Tuesday, August 31, 2010
The other day I realized that I need a new set of comfy yet cute tees for my new jeans (any excuse is a good one...hahah). I am totally in love with those three above.
Would you wear any of them?


Ps: I hope you all are having a wonderful last day of August....

J.Crew-Fall-ing In Love...

My Darlings, this late morning I am over on Good.Intention.Equal.Nothing  where I have the pleasure of Guest Posting. I am so happy about it!
Please make sure to check out my post titled "J.Crew-Fall-ing In Love"

Kisses and see you very soon with my newest "Tee-crush"


Ps: How is your day so far?.... I am dreaming of a huge cup of hot chocolate right now...What are you in a mood for?

Where The Sun And Sea Is!

As the temperature outside is rapidly decreasing I am daydreaming about water, sun, boat rides and amazing views:)...Those photos are from Cinque Terre a wonderful tourist location in Italy...Don't they just make you want to hop a plane?

Have you even been to Italy?


Life Through A Bubble

Monday, August 30, 2010
Aren't those giant bubble photos fantastic? I could stare on them for hours!


Rain...Rain...Go Away!

It's rainy today and I can't help thinking about a new pair of rain boots. For years I had an unconditional love for Hunter's Wellington boots as they are really elegant, tall and my mom lives in England so they make me feel like I have a part of her with me. But then today I saw on swiss-miss those rain level boot and what's not to adore, right?...
Decisions, decisions...hahaha...Do you have a favourite pair of rain boots?


Jeans & Brochu Walker = Love

So excited for fall right now! If you live in jeans, like me, you will love Brochu Walker's new autumn collection. It's full of natural hues and knits. I think it’s fair to say that I would totally wear all those tops with my favourite pair of pants.

Happy Monday, Darlings:)

Giveaway Winner!

Drum rolls, please!!!
The winner of our LeCosmetique GIVEAWAY is Rachael from It's Simple Love!


Ps: Thank you all for taking part....New giveaway is coming on Wednesday:)

Simple Pleasures

Friday, August 27, 2010
Darlings, what are your plans for this last August weekend? I am planning to enjoy the "simple pleasures" in life including sleeping in, reading and home cooked food. Really looking forward to just have a little cuddle on a couch and watch some reruns.

Here are a few great links you might enjoy:)

Victorian botanical garden in your home.

LeCosmetique is offering a $10 coupon for orders of $50 or more....I think it's time for me to get a new set of eye shadows :)

Totally in love with this Buenos Aires apartment.

More photo booth fun!

I would love to get a few of those crochet covered rocks. Really cute!

I could take that puppy home right now...awww...

Yummy... perfect blueberry muffins.

I love those "migration birds" shirts...I am thinking about getting one for me and Balazs.

How adorable are those fortune cookie and mustache crayons?

Have you been to New Zealand? I wish I could go there one day...Those images are very inviting!

If you didn't have a chance to enter our GIVEAWAY then hurry up...you have 2 more days for it:)

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Vintage Cutie
One Of 365
Retro Wedding Invitations

One more thing: Thank you girls for all your heartwarming and sweet comments each day. They truly make every day so special!
Relax a lot and have a smootch or even two with your man...hahah...
See you on Monday morning.


This Week's Gems

...How perfect is this tea cup sweater dress?...
...this bar necklace is so simply stylish...
...How can you not love those sweet roses?...They are incredible!...
...those blue lapis lazuli vermeil earrings are stunning...
...I am so on the vintage clogs wagon!...
...This vintage art deco locket  necklace would make such a special gift...

How about you, my darlings...anything you are swooning over this week?


ps: Also if you haven't entered our GIVEAWAY, hurry up! You have till Sunday!

Fantasy Home: New York Loft

Lofts are well-known for their sense of openness. This place definitely ticks all the boxes for me. From the brick-walls, industrial-looking lights and the concrete floor in the bathroom to the amazing wooden floors and huge windows!
I think what makes this place so special is all those little details, especially the hallway full of images by Diane Arbus and David Bailey. My favourite pieces of this place are the enormous hotel sign and the free standing bath tub.

Happy Friday, Sweeties

ps: This amazing place is the home of Sheryl Crow. You can see the whole photo gallery here.
pps: Also if you haven't entered our GIVEAWAY, hurry up! You have till Sunday!

Unfinished Business With Summer

Thursday, August 26, 2010
(via flickr)
As the summer is about to end I have that uneasy feeling of unfinished business (with summer, of course)....To get rid of it, I am going to take full advantage of the next 6 days, so next Wednesday I can welcome September with open arms.
Here are a few things I will try to do: eat ice-cream everyday, have a picnic with my girls, sunbath while enjoying the smell of sunscreen, have a water fight in a park and walk bare foot on the morning wet grass.
Any other ideas? Maybe there's something you are planning to do.


