Party Dress

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Darlings, talking about Holidays, any Christmas parties you have planned for this December? Any of those dresses by Morrison would be perfect to welcome a New Year in style or even shake your booty on a crazy-fun office party...hahah. (I'm madly in love with the first dress) xoxo

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Metallic Shine

How is that for a cool nail colour? Do you fancy a bit of metallic shine this Christmas? (On a random note, do you paint your toenails in the winter or just during the sandal season?) xoxo

Ps: You can get this look at Sephora:)

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Treehouse For Adults

Look at this incredible Yellow treehouse restaurant (believe me, it's a real thing!). It was designed as part of an ad campaign in 2008 by Peter Eising of Pacific Environment Architects with an aim to surprise people and help them see Yellow (as in Yellow Pages) in a different light. It's located in a redwood tree near Warkworth, New Zealand. What a magical place to eat dinner in! Can you image sipping your glass of wine sitting in that cool treehouse? (I would love one in my backyard). xoxo

Ps: By now the treehouse is mostly used for private functions and events. Great wedding venue!

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Fairy Lights

Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas season has just got so much cooler with this wine bottle lights project. I'm determined to make one for my bookshelf. Don't those look adorable? Fairy lights are magical :) xoxo

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Christmas Gift Guide 2010 *Part Four* - For The Hubby Who Gives The Best Cuddles (and makes the best pancakes)

We all know our guys like a bit of comfort, so those MoviePegs for iPad and iPhone are smart little tools. ($13.95 - $25).

A sealpelt to keep him warm when he is working late at night ($276.49). For the story behind it go here.

Something unique for his bike. Those bicycle reflectors are made from recycled road signs. They come in two styles: "Spoke Clamp" and "Strap". ($13.00 - $27.50)

Poster of his favourite movie for his office space. ($16)

New frames he was eyeing for a while. ($210)

A three-box set of his favourite absinthe and black salt caramel candies. ($35)

A bottle of amazing perfume. ($49) To make them smell the way we want:)

Nordic zip cardi, so he wont catch cold this season. ($79.50)

If he likes his Whiskey on the rocks! ($29)

Adorable keychains to keep his keys in order. ($16)

Plate for the one who is quite happy with his beard. (£20)

Subscrition of this favourite magazine. (1 year is about £29.90)

American Dad box set ($22.99)

Shaving set for the one who likes to keep it all smooth. ($68.95)

Funny Tee ($22.45) To remind him how lucky he is...hahaha...

After a long day of work every guy likes to be treated to a little massage. This vanilla massage bar by Lush is heavenlly. ($9.95)

A custom leather wallet, ($64)

Ps: For previous parts of our  exPress-o Chirstmas Gift Guide 2010 check here! xoxo

Snow Day

This is what I woke up to on Satuday morning. We got our first snow and I couldn't be happier! It finally feels like Christmas and I even listened to my first Christmas song this morning. Speaking of Holidays, how are you doing with your shopping list so far? If you're stuck and need a few ideas then stay tuned for the fourth part of the gift guide later on today or check out our previous parts. I'm about half way done with my shopping. So far so good! xoxo

Ps: Happy Birthday my sweet Balazs! Thank you for being you. Love :) Im off to bake him this cake now!

(photos by Peter Visontay)

Giveaway Winner

Drum rolls, please!!!
The winner of our Purple Pajamas Giveaway is Angie from noodle 'n thread. Congrats!! xoxo

Ps: Thank you all for playing....New giveaway is coming on Wednesday :)

Enjoy Your Holiday Weekend

Friday, November 26, 2010

Darlings, I'm popping in for a quick hello as we are still in the middle of celebrating (I think next week I will need new pants, if this is how I keep up with eating...hahah).
How are you doing, my dears? Having fun so far? Hope you all are having a Holiday weekend full of love and delicious food. I will see you all on Monday morning and please feel free to browse through exPress-o or check out those cool links below:

Beautiful wreath ideas. I'm planning to try making the first one.

Rainbow colour coffee cups. Would be so fun to have the whole set.

If you are traveling this weekend you might like this easy,chic travel guide. It's fantastic!

This tiny triangles selection is so cute. The rings is on my wish list! (Balazs, hope you are reading this..hahah)

Him and Her: leather addition.

Stein Shmuck Design is having some amazing sales. For more info go here.

Speaking of great sales: don't miss all those amazing Black Friday deals!

There is only two more days to enter our GIVEAWAY...Just in right time for Christmas:)

Have you seen our 2010 Christmas Gift Guide so far?


(photos by Mrs. French via knack)

Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Darlings, wish you a happy, cozy and safe Thanksgiving. We are spending it with friends, stuffing our tummies with yummy food and having some French wine! Where are you eating your dinner today? Have a wonderful Holiday :) Love. xoxo

Ps: Here are a few great Black Friday Sales to check out:
Bride Blu has 50% off on all  jewelry with code "blackfriday50" (offer doesn't include custom orders)
Polarn O. Pyret USA has free shipping with code SENDITPOP  
Raine Studios has free shipping and 25% off on all jewelry.
Blue Hour Designs has 15% off on all jewelry.
Magpie lovely has 15% off  until December 5th with code MP15
Also, check out My Sweet Muffin for discounts, all info here.

(photo via mary ruffle)

Wednesday Giveaway

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Today's giveaway is from Purple Pajamas a beautiful shop with handmade decorative pillows and couch cushion covers. The lovely Liz from Purple Pajamas is offering you a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to her shop. Isn't that fantastic? Pillows are great to change up the look of any sofa just in time for Christmas. I would go with the zig-zag green pillow cover and white-yellow stripy piece.

For a chance to win you should be a follower of exPress-o (extra entry for Twitter), please visit Purple Pajamas shop (let me know what would you choose) and leave a comment below. A winner will be chosen at random on Sunday night. Good luck! xoxox

Ps: Please spread the word for extra entries and make sure to leave a seperate comment for each entry.

All Cozy

A great scarf can truly cozy up any outfit and those long scarves from Magpie lovely are perfect to keep you all wrapped up on cold autumn days. Aren't those pretty? xoxo

P.S: Also, Magpie lovely is offeing a bonus for all exPress-o readers: enter the code MP15 to get 15% off your order until December 5th.
P.P.S: Stay tuned for GIVEAWAY Wednesday...

Little Ballerinas

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Beautiful little ballet girls from  Enfants Vogue Paris. They look so graceful, don't you think? There is something innocent and serene about those photos. xoxo

Ps: More beautiful ballerinas here.

Shadow On The Wall

Wouldn't you love your bedroom to have the most magical glow by those sand-blasted, patterned light bulbs? They are created by a Swedish atsist Ingegerd Raman and they give the most incredible shadows. You can choose between loops, confetti (or as I call it polka dots), stars, swirls or lines. Dears, would you try them in your home? xoxo

(via Bonnie)

Salted Caramel And Chocolate Cake

Early next week Balazs has his birthday and this year I want to bake something I haven't done before (and he doesn’t suspect it). Two things he can't live without are: chocolate and caramel.  So the plan right now is to make this scrumptious salted caramel and chocolate cake but I am not totally sure about it. Darlings, I would love to know if you have any great caramel or chocolate recipes? Do share:) xoxo

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(photo via Sweet Paul mag, thanks Ana)

Tucked-In French Braid

Monday, November 22, 2010

Just as I was about to get the hang of the messy bun, here comes a new hairdo to swoon over. How incredibly elegant and understated is this tucked-in French braid? Perfect for this Holiday season! Darlings, would you try this look? (here is how to) xoxo

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(thanks, Natalie)
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