Crazy about Hoops!

Monday, May 31, 2010
With those earrings you could wear something simple and still feel fabulous...I am crazy about those Czech glass beads! Aren’t they pretty?

What accessories you are into?


Sex and The City 2!

Last Friday I saw Sex and the City 2. I have to admit that after reading a few reviews (which were uffff...not good...ouch!), I was worried that it might...well, suck! But my dear ladies, why do we love the girls? I don’t know about you, but the reason I watch this movie is that I can plunge back into the glitz planet of shoes, fabulous gowns, sex-relationship talk and most importantly to visit old friends (I watched them obsessively for years). The outfits were beautiful...The Abu Dhabi setting was breathtaking and I really enjoyed the story line with this little twist in form of Aiden (John Corbett). I can completely relate to the statement the movie represents….that everyone makes their own rules in a relationship/marriage and all is relative! For me it was the best 2 hours of laugh-out-loud hilarious fun and stunning fashion which I probably would never be able to pull off (although I would love to).

Anyhow, see it for yourself, and if it’s not your cup of tea… that’s ok too!
This is my favourite Halston frocks!
Did you see the movie? What are your thoughts, I would love to hear it!


Monday Morning....

I bet most of you know Leah already, but for those of you who don't: Leah is a great writer who's mother always told her to write thank you notes, so she started a blog where she writes thank-you notes to everything in her life. Here is her take on Monday's....I love it!

What do we think?
I am planning to have a great day!


Summer Friday!

Friday, May 28, 2010
It's Friday!
I am so excited! Tonight, I am off to see Sex and the City 2! Tomorrow Balazs and I are planning to have a picnic with friends. How about you, my Darlings, what are your plans for this summer weekend?
As always here are a few amazing posts from around the web:

You must see this Bookshop Cafe! I want to drink my coffee there everyday:)

Stunning home tour of Jamie Isaia and Anthony Malat. You can't miss it!

A classic band with an edge, you'll love it! ( the green is on my wish list)...Fancy one?

Sunny bamboo smocking dress by Lark. It's yellow!

How about a Red Wine Raspberry Sorbet? Yummm...I am up for it!

Oh so charming brass pendant necklace.

Crossed tote that I heart!

New paintings by Jennifer Sanchez...So creative!

The butterfly chair in different setups by Anne Sage. ( ahh..the mirror on the purple wall is so unique)

Nothing says it more that "I am a Birthday boy" than those cute T-shirts!

A sneak peak into Madewell Maven Gigi Guerra's Pad....It's so pretty!

How about a pair of book ends....not ordinary ones.....Promise!

Are you looking for a great love plate? I found those....

Adorable wedding invitations...Tie a knot!

Maxi dress anyone? It's stripey and pink!

Rainbow of cute flats! I heart the light pink....How about you?

And here are a few exPress-o posts you may have missed:
Lets Sail Away
How Cute
Ten Delicious Breakfast Egg Recipes
One Hill

Wish you all a fantastic weekend full of laughter and see you on Monday:)


Dashing Bride!

(photos via sloanphotographers)
I adore this tres chic short number, don't you? It goes so well with the bride's hair, necklace and a stunning flower headpiece! I'm giving it two thumbs up!!

Happy Friday My Darlings....


...and another reason to not worry: it's Friday today!

Hugs and see you very soon.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Thursday, May 27, 2010
(photo via The Sartorialist)
For years I dreamed about bangs but I always thought it wasn't for me.. Then about a year ago my then new hairdresser suggested that I should give it a try and if I wont like it I can always pin it. So, I did and I love it!

What is your expeirence with bangs? Love it, hate it?


Ps: The girl  looks amazing in that bow dress and her cute bang....


( photo via happenstanceca)
I adore how this dress goes so well with her cute hair colour.I always wanted that shade and if I could pull off this look I would definetly rock it!....And of course those pandas...Let's all have a little ahhhh.. ...When I was little I was crazy about pandas, and I probably still am!

How is your day?
( I am secretly wishing it was Friday already...)

Hugs and see you soon:)


Don't we all need a little reminder here and there? I know I do...I am the type who plasters her walls, doors and tables with post-it notes...People might say I am forgetful but I'd rather say I just have too many things on my mind...Sounds better, dont you think? (...Who am I kidding, I am hopeless...)...Erin is the creative guy behind those fun and funky reminders.

Do you make notes and reminders or you are more of a free spirit?

You are all the best…Thank you for your amazing comments!

I can see Rainbow

Wednesday, May 26, 2010
I heart the idea of seeing the world in a different colour each day...and now it's possible with the help of Harvey Faircloth  who created those funky, rainbow sunglasses!
What's your colour of the day?

