

Jill Turner said...

Following @theposterlist on Twitter now too!

Jill Turner said...

Just "liked" on FB also!

mermaid gallery said...

Love these posters!...I had so much fun just looking at them! my faves are
1 bike or die
2 Chill couch orange
3 california ave.
4 summer burn
5 hammerhead shark
you can tall I'm sun starved...everything is bright orange and pink! fingers crossed....best, Susan

this free bird said...

this is so cool diana!! the lb is my town so i'm even more excited about the giveaway.

i'd choose:
-Retro Fish in Green
-Eames Bird Chairs
-California Avenue
-Fork Knife Spoon
-Summer Burn

so many great ones to choose from. thx for letting me know!!


shopgirl said...

WOW! What awesome posters!

I really like:
love from paris
drums grey poster
blue coffee poster
cruise blue poster
together we so rocker

Wishing you a wonderful day full of smiles and laughter sweetie!

p.s. thanks for your well wishes. you always put a smile on my face.

Signe said...

What an amazing giveaway :)
Would love to get some amazing new posters to decorate my new home with!

I love the:
Red Leaves Poster
Antenna Birds Poster
Say Something Now! Poster
Keep Calm and Carry On (Sage)
Birds On A Wire Poster (Blue)


Unknown said...

Oooh how fun are these?!

My top 5:
I miss you already (pink hanging s)
Fixed (grey)
Keep Calm and Carry on (gold)
the City
Warplaned Poster

Sooo excited! I follow you of course

Katie | FashionFrugality.com said...

I would love:

1. Wash and Dry Poster (Pink) - for my laundry room

2. Blue Birdie Poster - for my bathroom

3. Love From Paris Poster - for my guest room

4. Canvas Bridge (Orange) Poster - for my living room

5. Eat Drink and Be Merry Poster (Pink) - for my kitchen/dining room


I follow your blog, of course - ktkatherine

fashionfrugality at gmail.com

Katie | FashionFrugality.com said...

I follow you on twitter - @fashfrugality
fashionfrugality at gmail.com

Katie | FashionFrugality.com said...

I'm a fan of the Poster List on facebook - ktkatherine
fashionfrugality at gmail.com

Katie | FashionFrugality.com said...

Tweet! http://twitter.com/fashfrugality/status/50669495768981504
fashionfrugality at gmail.com

Amber said...

whoa 5 posters okay here we go.
Keep Calm and Rock On (Gold)
Tree Birds Poster
Canvas Bridge (Grey) Poster
Waffles Poster
Lonely Flower Poster


Amber said...

I also follow you on Twitter :)

Laura said...

So cute! I love posters, particularly for my white, white walls in my apartment that I am not allowed to paint. Boooo!

Ok, so I'd choose waffles, for our kitchen, the owl for my roommate, this is my year (to keep up the positive thinking!, coffee to go with the waffles in the kitchen and (bien sur) love from Paris! Oh boy hope I win!!!

Laura said...

I follow you on twitter (laurachanning)

Laura said...

I follow them on twitter (laurachanning)

Laura said...

And I liked them on facebook.
email: lwainman321@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

this is adorable! just building my first images frame wall, would be a such a perfect addition to my collection! xoxo

following you sweets!

My top 5:






a great mix!

fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

Tweeted this fab Giveaway!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Following The Poster List on Facebook! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Following The Poster List on Twitter! xoxo

Julie Khuu | Haute Khuuture said...

Love these prints! So fun and retro! I love with heavy heart, the city, don't waste time, love from paris, and courage my love (pink)...Thanks for this awesome giveaway!


Haute Khuuture Blog

Monica Aguinaga said...

oh this giveaway is awesome!!! my favs are:
-This is my year
-the waffles
-don't waste time
-together we so rock
-tea time poster

Hard to choose, there are so many and they're all so cool.

Unknown said...

Lovely giveaway!!
I would choose these:
Keep Calm and Carry On - grey (it's my mantra)
Type or Die (I'm a translator)
Graphic Design Poster (for my sister, she's a graphic designer)
Together We So Rock Poster - red (because me and my boyfriend rock :))
Don't Waste Time (because I'm the greatest procrastinator ever)
Love, Andrea

Unknown said...

