Early Autumn Essentials

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Are you ready for the cooler autumn weather? There is a definite shift in the air and evenings feel significantly cooler already. So all this new breeze made me daydream about trusty raincoats, cozy scarves, comforting fragrances and all that wonderful end of summer - early fall goodness.

So below are a few seasonal shifters from some of my favourite brands that will make the transition smoother, more enjoyable, snazzier, snugger and frankly easier....

From top: 1. Coast waterproof jacket by Joules - 2. Luke wool hat by Bridge and Burn - 3. Classics low top trainers by New Balance - 4. Block Shop's Taos scarf - 5. OLO Fragrance in 'Victory Wolf' - 6. The green balm from MOA - 7. L'Agent pale-mint bra by Agent Provocateur - 8. Lovisa Moon in Taurus earrings by ETJ - 9. Madewell's 'the perfect vintage jean' - 10. 'Transport' leather tote in burgundy by Madewell - 11. Drew striped Merino wool jumper By MiH Jeans - 12. Campfire necklace by Emily Green - 13. 'Women we love hand lotion' - 14. Alexis brain drops - 15. 'Present Over Perfect' book.

What's on your go-to fall list?

P.S: Go to uniform...
P.P.S: Plus, let's not forget about style tweak!

(Top photo by Bronson Snelling. Layout by exPress-o)

3-Minute Mug Cake

Ok, normally I only consider something 'a cake' when it's baked in an oven, but today I’m going to break that rule - for a very good reason!

See, this mug sponge cake takes 3 minutes to make - using just a microwave - and when topped with yogurt and fruits, it makes for the most indulging after-dinner-solo-night-in dessert. Balazs has been working late most nights this week, so I’ve been enjoying this new found treat to the fullest.

Here is the easy how-to. Go on, don't fight it, just make it tonight...You know you want to:)

P.S: Or maybe you're in the mood for a chocolate mousse instead?
P.P.S: Also, have you tried rosemary coffee yet?

(Photo and recipe by Trois Fois Par Jour)

Nifty Manicure Tip

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Ha! Fancy a great little tip for hardening your nail polish in a jiffy? After you paint your nails, wait a minute or two for your lacquer to dry and then dip your fingers into ice water. Yup, cold water has the power to harden freshly painted polish like nothing else, making it look beautiful. Try it!

P.S: And here is a tip to prevent your nail polish from chipping.
P.P.S: Sassy...

(Tip via Red Magazine and photo by Kelsie McNair via Feel and Flourish)

Home Tweak: Light Bulb Vases

I mostly use vintage jam jars, funky glass containers and pretty bottles as flower vases in my home, but lately I've been totally smitten with the idea of transforming an old light bulb into a sweet tiny bedside table vase. I just love how quirky yet understated they are. Here is a nifty little tutorial if you feel inspired to try it too.

P.S: But if you're more into something colourful, those will definitely tickle your fancy.
P.P.S: Ready for autumn? I am!

(Photos by/via AtilioLobster and SwanIsabelle PalmerChristine and Coco Lapine Design)

Tiny Flat in the Heart of Stockholm

Blimey, would you believe me if I told you that this stunning flat above is only about 180 square feet (17m2)? Yup, that tiny! It’s located in the heart of Stockholm and if that's not impressive enough, it also has a fully working original fireplace, wooden floors and tons of natural light! I’m a huge believer that with a bit of clever design, you can really make even the smallest space feel and look like home.

Could you live is such small space?

P.S: Love...
P.P.S: Remember this place or that one?

(Photos by/via Planete DecoMOHV and Gravity Home)

Bath Tweak: Herbal Bouquet

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Have you tried herbal bath bouquets yet?

They are my newest go-to revelation, thanks to Becca! They honestly have the power to transform a rather ordinary evening bath into a soothing ritual you'll want to go back to.

You can make it using your favourite fresh herbal sprigs and hang it under the running water, allowing it to run freely through the herbs before hitting the tub. My favourite combination is rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender and mint. Ah, there is no lovelier way to enjoy the healing and aromatic goodness of nature.

P.S: Also, something for your morning shower...
P.P.S: Fancy being more creative?

(via Becca. Photos by/via Apartment Therapy and Stacey)

Early Autumn Trend: Dress Over Pants

I'm the kind of girl who lives for all things comfy - so my ideal outfit is usually a breezy dress worn with sandals or a comfy tee paired with my favourite jeans. So, when Erica posted about her newest go-to uniform, I got totally excited because what's better than wearing all your favourite things at once, while still looking sassy!

I'm a fan, how about you?

P.S: And this tiny little style tweak that I adore!
P.P.S: Bun cuffs?

(Photos by/via Who What WearJust The DesignHonestly, wtfLove Love LoveEzgiGlam RadarMan RepellerMadewell and Style Du Monde)
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