How to Prevent a Cold

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

For some strange reason I'm battling a mild cold. It must be the slowly shifting weather with cooler evenings and having the window open at night. How are you? Anyway, when yesterday I went to a natural store to pick up ginger drops, the owner told me a little secret on how to prevent future colds. Supposedly if you simply increase your intake of black pepper, turmeric and ginger to your meals just when the seasons shift, (like right now) you will boost your immune system and aid digestion in no time. Apparently, black pepper has energizing qualities, turmeric is anti-inflammatory and ginger has great antiseptic properties that work like a shield against germs. Who knew!

I'm curious, do you believe in holistic medicine? xo

P.S: This natural sore throat remedy, plus this is magical.
P.P.S: And this is a must for your shower!

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Avocado Toast with a Twist!

What's your latest avocado fix? Here is mine: fresh bread with avocado slices topped with generous serving of apricot preserves and a dash of olive oil. It hits the spot every single time and if you're unsure about mixing sweet flavours with avocado, don't be, they marry perfectly! Balazs and I are having it tonight again but this time with the addition of goat cheese. Can't wait! xo

P.S: Plus a few more takes on avocado.
P.P.S: Green goddess grilled cheese sandwich = yum!

(Photos by Free People)

Wanderlust: Treehouse Trio

I might be 32 years old but I promise you, if someone told me that I can own a treehouse, I’d be the happiest girl in the world! Peter is the lucky owner of not one but three treehouses that are connected together with a suspension bridge full of magical fairy lights. Ever since he was little, he loved those magical places, so he built this little gem next door to his actual home. Lucky guy! Aww, I’d love to spend an afternoon chilling on one of his hammocks or playing blow darts till dusk, then enjoy the sunset sitting all cozy on the little dandy porch. Also, can you imagine how cool it would be to wake up in that little bedroom with the view of a forest? xo

P.S: Remember this one on Loch Goil in Scotland?
P.P.S: Ah, butterfly tree:)

(Photos by Lindsay Appel via My Modern Met)

New York Swimming Hole

Monday, August 18, 2014

Have you ever swum in a swimming hole? This morning, while catching up on my reading I stumbled upon this gem in upstate New York that made me swoon. It’s a hidden swimming spot in the beautifully charming Tivoli. Blimey, just imagine packing your bathing suit, some fresh picnic food and set off for a date with nature. I love the idea of spending the last bits of summer dipping my toes in crisp pond water while gazing at luscious and beautiful forest. Plus, being surrounded by bird singing and leaves rustling in the wind is always a bonus, isn’t it? Do you still have any cool travel plans before the end of the summer? xo

P.S: Remember this one in Samoa?
P.P.S: Plus, this spot.

(Photos by Laura Dart for Kinfolk)

Summer Citrus Scrub

Do you use a body scrub regularly? Ever since last spring, I've been hooked on homemade body scrubs. One: they are super easy to make. Two: you probably have all the ingredients already at home. Three: I'm addicted to the silky glow afterwards! So, when last week I ran out of my rosemary mix, I tried Kinsey's summer citrus scrub recipe and now I am hooked. It magically makes my skin smell like oranges and keeps it smooth for days. Plus, since all the ingredients are natural, you know that you're in good hands:) Here is the full how to if you fancy giving it a go. xo

P.S: Feeling a bit overwhelmed lately?
P.P.S: All natural beauty routine for sensitive and acne prone skin.

(Photos by Sincerely, Kinsey)

Boats, silliness and all that jazz

Morning, lovelies! How was your last week and the weekend? Did you do anything special? Balazs and I had a blast just relaxing, going on boat rides, eating ourselves silly with watermelon and sleeping in. We even managed to squeeze in a concert night and catch a few films that I can't wait to share about in our film club. Also, thank you for all the sweet birthday emails and notes. It always amazes me how wonderful and supportive you guys are! Anyway, cheers to Monday and stay tuned for two more posts today. So happy to be back. xoxo

(Photo by James Nord)

Cheers to a breezy weekend!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Cheers to Friday, lovelies. How was your week? Our staycation is coming to the end. It has been SO relaxing to unwind, sleep in, wander the streets of the city without a need to be anywhere on time and just 'be'. Nevertheless, I'm so looking forward to exPress-o's regular schedule back next week! Wish you all an amazing weekend and see you back here Monday morning, but in the meantime, here is a bunch of fun links if you feel like browsing:) Enjoy! xo

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Frozen grapes + chocolate. Can't get enough of this combo.

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Tokyo to San Francisco in 83 seconds - totally cool!

Waves + lighthouse + France...

Must make: after sun homemade lotion.

Is your kitchen healthy?

Thinking about having a party? How about a crostini or a bruschetta bar?

Oh my goodness - yes, please!

WOW, that is a balloon ride over Cappadocia in Turkey!

This garden hand salve is amazing.

How to peel and cut an onion!

Need a few ideas for your bucket list? Check this out.


Everything you need to know about heirloom tomatoes.

Fancy making some peach ice cream?

Nifty guide on what to freeze, can, dry or store.

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