Kitchen Tweak: Artwork

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Do you have artwork in your kitchen? We have two prints so far, but recently I've been looking for a few more to add to the collection. Why? Well, I just love how something so unexpected as a framed poster or a photo hanged above the kitchen sink or next to a shelf can make a space look warmer, cozier and friendlier. It really makes a difference, try it!

What do you think? Thumbs up or down?

P.S: This.
P.P.S: That.

(Photos by/via Apartment TherapyDominoMy Scandinavian HomeHGTVJean StofferCountry LivingSilke BondeSF Girl, and Homme Maker)


Anonymous said...

I love your idea. Jill

k said...

love love this decor idea!

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