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Monday, July 28, 2014

Weeks ago I asked my friend Abby what does she wanted to do on the morning of her wedding. I wanted to make sure that these usually nerve-wracking and stressful few hours will be spent in enjoyment. I suggested a lazy breakfast on the balcony of the cottage we all stayed in, but she said that she wanted to spend it by the water. So on Saturday morning we walked down the little path where our rented cottage was and we just stood in the water, sipped our coffee, enjoyed the view of the trees all around and laughed about all the little mishaps that might or might not happen before the ceremony. That little moment made me realize how strong bond we actually have and how something so simple as feeling the cool water dance between your toes can relax, unwind and calm down your soul. Hands down this was my favourite moment of the wedding weekend.

How would you spend the morning before your wedding or how did you? xo

P.S: Four-legged wedding guests.
P.P.S: This film is a must see!

(Photos via/by Lost in the Moment, TOTW, Josefin, Stories by Ash, Milk Magazine)

Style Tweaks: Knotted Tee.

My whole style motto is based on keeping it simple, minimal and comfortable while jazzing it up with little tweaks that make the whole outfit come together in that understated-sassy-type-of-way. One of my favourite summer tweaks is knotting my white cotton tees - the 90s staple! I love how a little knot on the side, in the middle or even on the back of the t-shirt can transform it into this snazzy little top that goes flawlessly with midi skirts, jeans, shorts and even suit pants. Try it, you won't believe how much it will transform your everyday look. Thoughts? xo

P.S: Sprezzatura state of style.
P.P.S: Top-knot = love!

(Photos by/via Raspberry Rouge, Karla's Closet, Lawrence, Anthropologie, Always Judging, The Sartorialist)

Fresh Flower Paper Bag Bouquets

Nothing brings a big smile like receiving flowers for no particular reason, wouldn't you say so? You know what’s even better? If the bouquet is already placed in a jar filled with water and a simple paper bag. This way there is no fuss of looking for a vase that will be big or small enough to hold all the flowers, so you can just sit your bouquet somewhere beautiful in your flat and enjoy its summer scent!

The other week when I was going over to a friend for lunch, I got a bunch of inexpensive supermarket flowers and put them in a bigger Mason jar and a paper bag and tied the top with a simple twine – that is it! It looked so pretty! What do you think? xo

P.S: Hope everyone had a great weekend!
P.P.S: How to make your flowers look great in a vase and this little trick.

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Giveaway Winner

Drum rolls, please!!! 
The winner of the Olive Yew jewelry GIVEAWAY is Jillian Manesh. Congrats! xoxo

P.S: Thank you all for playing:)

Cheers to a dreamy weekend

Friday, July 25, 2014

Cheers to the last Friday in July! What are you up to this weekend? Our friend Abby is getting married tomorrow, so it's going to be a busy weekend for us. Btw: she ended up choosing dusty blue for her wedding dress and I can't wait to see her wearing it tomorrow. Lovelies, have a cool and relaxing weekend and I will see you Monday morning but in the meantime, here is a bunch of fun links to enjoy! xo

Ah, vintage ballet.

Need a little pick-me-up? Make this zucchini bread. Mine just came out of the oven:)


If you are in the mood for some stinky cheese, fresh sea food or a box of salted caramel – you should check out the Fine Food Specialist! It will make you swoon!

Outdoor movie night - yes!

This lady really love Christmas:) Brilliant!

Fancy something sassy? Check out our Olive Yew jewelry GIVEAWAY!

The prettiest peach pie I have ever seen.

Simple rules of style.

Pretty farmer's market tote bag that you can make yourself.

Ah, love those room-changers.

Bekah on home, life and less-is-more.

How to wear blue.

Why you should never release 1.5 million balloons at once.

Brilliant date night idea!

Portraits in Creativity.

How to propagating succulents. Nifty!

Rachel McAdams re-watches her decade old audition tape for the Notebook. Giggle!

And fancy a blast from the past?
- Three years ago today.
- Two years ago today.
- One year ago today.

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(Photo of Midsummer Night aka Noc Kupały in Poznań, Poland via Laura)

This Week's Gems

Ah, perfect for a bedroom wall:)...

Best thing ever: A delivery of Frog Hollow Farm organic nectarines straight to your door:)...

Can't get enough of those dandy little infinity studs, you?...

Aren't those sandals sassy?...


Aw...mini cheesecake cups perfect for a summer picnic. You just need those bowls, a bit of twine and little forks. Ta dah!...

Melts my heart! How about asking your best friend or your sister to be your matron of honor with this sweet little handkerchief?...

Oh my goodness, a bookstore scented candle! Must get it...

Ah, night sky picnic blanket...

And speaking of weddings, this floral patterned band is something special:)...

For good luck:)...

What a pretty monogrammed iPhone case, don't you think?...


Love this little makeup bag. Great for travel!...

For your living room wall - a dash of summer!...

One each, please:)...

Swoon, this chambray apron couldn't be any prettier!...

Happy Friday, lovely ladies! What caught your eye this week? Any great finds or buys? xo

P.S: Fancy more gems?
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Go-To Summer Pasta

Thursday, July 24, 2014

What’s your go-to dish when you feel blah?

In our house there is an unspoken rule that whenever one of us feels down, tired or simply low on energy, we make pasta for dinner to cheer ourselves up. I’m positive that pasta has no energy boosting qualities, but its comforting texture makes all the difference every time. Magically it makes everything seem so much better, doesn’t it? We made Phillys’ summer corn, tomatoes and garlic pasta twice this week, and it hasn't let us down. One of the easiest dishes out there, but so full of flavour! It's great for those evenings when the sun already set and the light evening breeze is finally making the air a bit more bearable. Just add a glass of wine and you got yourself an evening to remember - the simple things in life! xo

P.S: Full recipe here.
P.P.S: Our other favourite: one-pan + 10 minutes!

(Photos by Phyllis Grant for Food52)
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