Mood-boosting Shower Steamers

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

If you're more of a shower person, I have just the thing to make your morning ritual a whole lot jollier: nifty and aromatic shower steamers that you can make yourself in a jiffy! Just drop one at the bottom of your shower, and enjoy the aroma as the steam starts to rise.

Admittedly, the business of the season is slowly starting to wear me down, so I'm thinking about making a whole jarful of those lavender fizzies to calm the nerves and another one with eucalyptus as cold prevention. Here is the full recipe, I hope you'll try it too!

P.S: Fancy being more creative?
P.P.S: And this...

(Photos by Stephanie - Hello Glow)


Anonymous said...

I need them!!! JIll

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