Weekend: Your Pets...

Friday, July 30, 2010
 My dearests, what are your plans for this end of July weekend....Can you believe that August is just around the corner? Any plans to see a movie or maybe a romantic date night?
Balazs and I are packing up and heading to the countryside for some hiking, BBQ and sunbathing :)

Instead of my regular "Friday Round Up" I thought it would be fun to share with you all the amazing pet photos you sent to me! I couldn't fit them all here as you all delivered amazingly, so to really celebrate our little/big monsters I created a photo gallery just for you!

Those two pairs of adorable eyes are Kristal's Bama and Paige's Laura...followed by all the other cuties here!!! Check them all out....I bet they will bring out a smile!

Thank you so much for all those adorable pet photos....You are all amazing !!! I had a time of my life looking at and reading about them:)

Have a fantastic weekend and  make sure you kiss someone you love this weekend!

See you Monday morning,

Ps: If by any chance I missed your photo...Please let me know:)

Shades Of Blue...

...I heart navy-blue stripy dresses...and this one has the cutest button and pocket detailing....
...don't you just love this milky-turquoise rough cut necklace?....I am dreaming about wearing it with a simple white tee...
...who dosen't love butterflies...right?...
...navy stripes on pillows? Yes, please!....
...I'm completly smitten with those aqua-blue tourmaline gold earrings...
...those pearly-shell place cards are perfect for summer-beach wedding...

Woke up this morning and the sky was so pretty...all blue without a single cloud..Love days like that:)...My favourite shades of blue are: navy and turquoise...

Do you heart blue?

Kisses, Darlings

Friday Sweetness

Here are a few adorable photos to sweeten up your Friday morning:).....How is that for a little treat?

Hugs and see you soon, Lovelies:)

Ps: How can I not have a baby fever looking at those little angels?...awww

Movie Night!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Balazs and I are treating ourselves to a movie night! We've been so busy lately so tonight is all about movie, candy, popcorn and pop! We are planning to see the Inception. The trailer looks really good and it doesn't hurt that Leonardo DiCaprio is in it, right?

Darlings, have you see the Inception? I would love to know what you thought about it?


Dream Place: Small Rock- Huge House

There are just a few houses I am completely smitten with and this 105-year-old mansion in Rhode Island's Narragansett Bay is one of my top favourites. Whenever I need a little inspiration I have a look around :). Mr.Wood is the lovely older man who owns this place and he makes sure that the house is in top form at all times! They even have a ping pong room.....(as a child I used to  play it all the time).

Happy Daydreaming,

Ps:  Fun fact: the house has 65 windows...imagine washing them all:) Also, don't miss the full slide show!

Balloons For Breakfast?

Good Morning, Darlings:)

I am feeling much better this morning. Thank you for all your sweet comments yesterday!
How cool is that balloon breakfast photo?
David Sykes is one of my favourite photographers and here you can check out more of his amazing work...

So what's for breakfast on this sunny Thursday morning?


Ps: I am going with healthy today.....oatmeal with apple and honey:)

Scent Love Affair

Wednesday, July 28, 2010
Darlings, I am on a hunt for a new perfume....I just finished a bottle of Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel that I got as a present from Balazs's dad a while ago. He always gets me the nicest perfume :) As much as I love the fresh oriental fragrance that totally reflects the spirit of the young 'Coco' Chanel, I am ready for a new scent love affair.
I have Chanel N°5 on my mind.....

Which perfume do you wear?

Kisses, Sweeties:)

Ps: Don't you think that Keira Knightley looks amazing on that photo? She has such a sophisticated look:)

Copy Cat On A Bike!

I would love to dress like this cutie each time I am cruising around on my bike. Don't you love that pretty top?

Darlings, are you giving enough love to you bikes this summer? hahah:)



Ufff...I am a bit under the weather this morning...and whenever I feel like that Balazs makes me a huge cup of tea with lemon, bundles me up in a cozy blanket and puts on some Seinfeld on for me to enjoy:)

What does the trick for you?


