It's Friday!

Friday, April 30, 2010
(photo via museum of happiness)
Ahh..It's Friday! What a week it was...Ufff...This weekend we are planning to see some friends and I am in a panic mode because I don't know what I should make for this occasion! I am thinking about salsa, guacamole...hmmm...maybe some homemade potato chips with garlic cream. I am dying for some new great dip recipes!

Do you have any great suggestions?

Btw: here is our Friday selection of everything beautiful and creative from around the web:

Petit Collage has the most adorable decorative tape! (definitely on my wish list)

Here are a few great solutions for growing veggies even if you are short on space ( Like me...I just have a terrace)

If I had a kid I would definetly get him/her this adorable hopscotch rug ! I used to love that game!

Grizzly Bear cards...really!

Beautiful illustrations by Kathy Mellor.

Officially the coolest macbook case ever!

Have a look at this creative dinner wear by Yanko Design.

Beautiful Paris photos by Little Brown Pen.

Are you planning something special for this weekend? Whatever you do and wherever you are, have a wonderful weekend!

Kisses :)

Fancy A Piece Of Rainbow?

Have you ever wondered how rainbow tastes? Good news! I've just got us the answer….Do I have to say more? I think this speaks for itself….:)
How about that, girls? Fancy a bite?

Happy Friday!!!!

Ps: I can't take my eyes off it! Yum....

Mom Is The Word!

I don’t know about you, my Lovelies but I am such a sucker for all types of holidays....I always try to make sure that all of those occasions are special and full of warm fuzzy feelings!
I am a strong believer that a well picked card means more then an expensive present. So, for this Mother's Day I am planning to get one of those absolutely adorable cuties!
(Photo from redbirdink)
( photo from InvitaPaperStudio)
( photo by Basil and Betty)
My friend has this very cute tradition that each year on Mother’s Day she drives down to her Moms home and makes her blueberry pancakes with a maple syrup for breakfast and afterwards they look through old pictures and tell each other stories! How sweet!
(image from bbcgoodfood)
How about you? Are you planning something special?
If you have any great traditions I am dying to hear about them!

Happy Friday:)

Would You Like To Be Alice? ( just for a little while)

Thursday, April 29, 2010
(photos by Holly Palmer)
How about treating your tushy to an Alice in Wonderland treatment? Those tea cup stools are created by a fantastic British designer Holly Palmer. Just image having a real Tea Party using those cuties!

I am such a kid at heart!

Fairy Tales do come true!

Matt Lamp...Have a Look!

(Images via llotllov)
Lighting can make or break the mood of your home (at least that’s what I think). Our apartment is in a beautiful old fashioned residential building with grand rooms and high ceilings. For a while now I was looking for something unusual, funkier or different and guess what, I found it (...I think I did). 
Don’t you just love those long soft, knitted lamps? Those are so different; they have a sort of industrial-meets-granny aesthetic.If you want to be creative, you can mold this fixture into whatever shape or purpose you desire. I am not sure if one would do the trick but a few of those cuties hanging above a coffee table, dining room table or even a bed would surely make a statement. Don’t you think? (or am I just simply crazy?)…Ohhh…just one more thing…They are coated with fluffy Italian wool:)

Great eye candy or just craziness?
Your pick!



( Created by Keri Smith)

Are you brave enough to travel to the other side?


Pencil Crayon Jewellery

Wednesday, April 28, 2010
From theatre costume designer to a jewellery creator. That is the journey Maria Cristina Bellucci took. She is behind the most fabulous and original way of making artistic pieces we can all wear and feel incredibly special!
All her amazing beauties are made with the use of coloured pencils! Yes….really…truly….every kid's kindergarten necessity…red, blue, green….pencils!!!
So Ladies, what you think about this fashionable jewellery?

( photos via Klimt02)
Ohhh...I almost forgot…She recycles pencils so all her pieces are 100% planet friendly!
The third one is definitely going onto my Birthday Wish List (… just have to hint it to Balazs).

What is your favourite piece of jewellery you own? Does it have a story behind it?


The Time for Pure Love!

I don’t know if it’s the spring or that everyone around me is getting married but I can’t get enough of everything love and weddings! I am just in this blissful mood and  adore summer celebrations. Generally, I go by the rule less is more!
Jess & Marc embody everything I love about weddings. Let’s start with the all important dress…Ahh the colour and the beautiful ruffles make the dress so fresh, light and ballerina like! It fits her body to perfection. The simplicity of the hair style makes the whole look very chilled!
The shoes are just wow…can't say more! 
Perfection! They both look so peaceful, relaxed….just blissful….
For more of this dreamy wedding check out the ever beautiful Style Me Pretty!

What is the one thing about weddings that make you go ahhh....?
For  me it's the way the couple looks at each other during the night (that warm...happy...increadibly pure look). You know what I mean....Don't you?