Kisses Darlings,

Stripes- Take 2

Last week I posted a few of my favourite stripy looks and after that I met one of my friends who asked me what I think about kids and stripes..I thought, come on!...Kids look great in anything, but then I saw those photos and YES...They do look adorable in stripes too...
(both images are from lucky boy sunday)
(photos from oeufnyc)
When you were little who chose your clothes? Did you do it? Or was it mom?
I could always choose what I wanted to wear and if my parent tried to influence it...I cried for hours (I am still very stubborn...I guess those things don’t get better with age...hahaha)

Kisses and enjoy your day:)


Isn't life all about it?
That's the only thing we need.....

Have a sweet morning:)

The One!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010
I love wedges but I am so tall and I often opt for flats as they're easier and more comfy...but this pair of wedges from Cynthia Rowley won my heart over and they cost only $79!
Perfect pair of shoes for a picnic in a park or some weekend fun!
Here is the equally cute black and white version.


Carnival-Inspired Wedding

Thumbs up for this Carnival inspired wedding! The lovely Eunice from Hello! Lucky, is the happy bride with the moustache...This whole extravaganza was created to celebrate the love of those two lovely people....This carnival inspired wedding was just featured by Martha Stewart and I could not resist to show you a few of these pieces...
The dress has the most amazing ruffled train....
Guests enjoying the vibe....
This is my favourite part...The animal parade!!!
How creative and fun....Imagine being one of the guests....I love wedding season!
All the best to Eunicie & Daniel!

See you soon, my Darlings,

One Hill.....

I adore this project by Paul Octavious called "Same Hill, Different day". Paul says that for the past 2 years he has visited a beautiful mound of earth that he has come to called "the hill." Each time he comes to the hill he discovers a new story as if the hill is his stage and the locals are the actors in this daily play. Isn't that great?
Those are two of the many "hill" photos I love!

What is your favourite spot in the city?
(I have this cool place near me...little gated park with flowers and place to chill)

Happy daydreaming!

Fashion Copycat

Monday, May 24, 2010
(photo by Vanessa Jackman via luckymag)
I wish I could look as effortlessly stylish as this beautiful gal at least one day each week :)...What you think?
It's not too much to ask...

Do you plan your outfit the night before? Or, in a hurry in the morning?
(I am the second one...but I could put a little bit more thought into it!)

Have a stylish day, my Darlings,

Mr. Mom

I often wonder about different couples....To be exact, how do they share responsibilities....I find that most of my married girlfriends are in the traditional set up, where the husband is responsible for the financional aspect and he is the one who has a full time carrier and the wife takes care of the house, kids and everything in between.... There are a few of our friends who share all the responsibilities equally and are trying to balace the family life and the busy work schedule....( the meetings, the bills, kids and groceries)....All this thinking came after I saw this amazing photo spread in Harpers Bazaar called Mr.Mom... Here, the handsome Chris Noth plays the role of the mom and the beautiful Milla Jovovich is the busy working woman.
I actually know a Mr.Mom, who lives on my street and everytime I see him with his 2 boys...he makes me smile...There is something so cute about a guy sitting on a park bench with five other moms, chatting about kids' eating habits and nap times :)

What set up works for you?

Can't wait to hear about it....

Ps: I can't wait to see Sex and the City 2...:)

Geometrics For Spring

I am completely in love with Mara's Hoffman's spring collection. The geometric prints and vibrant colours are so flirty and fun! Each dress has a great cut and just looking at them makes me want to dance! (believe me I am a huge dork when it comes to dancing..I look like Olive from "Popeye")...

I hope you all had a fun weekend full of sunshine ....It's Monday but I hope it will be a good one....


Guess what? It's Friday!

Friday, May 21, 2010
(photo by Kylie)
This week was quite busy for me and I am very happy that today is Friday! Tomorrow we have a Birthday Party to attend and if the weather allows, we will have some sweet a beautiful park near us!

As always, here are some great posts from around the web:

Gone fishing- Yum!!!

Funky dress for summer! I love the colours!

Watch to die for....! ( The colours are perfect)

I love you because....Something cute for your loved ones!

It can't get better than these Marlee Tea Party Jazz Sneakers ( I heart them)

Fancy some thick, chewy oatmeal cookies? Yummy!!!

A little boy would look so adorable in this car printed rain coat!

Great news!!! Here are 20 sweet summer dresses for under $100! That's right!

The most amazing balloon chandelier....It would fit right in with a nice and comfy garden furniture!