I follow YOU on Twitter :)

Unknown said...

And I follow The Poster List on Twitter.

Bionica said...

I like the keep calm and rock on poster
it's just so fun =)
and the Anderson for president
I so <3 him!!!


bikim said...

so generous!
gorgeous photos!
happy night, :)

Heidi Adnum said...

What a great giveaway and coupon code! Thank you both for the opportunity. If I won, I'd choose:
1. Waffles
2. Don't Waste Time
3. Wash & Dry (pink)
4. Flamingos
5. Grand Prix on Wood

Oh, but then what about Canvas Bridge (grey)!

Thanks, again :)

Ashley said...

what an awesome giveaway! thanks for letting me know lady! hmm my favs are:
Keep Calm and Carry On
Summer Burn
The One For Me
the One For You
Courage My Love

Diana said...

Oh fun! I love these ones:

Begun to Fight
Ride (for my brother)
1943 Fishing
Fish in the Sea

Oh, that's too many. What a great selection!

kait said...

FIVE posters?? what a hard decision from the great variety! i think i would go with ::
- juice poster
- coffee poster
- hanging chandelier poster
- courage my love poster (blue)
- eat drink and be merry poster (pink)

whew that was a hard decision!!


kait said...

p.s. i'm now facebook fan 558 of the poster list!!

All With LOVE said...

Id go with green butterfly, birds on wire, pattern birdie, antenna birds and love bird. Id make a wall collage with them. Though I do like the sew or die too for my office. Thanks!


Great giveaway, sweetie! Love so many of them but top 5 would be:

I Miss You Already (Hanging S-Pink)
Love From Paris
Red Leaves


And I follow u on twitter of course :)

Jess said...

How fun! I cant decide between all the breakfast ones, but I also like the "cruise", "love from paris", and the "soak"

Jess said...

and you are in luck, I JUST reactivated my twitter account today :)

Ella said...

Wow, these are great!
My 5 pics are:
Projector on Wood(my Dad was a projectionist)
Hanging S blue
With a Heavy Heart

Thanks this was fun; Come visit me.
I'm having a Give Away, too~fashion!

Oh, My Darling said...

How rad! I follow and would get:

2. http://www.theposterlist.com/Tree-Birds-Poster.html

3. http://www.theposterlist.com/Lonely-Flower-Poster.html
4. http://www.theposterlist.com/Beautiful-Music-Poster.html
5. http://www.theposterlist.com/Eat-Drink-and-Be-Merry-Poster-Blue.html

Oh, My Darling said...

Follow you on twitter @ohmydarlingblog

Gypsy Sparrow said...

Oh wow! I LOVE this giveaway! I'm dying for some art for our home. I would choose.

1. Hammerhead Shark (just because it's awesome)
2. Mi Casa Su Casa (because it reminds me of my Grandma Hilda, and I have a little art shrine for her in my kitchen. She had an art wall in her kitchen. I always loved it when I was a kid.)
3. Demure Owl in red (Red and turquoise look awesome together and I love owls.)
4. Numberpress (We're gonna have kids someday, and this would look awesome in a play room)
5. Keep Calm and Carry On in sage (I've been dying to get one of these posters, and haven't yet... don't know why)

It was super hard to narrow down, because you were right, they are all awesome!

oh,henry! said...

i like these:
-Projector On Wood- the best of them all!
-Don't Waste Time
-This is My Year
-Primary Cameras Poster
-Rock Song Poster

this is your favorite follower
i. :)

S and O said...

Great posters!
I love the first one :D

Anonymous said...

I just couldn't choose 5 (I would have to take my time over that), but I do love the 'Love from Paris' and 'Shoe Fetish'. - Shoes and Paris, some of my favourite things!

Minnesota Maven said...

I'm a follower! I love these posters, I had a hard time choosing!
1. Fixed (grey)
2. Cruise
3. Demure owls (red)
4. I'm leaving today
5. Red leaves poster.
Great giveaway!

