The Only Top You Need This Summer

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Do you own a breezy white linen or cotton top? Trust me, you can't have too many of them! They are the most stylish mid-summer upgrade to your everyday uniform. They will make your worn-out jeans or a pair of denim shorts look instantly put-together and elegant.

Here are six of my affordable favourites:

From the top: 1. Embroidered top - 2. Dotted mesh top - 3. Skylight side-tie top - 4. Entendre blouse (wearing one today) - 5. Monki layered ruffle top - 6. Eyelet peekaboo top.

Which one tickles your fancy?

P.S: Turn your back on me...
P.P.S: Head-to-toe white summer.

(Photos by/via The Vault FilesMissyLa VilleFranciscaTuula VintageHer New Tribe and Vogue. Layout by exPress-O)


Anonymous said...

i like them all and they seem very good value too

Mary Beth said...

And just like that, a pretty white top has made its way to the top of my fall wish list. As always, your compilation post is spot on.

Emily L. said...

Ohhh that (those) is (are) beautiful!

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