Monday, January 31, 2011

Deb did it again! My jaw dropped when I saw this chocolate & peanut spread she calls peanutella. My chocolate loving friend made it last night for her kids and she already declared that tomorrow morning she is going for an extra ten laps in the pool (giggle). Doesn't it look delicious? (I dare you not to crave it tomorrow morning for breakfast) xoxo

P.S: Also, homemade nutella. Yum!

Fashion Inspiration: Polka Dot Dress

I got really inspired by this cutie in the polka dot dress and the green cardi, so I decided that this spring will be all about flowy dresses and messy hair for me. Don't you just love this effortless-rolled-up-sleeves look? Isn't she gorgeous? (I'm so close to chopping all my hair off). xoxo

P.S: More cute dots!

(via you are my fave)

Breathing Space

On this busy Monday morning wouldn't it be fantastic to be whisked away to the Alaskan mountains? Those photos are both very calming and refreshing and the only thing I would like to do right now is to sit on one of those rocks near the tiny house and take a deep breath! I can almost feel the crispy air filling up my lungs. Loves, how is your day so far? xoxo

Ps: More calming and incredible photos here.

(photos by Nich Hance McElroy)

Giveaway Winner

Drum rolls, please!!!
The winner of our Garnish Giveaway is Cara from Lilac and Grey. Congrats!! xoxo

Ps: Thank you all for playing...New giveaway is coming on Wednesday:)

Have a Cuddly Weekend!

Friday, January 28, 2011

My Sweethearts, what are your plans for this weekend? Tomorrow night Balazs and I are meeting friends for a drink in a new Hummus bar. I'm dying to visit that place as I heard so many great stuff about it. Wish you a cozy, snow-less and fun weekend and now go and make someone's day with a big, smoochy kiss! As always, here are a few great links from around the web. Enjoy!

Yummy lemon bars. I dare you not to crave them now..hahah

Another stunning sheer blouse. (I love her hair too).

Magical bubbles in Paris...Swoon!

Cute and cozy = perfect winter outfit.

Knitted cuties!

That's how you brace the snow with a smile.

Sweet winter flags in East Village. Btw: 20x200 has some amazing sales!

Perfect little corner. I could spend all day there with my notebook!

Pretty prints. My favourite: the bike!


Smitten with this necklace.

Also, there are only two more days left to enter our Garnish Giveaway! Don't miss it!

My darlings, see you Monday morning! Love. xoxo

(photo via bippity boppity boo)

This Week's Gems

Beautiful messenger bag for a busy day around the city. Don't you just love those colours?...

Charming little star charm necklace. Pieces like that make my heart melt!...

What a perfect plaid dress for a weekend walk in the park!...

Cutting board perfection...

Amazing globe print by Rachel Hulin from 20x200..I could spend hours browsing through their stuff...

And those mustache pencils made me smile today:)...

My darlings, anything caught your eye this week? I would love to know... xoxo

London Girl Crush

Although I never thought I could pull off a pair of leather trousers or a sheer blouse for that matter but I have to say: I'm really drawn to Lucy's outfit. She looks a bit like Sienna Miller and those burgundy velvet shoes are just fantastic. She totally rocks this outfit. What do you think, darlings? xoxo

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(photo by Vanessa)


Thursday, January 27, 2011

The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and fire. Love! xoxo

Ps: More here.

(photos by Heidi)

Chocolate Chunk Cookie On A Go!

Oh my goodness!! How delicious is this one pan skillet chocolate chunk cookie? I could dive into it right now with an extra scoop of vanilla ice-cream. The best part: it's quick, easy to make and doesn't require extra dishes to wash. Here is the full recipe. xoxo

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(via the lovely Monica)

Time Capsule

For the past few years Kelli has been creating time capsules every year in a big jar. It's for all the random things that made them happy. Anything goes. From a silly note your husband left you one morning to a metro pass from the latest trip to Paris. Inspired! A few weeks ago I decided to do the same and now each time I look at my jar I feel great because I know that our memories are getting a second chance. Thanks, Kelli, such a brilliant idea! Darlings, want to join in? Do you like keeping little memories alive? xoxo

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(thanks Liz)

Garnish Giveaway!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Today's giveaway is from Garnish an amazing shop full of stylish, unique and totally affordable party/home supplies. Whether hosting a Baby Shower, a Valentine's Party or just trying to add something special to your day, Garnish is the anwser! In their own words: "Everything we carry is a blank canvas, just awaiting your own personal expression. You can dress Garnish items up; you can dress them down. They're perfect for every occasion because they're perfectly 'you'." Isn't that sweet?

Today they are offering you a chance to win a $20 gift certificate to their shop. I would love to recreate this beautiful Valentie's Day gift wrapping set. And how cool is this box? Perfect!

For a chance to win you should be a follower of exPress-o (extra entry for Twitter), please visit Garnish (let me know what would you choose) and leave a comment below. A winner will be chosen at random on Sunday night. Good luck! xoxox

For extra entries:
follow Garnish on Twitter or tweet about the giveaway and please make sure to leave a seperate comment for each entry.