Ps: I thought you'd like those two clips...They are very funny:)

The Gilded Bee

Tuesday, July 27, 2010
Ohhh I have a treat for you today...You all know how much I love throwing all types of parties for my friends, right?....( from baby to bridal showers, even a few birthdays). I love to make sure that all the details are perfect and one place that will give you all is The Gilded Bee. It has everything you could dream of to make your party special and unique.Sasha is amazing with her creations and she offers a full range of tags, labels, paper flowers, girlands and many more...
Here are just a few of her goodies:
...vintage style butterflies, perfect as a gift wrap or a decoration..It's made of paper! Can you believe it?...
....how cute is that button detailing?...I love that:)....I am so going to use that...
...every party should have a cute garland, right?...
Please welcome Sasha to our exPress-o family (she is our newest sponsor) and don’t forget to check out all her cuties on The Gilded Bee or simply by clicking on the The Gilded Bee button on sponsors’ column.

Kisses, Sweetie and thank you for being so sweet:)

Ps: Sasha also has a blog! Happy Browsing, girlies:)

What Is The Life You Want?

(via 1 2 3 4)
We all have a quite clear idea of what we want from life....right? Im the first one to admit that I am not quite there yet but for the most part I know how the picture should look like....just have a little trouble in balancing all the elements :)
So, let me ask you, my Darlings: What is the life you want? Is it much different from the one you have?....Nothing is off limits....be honest!

Let's talk:)

Tattoos...Cowboys Boots...Let's Party!

Tattoo wedding rings and cowboy boots for a bride...That is one funky wedding in my opinion!
After looking at Beth and Kevin's wedding photos I can honsetly say that they had a blast :) ...

Have you ever considered getting a tattoo or have you got one already?
I always wanted a tiny one...but I am such a chicken....It must be so painful :)....

Wish you a fantastic morning, Sweeties :)

Stein-Schumuck Design Show Stoppers!

Monday, July 26, 2010
I bet that all of us love to stand out of the crowd once in a while! ...What better way to dress up a cute dress or casual outfit than with some amazing stones:) ....Michele is the lovely owner of Stein-Schmuck Design who does just that with her amazing creations! She believes that gemstones possess a unique quality, which is why we  are drawn to particular stones. Michele has a stunning collection of earringsnecklacespendantsbracelets and hair pins...I am so smitten :)
...what about this hot pink tapaz vermeil gold earrings....
...or....this lemon quartz sterling silver necklace...
...and how much I would love that garnet butterfly hair pin...awww:)...

Such show stoppers, don't you think? Bold colours, stunning shapes, creative designs....Every girl's jewelry heaven :)... Please give a warm welcome to Michele as she is our newest sponsor and don’t forget to check out all her cuties on Stein-Schmuck Design or simply by clicking on the Stein-Schmuck Design button on sponsors’ column.

Hope you all are having a wonderful Monday:)

Kisses, Darlings,

ps: Michele also has a blog!
pps: If you’re interested in advertising on exPress-o, please get in touch by emailing me on diana212m@yahoo.com, and I’ll be happy to give you all the details!

Are You Ready To Let Yourself Go?

I read the book. I've seen the trailer and I even wrote about it here and now I can't wait for the13th of August to see it all come to life...Are you ready for the journey to take off?
Also the other day while browsing I came across those fantastic cuties all inspired by Eat, Pray, Love and instantly felt like a kid in a candy store!
That is one cute farmers bag, don't you think? Makes me smile everytime I look at it:)...I bet my cheese and milk would love to be carried around in it!

Hurry up and check out all those goodies!!!

Kisses, Sweeties

Ps: This tote is very cute too:)

Tee For Him and Giveaway Winner!

My Balazs is such a tee and jeans type of guy and I am always on a look out for new fun pieces to add to his collection. Those two are definetely something he would wear...You can see that I am dreaming about sailing today :)

What does your guy like to wear?

Happy Monday morning,

Ps: Drum rolls, please....The winner of the cute Olive's Shop birdcage pillow is comment number 35, Jen from Unedited. Congrats, sweetie!!! Thank you so much for playing !!!

Weekend: Let's Relax!

Friday, July 23, 2010
Another lovely and very hot week went by and I have to say that I am so ready for the weekend.....
My Darlings, what are your plans for this July weekend? Planning to see a good movie or try out a new restaurant?
We are packing up to spend this weekend visiting Balazs' father and his family in the weekend house (in the mountains). I am hoping to relax and enjoy the fresh air!

As always here are a few great links from around the web. Enjoy!

Very cute denim dress! Love the back:)

How beautiful this or this hair pin would look in your hair? I would love them both:)

My love for chocolate....Did you see the bear one? hahahah

I am so smitten with this weekend handbag....!

Check out how those girls rock black/white colour combination :)

That little alligator and this pink cat are calling my name....Perfect gifts for little angels:)

Ahhh..I must try those fruit spring rolls...Don't they look refreshing?

