Home Inspiration: Book Table

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Books are such great decor pieces on their own and they bring so much personality to a home! I'm a believer of displaying books around the flat and what a brilliant idea to make them into a little table! Dears, thumbs up or down? xox

P.S: Also love this!

(thanks Marissa)

Baby and Age Part 2

Oh my goodness, thank you all for the heartfelt comments last week on the "baby and age" post! I was glued to my notebook even a few days after the post was published reading your notes. It was so interesting to see how you feel about the subject. Your reaction reflects that it's very individual, it's all about what's right for you. I'm so impressed with your honesty and as some of you touched upon the subject, I wanted to continue the conevrsation and ask:
How do you feel about adoption or surrogacy?
Do you have family members or friends who adopted before? Or maybe you are considering one of those options yourself? Be honest! xo

(photo by RenĂ© MaltĂȘte via The Crunchy Apple)


This morning I read this article in the NY Times about Paris and I can't help daydreaming about strolling down the little Parisian alleys, holding hands with Balazs and enjoying a coffee with nutella crepe in one of the little local bistros. Aww..what a dream! Darlings, what are you daydreaming about today? xoxo

P.S: More Paris here

(photos by Julien Goldstein, Aya Brackett and Miss Moss)

Wednesday Giveaway

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today's giveaway is from Indobay inc, an awesome hand-printed textiles and modern home goods shop! As shop owner Tania says it in her own words, she loves “creating items that are functional in their design but also function as a gentle reminder to embrace living a slower, more thoughful life - where one can take pleasure in the simple, lovely moments through items that represent this ideal”. Indobay inc. is offering you a chance to win those 2 vintage inspired tea towels and 1 mug of your choice! Im crazy about tea towels and mugs and they are perfect to update your kitchen for spring!

For a chance to win you should be a follower of exPress-o and sign up to the Indobay inc. mailing list, please visit the Indobay inc. shop and let me know which mug would you choose. A winner will be chosen at random on Sunday night. Good luck! xoxox

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Morning Biking

I woke up this morning to 68 degrees and a beautiful sunshine. It finally feels like spring is in full swing so I'm going to sneak a quick bike ride before the madness of the day. Yippee!!! Darlings, what are your plans for this morning? xoxo

P.S: Stay tuned for GIVEAWAY Wednesday.

(photos by Douglas Lyle Thompson via the littlest)

Spring Dresses

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How pretty are those Ruche spring dresses? I love the flowy florals and bold colours. They look perfect for a garden party! (And most of them are under $45). Dears, what will you be wearing this spring? xo

Diets and Food Talk

It seems that for the past few weeks I'm developing some type of food allergy (Balazs likes to say that I'm simply getting older..haha). So the other day I stumbled across Angela's visual documentation of her goal to eat 50% raw foods in each of her meals. The dishes she creates look beautifully balanced and as she says herself it takes a lot of thought and effort to prepare them. I got really inspired by her project and this week I'm trying my best to stick to this idea and maybe find out what foods don't agree with me. Darlings, what do you think? Do you have food intolerances, allergies? Do you have a healthy-balanced diet? Or maybe you are more on-the-go type of eater? Do share...xoxo

P.S:  Here you can read more about Angela's goal

(photos by Angela Hardison)

Hair Crush

It must be true what they say: the grass is always greener on the other site. Curls don't look too great on me (they tend to make me look much older than I am), but other girls look so adorable with them! Just looking at those cuties, I'm finding them very hard to resist! How about you? What's the hair-style that suits you most?

P.S: Love this this and this one too!

(photos via GQ and The Senses Five)

Fashion Trend: French Beret

Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh la la! I'm smitten with those fabulous ladies wearing classic French berets. I wish I could look as stylish each day! Dears, are you brave enough to wear a beret? Would you like to? xoxo

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(via dress design decor, High Street Cardigans)

Inside out apple pies

Are you up for some out-of-the-box thinking? Do you like things upside-down and inside-out? Then prepare your tastebuds for Apple Pie 2.0! How absolutely scrumptious are those inside-out-apple-pies? This is such a sweet and unique idea for a garden party or a wedding. Not to mention a fun upgrade from the traditonal type of pies. Brilliant! Double pie-covered thumbs up from me! xoxo

(photos by tiny urban kitchen)

Deconstructed Braids

Ever since Guido Paulu came up with the "braids that look wrong" hairdo, the side braids seem to be everywhere nowadays. Aren't they fun? (And prevent from hair falling on your face). It would be such an easy look for summer picnics, bike rides or outdoor jazz nights! Very feminine yet messy, almost Pocahontas-like look, don't you think? Would you try it? xo

P.S: Here is how to.

