Home Tweak: Velvet Armchairs

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Speaking of coziness, there is a shop I often pass by, that recently had this mustard-coloured velvet armchair standing in the window. It looked so beautifully elegant that everyone seemed to stop and make a mental note about it. So after a little research, I realized that velvet armchairs are a 'thing', and I think I've just found mine...:)

Would you get one of those beauties for your place?

P.S: This...
P.P.S: And, that.

(Photos by/via Real SimpleThe Blue Remembered HillsA Beautiful MessThe White Buffalo Styling Co.Apartment TherapyLauren WilliamsLa La Lovely ThingsB.C. SmithMG&OMDomino and Anna Liesemeyer)


Anonymous said...

i had a purple velvet sofa years ago, now i regret getting rid of it

Martina said...

Even though I moved into a larger place last year, I don't have the space for a wide armchair but I am on the hunt for a deep blue velvet stool for my living room. Until then my new blue velved pillow covers from H&M home must do :)

Lyddiegal said...

I would love a velvet arm chair - hopefully someday I'll have a place with the room for one! That blue one is so striking!

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