School Lunches Around The World

Monday, September 18, 2017

Did you know that on a typical day, 32 million children in the U.S. eat cafeteria food? Yup! The numbers vary around the world but children from many other counties also have the routine of eating their lunch at school.

Intrigued by the statistics, Sweetgreen decided to actually take a look at what kids really eat and how healthy those meal really are. So, they created this clever series of nine cafeteria lunch trays and the difference is astonishing, if you ask me! Thoughts?

P.S: Food faces.
P.P.S: And this.

(via Whudat)


Anonymous said...

Greece and Brazil won for me. Their food not only looks healthy but also very balanced. Jill

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

Which one is not like the other, I'd like to be eating lunch in Greece!

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