(photos by Dan McMahon via Refinery29)

Giveaway Winner

Saturday, March 26, 2011
Drum rolls, please!!!

The winner of The Poster List Giveaway is Laura. Congrats!! Thank you all for playing...New giveaway is coming on Wednesday:)

P.S: The Poster List is also offering a 20% OFF to all the exPress-o readers. Just enter the coupon code expresso at checkout! Enjoy!

Have a Great Weekend

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sweets, what are you up to this weekend? Anyone planning a day trip or a fun dinner party? Tomorrow morning I'm baking brownies for Balazs' brother as we are meeting up later in the day for a drink. It should be fun! I'm really looking forward to Sunday because we will spend the whole day doing nothing! (giggle..don't you just love days like that?). Wherever you are this weekend, make sure to have tons of fun and maybe even a big glass of wine! As always here are a few great links from around the web. Enjoy!

Coco Mademoiselle and the amazing Keira Knightley. It totally blew me away!

Fancy a new pair of sunglasses? You might want to check this one out.

This video is amazing and totally a must-see.

I want every single item for my home from here! This is such a cool website!

Beautiful Iceland.

I need a new pair of sweatpants and those look really comfy.

Made to share. Isn't that a sweet idea?

Isn't that Central Park photo above incredible? I'm totally smitten with Joseph O. Holmes' work.

Adorable wing studs!

You have time till tonight to enter our poster Giveaway. You can win 5 cool pieces by Poster List!

I will pop in tomorrow to annouce the giveaway winner and I see you all Monday morning. Love! xo

(photo of Central Park via 20x200)


Lately I can't get enough of avocado. I mostly have it on toast with a bit of olive oil, pepper and salt - or just on its own with a spoon and a bit of lime juice. It's my favourite spring lunch by far! Do you like avocados? What are you craving lately? xoxo

P.S: I'm making this salad tonight. Do you have a favourite avocado recipe? Do share:)
P.P.S: Fun facts: They are also called Alligator pears and they are cholesterol-free!

(photos via bkfst)

This Week's Gems

French stripe cardi, simply perfect for spring evenings in a park. They also have them in red and grey...

The cutest and coolest rucksacks! My nephew would love one of those...

Pretty and feminine dress and it would look adorable with the cardi above, don't you think?...

I use measuring cups in my kitchen a lot (how about you?) and those are so beautiful!...

Awww..I heart this tote! Big and perfect if you ask me:)...

I love those sweet skirt patterns. Great for all the moms who love to sew! Cheryl has some amazing bag tutorials as well...(This is the spring I will learn how to saw)...

Those hand-dyed pillows would give a great pop of colour to a room!...

Open toe sandals! Aren't they pretty?

Loves, what caught your eye this week? Any great bargains or cute spring dresses? xoxo

P.S: Last day to enter the poster GIVEAWAY! Don't miss it!

Polka Dot Nails

Thursday, March 24, 2011

How lovely are those polka dot nails? Perfect to pair it up with a spring dress for romantic bike rides! (And it seems easy to achieve it with a nail pen on top of your favourite nailpolish colour). Sold! Sweets, would you try this look? xoxo

P.S: More pretty nails!

(via Glamour Mag)

Home Inspiration: Silhouette

Lately I'm drawn to beautiful silhouette displays. They just seem so personal and pretty, don't you think? My mom wants to create a whole family-wall (including the dogs) in her house in England. Any ideas where you might find someone who does silhouettes? Do do have pictures like that in your home? How do you feel about it? xoxo

(photos via design is mine)

Stockholm Girl Crush

Adorable Stockholm girl, sweet easy-going outfit and the classic pixie cut that makes me want to grab scissors and chop my hair off! Also, her smile is so infectious! Wouldn't you love to have a coffee with her? (I totally would!). xoxo

P.S: Maybe it's just me, but she reminds me of Jean Seberg in "A bout de souffle".  

(photo by The Sartorialist)

5 Poster Giveaway!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today's giveaway is from The Poster List, an awesome design company based in the sunny Long Beach, California! Their webshop is like a candy store, full of amazing posters inspired by photography, food, surfing, typography and even bikes. The Poster List is offering you a chance to win 5 posters (12"x18") of your choice! You can totally transform your home with those beauties or they would also make a great gift. I love this bike and these waffles would look so cool in my kitchen!

For a chance to win you should be a follower of exPress-o, please visit The Poster List webshop and let me know which 5 posters you would choose if you won. A winner will be chosen at random on Friday night. Good luck! xoxox

For  extra entries:
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Update: The Poster List is also offering a 20% OFF to all the exPress-o readers. Just enter coupon code expresso at checkout! Fantastic!
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