(poster by valentinadesign)

Our mind is a powerful part of us! Let's make it work to our advantage!
Happy Wednesday....Half week just flew by :) ...In such a great company time goes by so fast.
Have a Great Day, My Dearest...

Knitted Graffiti

Tuesday, April 27, 2010
Magda Sayeg from "Knitta Please" is making the world prettier one woolly legwarmer at the time! She travels the world and creates handcrafting colourful cozies for fire hydrants, beautiful whole body overalls for trees and everything else she finds inspiring!

What a great way to make your city more beautiful! Makes me smile every time I look at it....especially the tree.
How do you feel about this type of artistic expression?

Do you know how to knit? I don’t but I wish I could!


Planet Friendly Calendar ( and so cute)

I can never decide on a calendar and it usually takes me ...hmmm..about now to choose one that "speaks to me"...I found the one this weekend! I was browsing through a few shops and I noticed this hand made piece of art created by erizam. What's perfect is that the front of each tag features the name of the month, and the back is ready for you to fill out with the dates of the year. This allows you to use your calendar any year and even reuse it for more than one year. Two in one, good for our planet (because we recycle) and good for our wallet (you don't have to buy a new one next year)
(photos from etsy)
What a smart little thing!

How about you...Are you like me, obsessively making notes on it or are you the type who just goes with the flow?

Lovely Day, My Dearest,

Sunny Inspiration

(2&3 via the fashion spot and 1&4 by Danske Flickr)
I am finally enjoying that beautiful sun...and not to be selfish I would like to share this blissful moment with you all! Have a wonderful day my Lovelies...


Tree Shelf for a Little Creative Mind!

Monday, April 26, 2010
(photo from design Shawn Soh)

The coolest bookshelf I have even seen….Imagine this adorable tree in your little child’s room….Aaaww…..And what’s more, the books are the beautiful colourful leafs!

It's on my wish list for future...

Paper-licious Bride

I am soooo happy about this post that I am about to pop! Let me tell you why…about two weeks ago I wrote a post entitled “Dresses For Your Big Day” and I asked for my lovely readers to email me photos of their wedding gowns so I can show them off…and guess what….that is exactly what I am going to do today:)
This dress was designed and created by Justine and her dear friend Maud Weibel who is an amazing clothes designer. But she’s not just any type of designer…she makes dresses out of paper (paper, magazines, tea bags...)…That's right, Ladies!

That beautiful dress is made out of paper! Isn’t it just amazing? I adore the shape of the gown and the flower detailing is just so perfect for a summer wedding!
Justine looks gorgeous in it…That dress was definitely meant to be! Perfection!
Justine thank you so much for sharing this beauty with us! For more of Justine click here and for those unique wedding dresses visit Maudetoiles.


Lovely You!

Happy Monday!
Or is it?…. Mondays are usually a drag, but not this one for some reason. I had a big cup of coffee while enjoying the sunshine! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and ready for a week ahead filled with madness and schedules…Don’t we all love that!
So if you are just getting up or in a rush and in a need for a little inspiration, here it is:

(Poster by Dazeychic via etsy)

I am still working on a few of those….but the dessert part surprisingly comes naturally to me! ( mmm...cheesecake)

How about you?

Thanks for all the amazing comments over the weekend!!!
Head Up Lovelies,

Weekend- Thank You

Friday, April 23, 2010
(photo via live journal)
It's Friday and it is time to drop everything and rest...Yea, right! I wish...This weekend I am planning to get myself organized and catch up on few things I didn’t have a chance to finish! I am working on a new project (about which I keep hush for now...for good luck). One thing I definetly will do (which I love) is, watch some Seinfeld....I am not sure if you guys know that series...Ohh it is the greatest TV series...ever! Very funny! Balazs and I are addicted to it.

So, your turn now! What are you planning to do this weekend?

Btw: Here are a few great links from around the web, just for you:

Amazing picture book by Marc Johns . It is hilarious!

For some eco friendly and adorable home goods head over to HELLO MAGPIE.

I want one of those pillows! What a great design!

Your heart will melt, check out those cute photos over on You Are My Fave!

Here is a very romantic City Hall Wedding from Cup of Jo. They look so in love!

Have you seen those banners?

DIY Wedding Menu Wheel ...So creative!

Again, thanks sooooooo much for all your lovely comments and a big welcome to all my new friends (followers). You all made my last few day very special indeed! Most of all, I am  really glad you all like my posts! Please continue to visit and comment!

Wish you all a sunny, warm and blisfull weekend!


We Love Liam

My Lovelies... Lynn Russell is a designer, who is behind the Satsuma Press , an amazing letterpress and design company ( they make the most amazing stationeries). She has a son, Liam, who will be turning 6 at the end of April. He has a neuromuscular disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2 and she would like to raise money to remodel the bathroom for him this summer. The raffle kicks off today ( Friday, April 23rd). If you can help in any way to spread the word then please head over to We Love Liam  to see the details of how to spread the word or make a contribution.
Let' s help her out!


