Wednesday, June 30, 2010
I don't know what it is but I have babies on my mind. Maybe it's the time of the year when I see all the girls having kids or my biological clock is trying to give me hints (I will be 28 years old in August) but there is something definitely going on...Hmm...Maybe, this happened to you too? Tell me all!

So, as I am in my baby mood I wanted to show you those two cute onesies...Adorable, right?

Kisses, Darlings

(via:1.polarnopyretusa, 2.buggy)


Do you think cupcakes are cool? I do!!... Are they cool enough to have their own t-shirt for you to rock?....That tee totally made my day!...And now I am in such a cupcake mood....I am off to get some bluberry cupcakes with lemon icing...Yum...
What's your favourite?


Ps: Here is a very adorable, "sweet as a pie" tee! For those of you who are not too crazy about cupcakes:)

Framed Cutie!

Aren't those prints fun?...Would you fancy one? I surely would...I find them so refreshing and cute...I am definitely keeping my eyes open for this espresso print...It would look amazing on my kitchen wall...

Kisses, Sweeties:)

Ps: I also heart this tea towel!!!

Make A Wish...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010
I often chose to wear or buy pieces of jewelry that have something special about them and those charm bracelets from Starlet Charm are exactly that. The idea behind is to put on your chosen piece, then make a wish and when it falls off your wish will come true....I think it would be such a great gift, don't you think?

Have a great day:)

Ps:There are about eight different pieces and each has a special significance! Check it out...

Flip A Pancake!

Pancake Party...Isn't that a great idea? This is actually a part of a wedding reception and as I love pancakes I am so smitten with this theme...The next event I am going to host is definetly going to be with pancakes...I adore the different syrup-fruit toppings and freshly made juices..Simple and delicious...What not to love, right?

Wish you a sweet day, Darlings!

Ps: For the whole reception, click here!

Flowers,Up In The Air?

 I thought I was very creative by collecting cool wine bottels,vintage salt-pepper shakers and glass medicine jars so I can used them as flower vases..I often use them in our home and everyone who comes over loves the look. Anyway, today I saw those photos and thought to myself...How on earth didn't I think of that? Does that happen to you sometimes? I love this look...It wouldn't really work at home...(although it is possible...if you like mopping a lot!)...hahaha...but I think it's a great look for a summer garden party. Don't you think?


Ps: Hope you are having a lovely morning :)

Bike Love!

Monday, June 28, 2010
I am such a sucker for cute bikes, but this one is beyond cute!...Not only the bike has a flower pattern and adorable bike-bag but the girl wears a matching dress :)...I wonder which came first: the bike or the dress? :)

Kisses, Darlings

Ps: Do you remember when I promised to give my bike more love? I stuck to my word and I am taking him for a spin almost everyday:)...Yuppie:)

In The Navy!

That cute scoop neck stripy dress by French Connection and Toms cute classics would make a comfy and pretty outfit for a day around the city:)...What are your thoughts?


Ps: I am loving the fitted waist line...It gives such a nice shape to it...no?

What's For Breakfast?

I can't get enought of Jon Huck's work and those images are of people with their breakfasts.
It seems that people mostly eat cereals, fruits and drink coffee..It's so interesting to look at each person and try to quess what they had for breakfast.

Balazs and I try to make it exciting and eat something different each day....and today I crave for eggs sunny side up...How about you?

Here is the full collection of photos! Enjoy:)

Good Morning, Darlings :)

Ps: I have to try toast avocado one morning:) Yummy:)

Weekend: Fun In The Sun!

Friday, June 25, 2010
My Darlings, Friday is here (already)...Is that just me or this week flew by?
What are your plans for this weekend?  We are meeting up with friends for a dinner and a movie. Besides that I promised to treat myself to some downtime....I got a few new magazines last night and the plan is to pour myself a glass of wine and sit on my balcony while reading them :) (I haven't done that in a long time)...

As always here are some great links from around the web! Enjoy:

A Lost Theory by Liam....(He is 2 years old) ...hahaha

Yummy strawberry-rubarb pie! Planning to make it this weekend!

My fascination with cute garlands continues!

"Stuff No-One Told Me"...You will laugh your head off :)

Here is a very stylish, minimal bike basket! What you think?

Would you like to wear "Eat,Pray,Love" scent? If you do, here is your chance! Check it out! I can't wait for the movie to be out!

