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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Have you ever gone back to your first childhood house or your very first adult flat? Just to see if it looks the same or if it feels still familiar? For its 50th anniversary issue, New York Magazine took a few famous New Yorkers on a journey back in time visiting their first ever flats in the city and meeting the people who now live there.

Above, it's Matthew Broderick's childhood home in Washington Square, where John Wesley lives now.

'We moved there from a few blocks away on Fifth Avenue when I was 4. I lived there until I got my first apartment on my own, in my early 20s. The living room faced the park, so it was all trees and no high buildings. So I watched the Twin Towers go up out of the living-room window. Washington Square Park was a very different place. The kitchen is pretty much exactly the same. I remember every screaming fight. I remember Thanksgivings in that kitchen. I had every first there. I had my first girlfriend there, my first play I was paid for. It’s weird that eventually some other family will live in it and that will be that. The house I live in with my family now, it’s from 1870, and I’m like, I wonder what happened in here?'

Whoopi Goldberg lived in the Chelsea-Elliot Houses, where Maria Cortes now lives.

'I lived there my whole life until I moved to California after I got married. Back then, they were newer projects, or they felt newer. My room was in the back, just a bed and a bureau and windows. When I was a kid, the High Line was still being used to transport things through the city, usually at night. That’s what I looked out on. It’s a great place to grow up, because we were outside 98 percent of the time, winter and summer. We all were poor, and we all knew it, but it somehow didn’t really stop us from doing anything.'

Martha Stewart used to live in this Upper East Side apartment, now inhabited by an ex–Real Househusband.

'That was my first apartment after getting married. I was 19, a student at Barnard College, and my husband was at Yale Law School. It was quite extraordinary to be so high, with a wraparound terrace; plus it was built as a luxury East Side co-op.'

Lauren Hutton meets Lauren Taylor in her old Greenwich Village apartment building.

'I was 21, 22, and new to New York, and I wanted to be in the Village so I could see a sky, because I’m a country girl from the South and I couldn’t breathe above 14th Street. So I saw an ad and came down. The first apartment I had was in this building with five girls in a three-room apartment and none spoke to me. I had a small daybed under the window in the living room. I got a table and two chairs because I heard from some new people I’d met that you could go to Park Avenue and pick up furniture from the street. Different chairs from different garbage piles up on Park.'

Such a great insight, isn't it? Now, tell me about your first ever home as a child or an adult.

P.S: One day of your life.
P.P.S: Future self.

(Photos and quotes by/via Jonas Fredwall Karlsson for New York Magazine)


Anonymous said...

My parents still live in our family home where I grew up. My room still looks pretty much the same as I left it when I gone to uni but suns the books and clothes. It's nice to go back there and feel protected, loved and safe. I hope my parents will always live there.

Emily L said...

That's so cool! My parents still live in the same house, but I do wonder if years from now once they are no longer there if I could go back...

I do really want to visit my grandparents farmhouse in New Hampshire where I spent my early childhood summers.

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