Christmas Gift Guide #6: Husband

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Tomorrow my Balazs will turn forty-three-years-old, so today I'd like to share 12 Christmas gift ideas for those amazing husbands of ours who are still as lovable as when we first met. Those that wake up super early to buy the newest premiere Star Wars cinema tickets before they are all sold out. Those that make the meanest chicken soup from scratch (including their own broth). Those who take your dog for a long morning walk so you can do yoga in peace. Those who can spend hours researching the coolest new light bulbs, and those who always have your back, no matter what!

From the top: 1. Star Wars wisdom t-shirt ($9) - 2. Deliciously Ella Bircher Muesli pack of 4 ($16.95) because it's his all time favourite breakfast - 3. Finisterre merino beanie ($33) - 4. Pac-Man retro arcade game ($25) - S'well bottle in green jasper ($35) - 6. LittleObservationist - London photography print ($30.29 - $130.80) - 7. Mouth - Meyer lemon salt ($16) - 8. Phaiser BHS-530 Bluetooth Headphones for running ($29.99) - 9. Afineu cultured coffee introduction box ($49) - 10. Kaufmann Mercantile Edison light bulb set ($60) - 11. Stephen King's It: A Novel ($6.51) - 12. Moon lamp ($1050).

Which one tickles your fancy? Psst: I'm taking off tomorrow, to celebrate my partner in crime, but I'll see you all back here on Thursday morning...

P.S: Also, last year's husband goodies...
P.P.S: Plus, all the gift guides so far this season!

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Anonymous said...

Really like this selection. Thanx Jill

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