Adorable summer tea towel! It would make me want to be in the kitchen all day long:)

How do you drink your tea? With sugar or honey? If it's honey, you will love this!

I heart those floral tees. How about you?

House full of light! That is the dream:)

One of my favourite nurseries....Yellow is so perfect for a baby room:)

If you are like me and you like to make notes here and there, you will love those printable little jellyfish cuties!

I am totally smitten with this bracelet! (Wish list, tick)

How beautiful are those illustrations by Natsko Seki?

Last week I showed you the dragonfly ring and today I give you dragonfly earrings. Equally stunning!

I love love love those cute mustache handkerchiefs! Aren't they fun?

And here are a few exPress-o posts you may have missed:
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Tree For Birthday

I hope wherever you are the sun will shine bright so you can enjoy the summer weather! Have fun and see you on Monday morning:)


Unbirthday? Oh,yes!

We all love Birthday Parties (I actually never met a person who didn’t) and it doesn’t make a difference for me if they are for adults or children. It’s always so much fun to do something creative....We probably all had moments when we thought..."Ahhh I should have thought about making this or that", right? So, here it is, my darlings....What  do you think about "Jayme's 10th Mad Hatter Tea Party Unbirthday”?
Have a look:
Not often I get all speechless and amazed beyond believe…But today I did…It’s not only a brilliant idea but it was captured perfectly by an amazing photographer Ryan Savella

I want to be 10 again!!!
Who is with me?


Ps: Don't forget to have a look at all the Birthday photos...


(via tumblr) 
Hurray to Friday!!!
Check...check...check...I'm all about being happy with the little things:)
Don't forget to treat yourself this morning....I am off for a huge cup of coffee and cinnamon buns:)

See you very soon, Darlings:)

Ps: I should not forget to get some fresh flowers on the way back:)....

Tummy Love...

Thursday, June 24, 2010
We always try to eat healthy but between the constant phone calls and the calendars being all full with appointments, it's so tempting to eat something quick and unhealthy...(yes...I am just not saying it but we all are thinking about it....burgers and fries)...So today we are having  a delicious, healthy multi-grain veggy sandwich with a lot of goodness...like goat cheese, avocado, sprouds, carrots:)
What's your lunch/dinner like today?
(I bet it's something delicious)


Ps: Here is the full recipe!

Wish List

Here are two things I heart today:
I have a long-time love affair with boat neck tees. I adore how they accentuate the neck line and this one by J.Crew  goes on my wish list as we speak…and of course it’s stripy!
My feet are so totally smitten with those Gravity Pope rainbow sandals:)
What's on your wish list this month?


Btw: Doesn't this model look adorable?


You all know how much I love kids and when I saw this cute alphabet over on Simple Song I had to bring it to you! All the kids are Tracie's daughter's classmates and this piece of art was created for a fundraiser :)

I would totally use it in my kids' room as a decoration....

I heart creative things like that!!!


Magical Dreams!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010
As soon as I saw this bedroom image I couldn't get enough of the magical and calming vibe it gives :) Don't you think? Such a simple idea like those sweet little lights can make the whole space so cozy and dreamy:) I am totally going to use it :)

What does your bedroom say?

Kisses, Sweeties:)

Wear Me Pretty!

Are you on the kurta wagon?....Rikshaw Design has the cutest pieces ever..and they're all so girlie, colourful and fun! I ususally wear them with a pair of shorts or leggings!

How about you?

For more colours and patterns click here!


Special Delivery!

Ohh...what a morning it is...I can't stop smiling:)
We all love getting presents, right?
A few weeks ago the lovely girls from BonBon Rose Girls sent me my winning giveaway present (Yes, I won....It was the first time ever!)...When the package arrived I was over the moon...because I love cute notebooks and organizers and those are the sweetest ecosystem notebooks with a unique past, present and future theme and what's more each of those beauites are 100% recyclable.Yuppie!! So without further ado:
Thank you so much, Ladies!

Happy Wednesday, my Darlings

Ps: What was the last gift you got?

Happy Thoughts

Tuesday, June 22, 2010
The other day I had a coffee with one of my lovely girlfriends and we talked about things we have to do and deadlines we have to reach, then suddenly she asked me to list 5 things, that make me happy.....From the top of my mind I said: tight hugs, Seinfeld, Lays chips, long Loccitane bubble baths with a mag in my hand and coffee shops :)

Now, my Darlings, your turn...I would love to know 5 things that make you happy:)

Dish it out!


