The Sweetest Wedding Day Advice

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

If you are getting married or know someone who does, here is the sweetest advice you can give them or yourself:

'Buy a brand new perfume to start wearing on your wedding day. Maybe get used to it on the day of your bridal shower, or at the rehearsal dinner. Then wear it on your wedding day and through the honeymoon. When you get back home and settle into your new married life, stop using the perfume. This is where there really sweet part comes in: keep the perfume somewhere safe so it can last for years, and wear it on every anniversary.

I promise you that upon smelling it, you’ll be taken right back to your wedding day or honeymoon and have the fondest memories.'

Basically it’s all about tying a fragrance to a memory. Oh so special, don’t you think? Btw: I bet this could work for a number of other occasions too, like a birth of a baby, engagement, special trip or an important date…

Would you try it?

P.S: Shinto-style bride in Tokyo.
P.P.S: Around the world in 38 weddings.

(Advice and quote by/via Kate - The Small Things. Photos by/via Olivia PonceletRiley and Grey and The Knot)


Anonymous said...

wish i knew that when i was getting married, i would have loved to do this

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