Have a Laid-Back Weekend

Friday, November 19, 2010

My Dears, what are your plans for this weekend? Can you believe that it's just a few short days till Thanksgiving? Tonight we are planning to watch Everybody's Fine (have you seen it?) with a homemade banana bread and on Sunday we are having a brunch with friends. As always here are a few great links from around the web. Enjoy!

To stay cozy and warm on those chilly autumn days.

How cute is she? (the collar is perfect)

Aren't those cakes amazing?

A photo to see. Incredible!

Winter biking.

Stunning earrings. Perfect for a Christmas gift.

How lovely is this door sweater?

Perfect little Advent calendar for a nursery.

Vintage apple necklace that stole my heart:)

Boots perfection! Did you get a new pair this year?

Peanut butter kiss-cookies...yummy

Look at those dogs! (I love the one with the tiny shoes...hahah)

Have you decided how to decorate your Thanksgiving dinner table? Here is a beautiful centerpiece to inspire you.

Remember this ring? Guess what, Blue Hour Designs is having their Holiday sale till the end of the month!

Two more days left to enter our Pistachio Press Giveaway, hurry up!

And here are a few exPress-o posts you may have missed:
Christmas Gift Guide 2010 *part one*
Christmas Gift Guide 2010 *part two*

Darlings, wish you a weekend full of lazy-sofa time, forehead kisses and hot chocolate! See you Monday morning:)


(photo of the intersection of 14th St. and Sixth Ave. in New York by Jason Smith)


Jude said...

Have a wonderful weekend, Diana! Thanks for the sweet links - love those earrings and the necklace.(And the photo of NYC is awesome :)).

Anna Walker said...

I've never heard of what you're watching! I have my Saturday class, but then I have the weekend to myself, I may peruse bookstores and malls! :)

Have a fantastic weekend!

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Banana bread, brunch and movies sound pretty awesome.

Anonymous said...

we don't have thanksgiving so i've got a family picnic to attend and then hopefully i get to do some sewing.

Sam W. said...

it's a crafty weekend for me! pulling out the knitting needles with a good girly flick. happy weekend :)

Unknown said...

happy week end to you too... we will let the weather decide about our plans!

Claire Kiefer said...

I haven't seen Everybody's Fine, but I am looking forward to an incredibly laid back weekend with very little on the agenda! What a nice gift after so much working and traveling this month. Happy Friday Diana! xo

Diana said...

I want those peanut butter kiss cookies right now!

Have a lovely weekend!

Jess said...

Oh my gosh, those brown boots are BEAUTIFUL!!

Happy Friday!

Anait said...

Have a lovely weekend! And I'm glad you found the source of that photo.....it was saved in my inspiration folder and after checking out Jason's work, there's a lot more photos saved! :)

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

Yes a relaxing weekend is a must! Happy weekend to you =)

Stacey said...

I'll be partying!:-). Love that pic and have a great weekend!

Collette Osuna said...

LOVE LOVE the boots....have a nice weekend hunnie....Ill be doing some shopping and house work...fun...lol

Stop by and say Hello:)
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Stacy said...

love it, so perfect


Erica said...

Have a wonderful weekend love! I plan on enjoying every moment I can with my newborn niece. She's finally arrived!

cranny + b said...

happy weekend to you!
thank you for featuring my door sweater!

stylenuggets said...

That's the one with de Niro, I think. Should be good. Love those boots. I got three new ones this year so I must be better-behaved next year!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

oh yes - i love that post about the dogs!! too cute and hilarious!!

happy weekend to you too, friend!

Kat Ibáñez said...

Happy weekend to you too, sweet Diana!!
I would love to finish some of the Christmas decorations and maybe even start making a natural centerpiece for the table, if I have the time!


Unknown said...

eNJoy uR WEeKeNd SiSTeR..
i WisH i cOULd gO tHeRE..

viSit Me:


Elisa said...

Have a wonderful weekend Diana. I haven't seen the movie you mentioned.
thanks for the links. I need to buy some boots!

Sarah said...

Your weekend sounds so perfect! I can't believe it's almost December already - time surely does fly ay. But yay to thanksgiving, and then christmas!

I hope you have the most wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones yet, Diana! x

k said...

lovely links, have an amazing weekend friend!

Signe said...

And a wonderful weekend to you too Diana :)

Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous links, darling!
Loooooove those cookies!


jemina said...

Have a FABULOUS weekend too dear :D
and thanks for the links :)


Blair McLeod said...

i'm at work today -- boo! :(

but had yesterday off an saw harry potter! :)

Kristen said...

have a great weekend!! sounds like it's gonna be a good relaxing one!

and flowers pick themselves said...

i'm drooling over those cookies! hope your weekend is lovely!

xo Alison

Melanie's Randomness said...

Have a sweet weekend dear! =)

heather said...

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Diana! I can't believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner! I hope it's a beautiful one filled with love!

5amjetaime said...

happy holiday season! getting ready for turkey feast..heyhey. xoxo from california, gabbie

Ashley Hasty said...

Have a fabulous weekend!


Unknown said...

Oh, how lovely! I love the pic with the taxis, hope your weekend is fab! XX!


Cosy and warm.. sounds heavenly ! Hope you have a wonderful week

La pépite modeuse said...

great :)

Deanna Pai said...

Diana, I loveeee your gift guides! I'm just sorry I haven't found them until now. :) hope you had a lovely weekend!

Unknown said...

Hope you had a great weekend Diana! And what did you think of the movie?! I balled my eyes out, but loved it.

Heather Feemster said...

What a great photo, I hope you had a fun weekend! xo

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