Silvia C said...

Hi sweetie! I'm back in blogland and happy to see this giveaway! I love:
love from Paris
wash and dry
this is my year
modest owl

Unknown said...

These are great...love "The City" one!

k said...

They have such a fun collection!!! I would get The City (both of them), The marina district, war planes for mark and the tower one :) :)

Justine said...

Love the Eames poster!

Justine said...

Following you on twitter ;-)

Justine said...

Following the poster list on Twitter

Justine said...

...and I also like them on facebook!!!!!

Unknown said...

Great giveaway!
I would go for:
- coffee
- toast
- eat, drink & be merry
- never never give up
- tea time

Fingers crossed! xxxxxx


Christine said...

Ooooh, definitely would keep some, and gift some. Five! So generous.

My faves are:
Heavy Heart
Reel to Reel
Beautiful Music
Fish in the Sea
Demure Owl (green)
Courage my love

Uh oh, that's more than five isn't it? Well I'll narrow it down if I win! ; )

hana.k said...

I miss you already
The One for You
Fork knife and spoon
chill couch
soak tub

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

I like the Eat drink and be Merry or the I miss you already

zsofia said...

I love these:

Retro Fish (green or brown)
This is my year (beige)
Projector on wood
Machine gun
Fish in the sea

Bridget said...

alright, i'm in!

Polly Rowan said...

Oh wow!
I would choose:
Ripped Damask Poster (Pink and Red)
Modest Owl poster (brown)
Tea time poster
Eames Chair poster
Fixed (white)


thingsIlove said...

Thank you for letting me know about this giveaway! I love the city one. :)

Designwali said...

what a great contest! of course I follow! too many good things to choose from, eames, bananas, bikes.....endless. i'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Wander.Lust said...

great give-away! I'm a follower already. My choices would be:

The city (sf)
Canvas Bridge
Eat drink and be merry

Wander.Lust said...

I also follow you on twitter so here is my second entry, with same choice of posters :)

The city (sf)
Canvas bridge
Eat drink and be merry

Caroline said...

Keep Calm and Rock On (green)
Mi Casa es Su Casa
Together We So Rock
Dump Truck (kids) Brown

LOVE--Love-love all of these. I am a very happy follower!

Caroline said...

and i follow you on twitter too! :)

lesapeamusings.blogspot said...

Hey, I'm loving
wash & dry (pink)
soak tub


Lisa xx

lesapeamusings.blogspot said...

I do follow your blog. I also love...
keep calm in gold
hanging chandelier

Lisa xx


Magdalena Viktoria said...

cool--would like these in my room!

lesapeamusings.blogspot said...

follow you on twitter as well.


lesapeamusings.blogspot said...

follow Poster List on twitter as well.


ag. said...

You can never have enough great posters!
I'm really have a hard time picking my top 5...how do I narrow it down!? :)

ladytacones said...

I like all of them, especially the first one!

jonalynn said...

I have my eye on:

Santa Monica Pier Poster
Don't Blog Me Poster (naturally)
Hold Your Horses Poster
Rock Song Poster
Courage My Love Poster (Pink)
Find My Way Back To You Poster

I know that's six, but I really couldn't narrow it down! :) Your giveaways are pretty much the best ever!

turn up the rad

Unknown said...

I would get:
Soak Tub
Canvas Bridge Orange
Anderson For President
Love From Paris
Fork Knife and Spoon
I love all of them!!!

Lisa said...


This is my year (green)
The city
I'm Leaving today
Soak tub

Lisa said...

Àlso following on twitter...

Vanisha said...

Ohh...I love the:

Don't Blog Me Poster
Shoe Fetish Poster
Marina District Poster
Keep Calm and Rock On (Red)
Together We So Rock (Red)

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Anna Walker said...

I'm a follower! :)

I would choose...a
I Miss you Already poster
The City Poster
Santa Monica Pier Poster (I really should visit there though!)
Love Bird Poster
And, the sage green Keep Calm and Carry On poster!


Anna Walker said...

Oh I follow you on twitter! :D

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