Trend: Flared Pants

I'm quite loyal when it comes to wearing my skinny jeans but lately with the flared pants trend coming back, I can't stop loving that wide-leg-retro-70's vibe type of look. And what's even better: according to Glamour, if you go with this style that covers the whole lenght of your leg but the tips of your shoes - it’ll make your body look sleeker and your legs seem longer. Bingo! Loves, would you wear this look? xoxo

P.S: I took part in Rali's Guest Series called "Right now". You can see her interview with me here!
P.P.S: Stay tuned for GIVEAWAY Wednesday...

(photos via Miss Moss and The Sartorialist)

Travel Fantasy: India

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I've been having a bit of a winter blues lately as we got some fresh snow today and it's been freezing (like) forever. So I've been swooning over Ashley's photos she and her husband, Aron took while on vacation in India. Looking at them makes me want to hop on a plane right now. Wouldn't you love to discover all those colourful spices, take a train ride to Mumbai and spend hours looking through local markets? Aren't their photos amazing? xoxo

P.S.Here is a random fun fact: Did you know that India has the most post offices in the world?

(photos by Ashley and Aron)

Bubble Bath

How handy and beautiful is this tub caddy? Brilliant for enjoying your bubble bath even more! My Loves, what do you do while having a bath: read, daydream, listen to music? Please share! xoxo

Ps: Don't you just love Lara Collins' bathtub?

(thanks Marissa)

Home Inspiration: Frames

One of the coolest thing people have in their home are frame walls. Lately I'm smitten with matching b&w photos with the same colour frames. They just give such a great contrast and look fresh. I also noticed that some people choose not to hang their art, instead they stand it by the wall or put it on their furniture (especially great for those who are renting). My Dears, what are your thoughts on that? xoxo

Ps: More beautiful frame walls.

(via 16house & Design*Sponge)

Aussie Market Totes

Monday, January 24, 2011

How cool are those "love your village" totes designed by Beci Orpin? You can choose from four designs (Melbourne, Fitzroy, Prahran and Paddington) and as a bonus, they are totally organic. Perfect for Saturday morning market shopping, don't you think? xoxo

Ps: Have you ever been to Australia?

Meatless Mondays

According to iVillage, cutting meat from our diet just one day a week can improve health and reduce our carbon footprint. I'm not much of a meat-eater anyway but I really like the idea of having a set day to make something fully vegetarian and iVillage makes it all easy with those 35 scrumpcious looking recipes. On my menu today, this baked eggplant with marinara. Yum! Dears, how often do you eat meat? Want to join in the meatless Mondays? xoxo

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How To Do Double Knot Updo

I got so excited when I saw this awesome and super-easy double knot hairdo tutorial over on Refinery29. This would be such an easy look for spring bike rides or Sunday brunches. It totally takes the t-shirt & jeans look to the next level (here are the step by step instructions). Dears, will you try it? xoxo

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Giveaway Winner

Drum rolls, please!!!
The winner of our Eco Natural Cosmetics Giveaway is Jeanette from Everton Terrace. Congrats!! xoxo

Ps: Thank you all for playing...New giveaway is coming on Wednesday:)

Have a Beautiful Weekend

Friday, January 21, 2011

My Loves, what are your plans for this weekend? It's been a really cold (and busy) couple of days so I'm looking forward to some down-time with the Office, seafood pasta and the book. Tomorrow morning I'm treating myself to a manicure and a massage. Wish you a great weekend and don't forget to enjoy it to the fullest! As always here are a few great links from around the web.

I love Swedish homes!

Miranda Kerr and her beautiful baby son, Flynn.

Perfect soup for winter. Who doesn't like potatos, right?

Beautiful rough diamond rings.

Don't you just love the bohemian 70's style?

Lovebird! Awww...

Such a great idea for an inspiration board. I need to get some of those photo hangers.

Oh la la..those red lips.

I hope spring is coming soon!

Perfect necklace for Valentine's Day.

Have you ever made gnocchi? This looks so good :)

Central Park pillow.

Dogs and photobooth = perfect combination.

Also, there are only two more days left to enter our Eco Natural Cosmetics Giveaway! Don't miss it.

And here are a few exPress-o posts you may have missed:
People And Their Shoes
What's Cooking Good Lookin
What's For Breakfast?

See you Monday morning! Love. xoxo

(photo by Joseph O. Holmes via 20x200)

This Week's Gems

We all love elbow patches, right? Now, how about tights with knee patches? I say: adorable!...

Skirt perfection!...

Julian & Co. has the most adorable stuff for a new mommy. They also have this two initials wax seal fob pendant that would make a perfect gift for newlyweds...

This vintage stripy dress looks so comfortable and sweet...

Garnish has the coolest party favour ideas. How great are those boxes? Perfect for cookies...

Beautiful piece from Joyefulart. 

Dears, what caught your eye this week? Btw: Can you believe that January is almost over? Happy Friday. xoxo

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