Dinner Tonight, in a Jiffy

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Speaking of all things delicious, do you own any of Amelia Freer's cookbooks? A few weeks ago I finished reading her Nourish and Glow: 10-Day Plan and I'm still under its spell. So much so, that I've been making quite a few of her recipes and one of our favourites from her blog is this quick summer vegetable frittata that takes only a couple of minutes to whip you, it's super versatile and it's an easy way to up your seasonal veggie intake without really thinking about it. So, if you need a little inspiration for tonight's dinner, try this.

P.S: Plus this.
P.P.S: Yum!

(Photos by Amelia Freer)


Anonymous said...

So easy & healthy. I'm making it, thx. Jill

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