Easter Jollies

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Happy Easter, everyone! I'm signing off a bit earlier, because our friends just flew in for an Easter visit. I hope your weekend celebrations will be filled with all-things-sweet :) What are you up to? Balazs and I are hosting an Easter brunch on Sunday and Monday for family and friends. Anyhow, I'll see you all back here next Wednesday morning, but before you get started on celebrations, here is a bunch of awesome links to enjoy.

'You can save yourself a lifetime of stress by following this simple rule: Buy things that wear in rather than out.'

Crazy sleep tricks that actually work...

Totally craving this cake...

The simple guide to a clutter-free home.


How changing just 1% of your day can completely transform your life.

And this...

Quiet ambition.


How to arrange a $6 grocery store bouquet.

This 3-second trick  lets you know if your olive oil is real.

My go-to meditation...

5-piece French wardrobe.

This too.

The TED talks every woman needs to see.

And fancy a blast from the past?
- Eight years ago tomorrow.
- Seven years ago today.
- Six years ago today.
- Five years ago yesterday.
- Four years ago today.
- Three years ago yesterday.
- One year ago today.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Easter. Jill

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