Plate wall hooks, anyone? They are very cute and perfect for the kitchen:)

Pancakes anyone?....Yummmmy!!!

I always wanted a rocking chair...The stripy one looks so perfect!

If you're up for a laugh....Check this out!!! (30 World's Strangest Inventions)

What a happy bedroom.....So creative:)

Have you been in Amsterdam before? After looking at those photos  I wish I could go:)

Never thought of using barn doors as inside doors but.... this changed my mind:)..How about you?

Heels love!.......Hmmm...want!

Perfect pillows to brighten up your sofa:)

Little treasure of a tee.....Cute like a pie:)

Don't forget to enter our  GIVEAWAY..... You have till Sunday!

And here are a few exPress-o posts you may have missed:
House Swap
Victorian Vacation House
Garage Makeover
Berries On My Mind

Wish you all a weekend full of sweet moments and lovely food :)....Have a wonderful time and see you Monday morning!


Ps: I am so excited for Monday morning....You know why? Giveaway winner annoucement!!! Yuppie:)

Flowers On My Mind!

Last night on my way home I got a bunch of flowers from a sweet lady downstairs...She always has such a cute selection of flowers from her garden :)...All that pretty smell made me think about florals.
....Don't you just adore the ruffles on that top?...
... happy pillows....I also like the darker version....
....rose around your neck.....fantastic.....such an eye-catcher...
...I adore writitng cards and this blue magnolia is so lovely....

What is your favourite flower?

Kisses, Darlings

Ps: If you still haven't entered our GIVEAWAY, dont't hesitate! You have till Sunday!


I am so sleepy on this sunny Friday morning.....I went for my usual swim and when I got back I could hear my bed calling my name for a little nap....I think I might just give in....

Do you nap sometimes during the day? Would you like to?

Kisses and see you very soon:)

Ps: If you still haven't entered our GIVEAWAY, dont't hesitate! You have till Sunday!

Light Up Your Rag!

Thursday, July 22, 2010
How creative are those clothes line inspired lamps? I can't fully grasp how they work but they are really something! What do you think? Love it or not so much?


ps: We just got a new floor lamp for our living room over the weekend :)
pps: If you still haven't entered our GIVEAWAY , dont't hesitate! You have till Sunday! 

Copy Cat

This is a perfect example of clean, simple lines. I would love to dress like that everyday! Brave colour combination but with a beautiful balace of fun and elegance. Even the pony-tail is perfection. Don't you think?

How do you feel about bold colours?

Kisses, my Lovelies:)

ps: If you still haven't entered our GIVEAWAY, dont't hesitate! You have till Sunday!

Wedding: Iceland View

How is that for a perfect wedding scenerio? Those lovebirds tied the knot in a very intimate ceremony in Iceland. Aren't those views breathtaking?

As much as I love white gowns I feel that Echo wore a perfect outfit...Don't miss the whole wedding album!

Wish you a dreamy Thursday morning, my Darlings

ps: If you still haven't entered our GIVEAWAY , dont't hesitate! You have till Sunday!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010
I am so excited about this!!!
Today I have the pleasure to host our first GIVEAWAY! The amazing Olive's Shop is offering one lucky winner this 50s Birdcage pillow (print with happy birds on the front, popcycle orange cotton on the back) …Isn’t it adorable? This cutie will add so much to your room and make your sofa look happy and sweet. For a chance to win you should be a follower of exPress-o, leave a comment below and  please visit Olive's Shop. The winner will be chosen randomly on Sunday! Good luck!

ps: Please spread the word for extra entries :)
pps: As Olive's Shop is celebrating their 3 year Etsyversary they are offering great sales: buy any item and receive a second one at 25% off or buy 2 items and receive the 3rd item FREE...That is a fantastic deal!!!

Buildings with a Difference

Kerala House Boats (Alappuzha, Alleppey, Kerala, India)
Kvivik Igloo (Kvivik, Faroe Islands)
Container City (London, UK)
The Basket Building (Ohio, United States)
I adore corky looking buildings and those really are something! Imagine living in a boat home or igloo with a grass hat or even working in a basket office.?..Hahaha:) Here is the whole list of 50 Strange Building ....

Do you have any strange buildings in your city?

Good Morning, my Sweeties:)

ps: I will be back very soon with our first GIVEAWAY!!!!...
Don't miss it!
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