 Here is some fun lego love from Poppy Talk!

On my wish list: Beautiful pillows by Honey Pie Design ( Don't you just adore them?)

Kids party masks from Smallable...Cute!

Oh Baby! ...(You must see this)...Am I right? Adorable :)

Outfit I love...Here comes more stripes!

Amazing before and after photos of a restaurant project!

I want this number scarf! (How creative)

DIY fabric scrap gift tags! ( I have to try this...)

I want this tee.....I bet you will too!

And here are a few exPress-o posts you may have missed:
Sac Baguette Shopping Totes
Five Of My Favourite Super Foods
Tips For Lovely Day!
Lula Fun!

How about you, my Lovelies? What are you planning to do this weekend?
Enjoy the sun, try to relax and recharge with love and laughter!

Kisses and thank you for all the love....

Sesame Street Fun

I love Sesame Street and I have a secret crush on Cookie Monster...That is right, I love a blue creature:)...He is such a cool adorable are those outfits for a fun, comfy and easy weekend?

Kisses and remember that tomorrow you (probably) can sleep in!

Friday Morning Smiles!

Is it a cuddly puppy...
...or an enormous bear?

What would put a smile to Your face this morning?
Have a breezy and easy Friday!
Those two photos brought out the joy in me :)


Ps: What did you have for breakfast today?
      Yum....pancakes:) ( Gym is calling my name)

Crazy about stripes!

Thursday, May 20, 2010
For the past few weeks I cant stop thinking about stripes....Ahhh...Stripe dressses, tops and even socks...( I actually have a few).
So let me present you with a few of my favourite stripey looks. Check out the amazing shoulder detailing on the second photo!
Are you like me: stripe-crazy?

Happy Thursday, my Drearest...One more day and ....

Baby Photos

My friend is thinking about having photos taken of her little baby girl...To get some inspiration we looked up the always amazing Becca from Becca Dilley Photography....and look what we found!
This little cutie is Laura and she melts my heart! Her parents had their wedding documented by Becca a few years ago, so it was natural for them to come back for those photos..
I think it's so important to create memories and what is better than celebrating the birth of your child with photos like that :)

What a little sweetie pie! ...


Aussie Love

Wednesday, May 19, 2010
While the sun is shinning on my balcony, I can't stop daydreaming about a relaxing summer break somewhere on a beach wearing a cute cover-up! Those two from Seafolly are just ideal!
I can totaly imagine myself wearing one of those cuties! How about you?


"Snickers" Bar

How about a crunchy, chewy and creamy bar with milk chocolate, peanut butter and rice krispies crust, a layer of salted peanut nougat, milk chocolate bavarian topped with caramel cream.....sounds familiar?
The chocolate bar we all know just got a new look!
Snickers with a gourmet touch. Overwhelming sugar-rush or delicate delight that tickles your tastebuds?
I don't know what it is lately but I can't get enough of sweets....Last night I had two huge pieces of cake and now I am ready for this Snickers Bar.....

Cookies, Candies or Cakes? Which rocks your world?

Muah....thank you for being so sweet :)

( photo via cannelle-vanille)

Alice is back!

For cute and cheeky invitation cards I always make sure to visit Jag Nagra. She never dissapoints! Here are a few cute Alice in Wonderland inspirated prints. Simple, stylish and always bring out a smile:)

Kisses my Lovliest,

Jeweled Jardin Jacket = LOVE

Tuesday, May 18, 2010
Jeweled jardin jacket

I am in love with this Jaweled Jardin Jacket by  J.Crew! What's not to adore? From stunning colours and the three-quater sleeves to hand-applied sequence flowers and beads, this jacket is a must for a summer evening! This beauty is so unique (not only because of the price) that J.Crew only created a few pieces! The best part is that you can dress it up with a little black dress and heels or dress it down like on the photo!
Life is about treating yourself, so maybe today is the day!

What is the one item in your closet, you can't live without?
For me, it has to be my Gap skirt I bought ages ago and I still feel so good everytime I put it on :)


Room Love!

Before we get into the goodies let me just say that this room was designed by Kara, a 17 years old student who is a little creative bee and this place completely embodies her style and personality.
Just to clarify the names: twirl is skirts, yaypants is of course panties and lazy is for all her lazy clothes. I am thinking about doing the same on mine. How fun!
All the knobs are from Anthropologie. So cute!
A touch of bright yellow! Don't you adore those little colorful buttons?
Kara managed to create this room on a shoestring budget. Isn't that just fascinating to see a 17 year old girl being so creative?

How did your room looked like when you were her age?

See you soon,
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