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A Real Kodak Moment

How romantic is this photo booth engagement?
You can see that Angela didn’t notice the ring at first and it totally took her by surprise. The last photo is priceless!


ps: Also if you haven't entered our GIVEAWAY, hurry up! You have till Sunday!

(thanks to Angela&Jordan)

Botanical Curiosities

What a beautiful way to dress up a table! I am totally inspired by those unique botanical goodies (ferns and nasturtiums), little bottles, medicine containers and bell jars.
Clean, fresh and stylish!

Good Morning, my Darlings

Ps: This unique table setting was a part of Alyson and Levi’s beautiful wedding.
Pps: Also if you haven't entered our GIVEAWAY, hurry up! You have till Sunday!

Wednesday Giveaway!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010
Today’s giveaway is from LeCosmetique, an amazing make-up company that offers the best pro-quality cosmetics at affordable prices. The owner Suzanne is giving away this Ultra Shimmer Warm Eye Shadow Palette! This cutie is perfect for the office or a night out on the town. Contains 15 beautiful colors - 13 shimmery shades and 2 matte shades. Gold, copper, mauve, terra cotta, chocolate and cocoa colors…
Fancy your own? So, let’s get started!

For a chance to win you should be a follower of exPress-o, please visit LeCosmetique website and leave a comment below. The winner will be chosen at random on Sunday night. Good luck!

Kisses, Darlings

ps: Please spread the word for extra entries :)

Sneak Peek

I often say that it would be so interesting to spend a day walking through people's homes.
So, how would you fancy a sneak peek into some cool homes? Design Sponge has a great selection featuring photos of young artists' and designers' flats. I have to admit that one of my guilty pleasures is making a huge cup of green tea and browsing through all those creative sneak peeks!

Happy Wednesday,

The Writing On The...Jewelry

Tuesday, August 24, 2010
Darlings, I bet you know the feeling when you are wearing a jewelry piece that means the world to you…whether it’s your wedding ring, baby necklace your hubby got you or even a promise ring.

You all know that I am all about meaningful, one of a kind and everyday jewelry. I just couldn’t resist showing you some on those amazing and cute pieces.
This one was inspired by the Nat King Cole song and extreme love of coffee.
Lisa's youngest son calls this the 'stinky feet necklace'! ...hahahaha
...daddy's keychain...
All those creations are by Lisa Leonard, the mastermind behind Lisa Leonard Designs. She has an amazing collection of custom and inspired necklaces, bracelets and many more goodies :) All those cuties are handmade, meaningful and very unique.

When we have a baby, my plan is to get this laundry line necklace. I think it will be such a sweet piece…what do you think?
What is your most meaningful piece of jewelry?


Ps: As Lisa is our newest sponsor, please check out her amazing creations here or simply by clicking on her logo in the Sponsors Column. She also has an amazing blog :)

Small People, Big Dreams

Who said that kiddos don't have imagination these days!
Tim MacPherson is the great photographer who captured those scenes of extreme sports using household objects and a few very creative kids....I can’t get enough of the motor bike. It has it all...from bins, baskets, tennis rocket bag to a desk lamp! Fantastic!

Hugs, Darlings

Ps: Also have you seen Mila's daydreams created by her sweet mommy Adele?

Aqua View

How would you fancy waking up in this Poet's Loft in Marin County? Just imagine sitting by those huge windows, sipping your morning coffee and enjoying the view...Water has such a calming effect on me...

Good morning, Darlings

Ps: You can also rent it. Balazs? Let's pack:)

Fancy A Sip?

Monday, August 23, 2010
On Saturday we had a group of lovely friends over. We made some yummy food and chocolate toffee cookies. Balazs also wanted to try out a new Sangria recipe he found a few weeks ago. Besides the usual blend of sweet red wine, cut up oranges, lemons, limes, we added some orange, grape and apple juice and to top it all off, we poured in some honey and champagne for a sparkle effect!
It was delicious!

How do you drink your Sangria?


Shop Crush

As fall is just around the corner, I am craving a few new accessories to keep my wardrobe fun and fresh. My new shop crush is Yellow Elm. The ladies there create the cutest and most original handmade headbands and brooches with the use of water, soap and wool…That's right! Amazing, right?
My Darlings, I have great news: Yellow Elm shop is having end of season sales..So hurry up and don't miss those great deals!
I'm sure we all love guilt free shopping! Right?


Ps: If I ever have a little girl, I will get her one of those cuties...awww
PPs: As Yellow Elm is our newest sponsor, please check out their magical pieces here or simply by clicking on their logo in the Sponsors Column. They also have an amazing blog!
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