Little Friday Inspiration

(Poster from ValentinaDesign)

I bet you can too:)


Sac a Baguette- Shopping Totes

You know that feeling when you are so packed up with groceries, bags and papers. Then suddenly the phone rings and ...ohh...I usually drop everything and try to find it in my giant bag (I rarely manage to answer before the person on the other end gives up...). I bet you know that feeling! So frustrating...Grrrr! The other day I was browsing thru a few websites and I found this new fantastic innovation by Sac a Baguette . It ticks all the boxes....lots of departments, stylish and best of all it has a baguette department. Can you imagine? Just great!!!
It also helps that it’s so French!

Btw: The weekend is almost here. How was your week?

Happy Friday,

Poster Time!

Thursday, April 22, 2010
So let the dream begin!
If you fancy a poster like that, just visit The Love Shop!

Happy Thursday My Lovelies,
xoxoxox Black Lable...Just Magical!

Are you ready to be taken into a world of fairy tales? I always wanted to be one of the princesses:)...I just saw "The Princess and the Frog" (the movie) last week and I am still wowed by it ( I know what you must think...Maybe I am too old for cartoons but oh well...I can’t help it...I am a kid at heart....and hope to never grow up). Anyway...let's stick with the subject. The wonderful Jen and Jamie, who are the creators of are bringing to each of us our own little fairy tale as soon as we put one of their magical pieces on our head. You can be any princess you would like, I promise! The Couture Black Lable Collection  is breathtaking! I can’t say enough...Just have a look!
This piece goes by the magical name of "She Lives A Fairy Tale” and the ladies describe it as a garland of vintage pink berries, cream and pink satin leaves and vintage gold velvet baby's breath adorn a rust coloured halo accented with gold thread. Oh...that just sound likes a fairy tale on its own. Imagine how amazing you would feel wearing it for a fancy ball or grand occasion!
This one is so girly and fresh. I can imagine incorporating it into a summer wardrobe a nice spring bohemian dress with sandals (to be exact, my new ones). Girls, say hello to "Subtle Beauty" an utterly cute mix of 3 vintage flowers (soft blue, pink and mixture of pink with ivory). Awww….
Last but not the least, actually this one is going on my wish list. The "Beverly Hills Garden Party" as is rightfully named is very unique because it is almost like putting a necklace on our heads. This vintage green rhinestone necklace has been hand stitched onto layers of chartreuse chiffon and embellished with a large vintage pink rhinestone brooch. They also added some extra pink stones into the necklace for an extra effect. Isn’t that spectacular?

So how about you, which fairy tale makes you feel dreamy?
Which of those pieces rock your world?

Can’t wait to hear from you:)

Grocery List

Wednesday, April 21, 2010
After a busy morning, I am off for some grocery shopping and I would like to leave you with this great poster. It will help me in shopping and cooking today:) Just a little inspiration. We all need it sometimes:)


Sandal Dilemma

I am awfully picky when it comes to shoes...I just can’t make up my mind about what exactly I want and as my +one always says:"It's just shoes...just pick the one you like". Hmm, easy to say, don’t you think, ladies? Even my man, who mostly does not have a problem when I am dragging him from one shop to the other, gets puzzled. But the good news is that I finally fell in love (with shoes…of course). Here are the sandals I want, need (let’s be honest....not really...but I do), and I think they are perfect... The Frye brand is one of my favourites anyway, so it’s a great buy. The beautiful stitching details and open accent at the heel is very feminine.
Just one problem...I am not sure which colour to choose. I think the natural one is so versatile and you can wear it with everything, while the purple ones are just so adorable and girly.
So ladies...which colour would you choose?

Btw: Thanks for all those lovely comments over the past few days. They mean so much to me!!!!

See you later, Lovelies,

Spring Dresses....New Founds

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How many of you love London? I do enjoy the city but, if I am honest I always look forward to the downtown shopping rush. (especially during the sales). I am a huge fan of most of the high street brands like GAP,H&M or Next but I do have a few of those special little shops I love to go to. One of those gorgeous beauties is a luxurious ethical fashion boutique called Minna . The other day my eyes started to shine as soon as I notice that Minna has their spring collection out and ready for a grab. Their tops and dresses are made of the finest Scottish lace, antique, organic and fair trade fabrics. This season white dominates and lovely bohemian style tops and dresses should be on every woman priority list. I chose a few of my favorites to show you. What I love about those pieces is that each and every one has a relaxed flow about them and is as cute as a button. The good news is that they have an online shop too, so even if you are not planning a stopover London you still can get those beauties with a simple click of a mouse. Ohh…by the way did I mentioned that they all are handmade? Oh yes ladies!
Each of those lovely dresses make me smile when I look at them:)...Imagine how comfy they must be...

Happy Tuesday,
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