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Thursday, May 6, 2010
That's my biggest fear...I never want to lose that child like quality. I wish I could bottle it up and never let go! Nowadays we have way too many worries and responsibilities and that little part of us tends to disappear! I hope we will all try to keep it alive!
We owe it to the little kid from 15....20 or even 30 year!

Your comments mean a world to me :)

Ps: It’s Thursday...One more day and ...weekend :)


Unknown said...

love this post xxxx

Margaret said...

i know right. i turn 17 in 21 days and i'm terrified :O
thanks for the super sweet comments :D

Unknown said...

Since I cut my hair really short, I feel even more childlike (some may say 5 years old), and I haven't been happier!

Unknown said...

I think if we can remember not to loose it, then we don't! But if we forget for too long, then its gone! I see it all around me everyday! Let's keep our inner child alive always, couldn't agree more!

Unknown said...

I agree. I have been feeling younger and better ever since I have been exersizing and eating better and telling all those negative words that they couldn't stay in my head. Makes me feel like the 20 something me.

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