Awesome Sandy Feet Trick

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

If you're going for a dreamy beach vacation but you are not a fan of sandy feet, here is a nifty tip to de-sand them in a jiffy. Simply, after a day on the beach, when you’re ready to put your sandals back on, yet your feet are still wet and full of sand, just sprinkling a bit of baby powder to the sandy area. The powder will soak up all the moisture and dry the sand immediately, then just shake off the dry sand and ta-dah!

So instead of powdering your nose, powder your feet this summer! :) Will you try it?

P.S: Another awesome use for baby powder!
P.P.S: Plus, this.

(via Red Magazine. Photo via Jelena Jovanovic)


Anonymous said...

wish i knew that last week wen we spent the whole week at the beach. sand always gets everywhere. thx for the tip

Jackie Lamas said...

i live at the beach and use this trick all the time! works wonders with a little one in tow as well!

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