As soon as I saw this birdie necklace I couldn't take my eyes off it...So simply romantic:)

Hope this little cutie makes your day a little bit happier:)


Plan(t) ahead

(1 via Mary Ruffle,2 via tatielle)
I want to have more plants in my home and I am on a look-out for new inspirations. I often hear friends talk about planting lemons and lavender in their windows (yes, windows) and I crave for that too. After seeing those adorable table-plant displays I am on a mission to create a little green oasis in our home:)

I would love to know what plants or potted flowers you love and recommend?


Early Bird Shower

Monday, June 21, 2010
I'm such a bubble bath girl but on everyday basis I opt for showers ( it's so much faster and more convinient)....I don’t sing in the shower which is a good thing... Balazs and the dogs couldn't handle my horrible singing voice! Anyway, how adorable is this vintage-inspired caged bird print shower curtain ? If I had one like that I would sing all the time :)

So, what you say girls?


Are You Fishing For a Tee?

How adorable is this fish jackard jumper? I love how loose and easy fit it is! Must be very comfy. 

If you are not so much into sea creatures, here is a wave print tee...equally adorable:)

I wish you an easy and breezy day,

Love Notes

Whenever I have to wake up early for work, Balazs leaves a little notes next to the coffee maker (at 5:30am) to brighten my gloomy morning. It always works:) I saw those a few days ago and I couldn't resist posting them...:)

Here is a little love note from me to you: "I'd be so blue without you"
You make each day (even Mondays) so lovely and fun :)

Happy Monday, my Darlings

Relaxing Weekend :)

Friday, June 18, 2010
 (via we heart it)
My Darlings, what are your plans for this summer weekend? As Balazs has to work most of the weekend, tomorrow I am planning to catch up with a few of my friends and enjoy a little bit of shopping...and on Sunday I am treating myself to a day spa :) Should be fun! (And hopefully relaxing).

As always, here are a few great links from around the web, enjoy it!

I can't get enough of flats...Those are perfect!

It's raining today and the only thing I am dreaming about is wrapping this cozy scarf knitted by  Beth around my neck and go for a long walk with my dogs:)

Lovely girl-bike photo....I am loving my bike lately:)

Banner love! Aren't those cute?

If you have a problem with your boss, here is a cheeky tee....hahahah

I fancy this adorable ruffle underwear. Would you wear it?

If you like dragonflies, you will love this ring...! It's stunning :)

I want to make those strawberry ricotta gramah tartlets? How does that sound?

Here is a beautiful  camping engagement album! What a great idea, don't you think?

Those make me smile every time, I love them.... fantastic flats!!!

Yummy....cupcake prints!

How much do you love those mobiles?

More cute braids and guide on how to style it :)

I heart this house! Check it out:)

Porcelain vases. I think I should get a few....So pretty!

DIY project: Father's Day shirt-tie gift boxes!

I love this dress! It's stripy !!! Love...love ...love it!!!

I heart this retro style Lili clutch!!!

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Knitted Graffiti

Wherever you are I wish a relaxing weekend with friends and family and lots of sunshine:)

Kisses Darlings and see you on Monday morning:)

Perfect Love with Imperfection!

As much as I love fine and refined diamonds (who doesn’t, right?), I am absolutely smitten with crystals full of imperfections. Probably what fascinates me about them is that each piece is unique and one of a kind! I am over the moon with this beauty!

What stones are you smitten with?

Happy Friday:)

Bear Lazy Morning!

Good Morning, Sweeties!
This week is so busy for me and by this morning I feel like those two cuties above...exhausted and ready for a nap (and I just woke up)... How is your week so far?

I am off for a swim and a cup of coffee (my best friend today).I will be back very soon:)


Retro Wedding Invitations

Thursday, June 17, 2010
For all of you who love vintage records, here is a fun, retro inspired wedding invitation! So funky and unique...Don't you think? Now I wish I could have seen the wedding!!! Must have been festive:)

Have a Groovy Day, my Sweeties:)

Romantic Braids

(via flickr)
I have a "full head of hair"... as a child my dad used to braid it daily and I hated it, because I wanted my hair to feel free ...That feeling stayed with me, until now! I love to let my hair loose, but lately I am inspired by side braids...I think it's so romantically stylish!

Whats your hair like? How do you wear it?

Already Thursday...One more day:)

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