Tying the Knot on a Shoestring!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Speaking of weddings, meet Emilyrose and Rony from Glasgow in the United Kingdom. Those two lovebirds recently tied the knot, and the incredible thing is that the whole shebang cost them only $1300! Yes, that included the flowers, the dress, the photographer, the makeup, the cake, the venue and the food for their 100 wedding guests + the whole night’s entertainment too. They both wanted to make the day special, but without breaking the bank, and they nailed it.

I personally cant get enough of Emilyrose's homemade flower crown and the super inexpensive wedding dress. Oh so well done! Don’t you think? Could you make your wedding happen on such small budget? Would you want to?

P.S: Plus, this picnic-style wedding in Australia!
P.P.S: And, super adventurous couple...

(via DailyMail. Photos by Erica Von Stein)


Anonymous said...

I wish I've done this, I think the pressure would've been smaller as well. Jill

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