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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Cheers to the weekend and my 35th birthday tomorrow! Balazs and I are taking some time off to mark a super busy summer so far. So, I'm signing off a day earlier and treating myself to a week-long staycation! We're planning to sleep in, rumble around local caf├ęs, people-watch, read books on the balcony till very late, eat breakfast for dinner and just be. So while I'll be doing that, feel free to browse through exPress-o (and the links below) maybe you’ll discover a post or two that you missed previously. See you on the 21st! (Miss you already).

Why making friends as a grown-up is scary - and how to do it anyway.

Have you been to Stockholm?

Press play.

Have smartphones destroyed a generation?

Your body is already a bikini body, and here is why...

The Japanese art of repair.

Which one trickles your fancy?


One reason you should wash your kitchen linens separately.

This list...

Why can't we be this happy at work all year?

How to wear your white t-shirt.

Tea-towel goodness...

A few nifty ways to improve indoor air quality.

Why I stopped counting calories...

Motherhood isn't sacrifice, it’s selfishness.

The totally free super cleaner you're not using.

'Why I'm saying goodbye to toxic friendships.'


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Psst: the comments are switched off during our staycation. But if you want to drop me a little hello, you can always reach me via email - diana.mieczan@hotmail.com :)
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