The 'it' way to store lettuce this summer

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

In our home summer means staying away from switching on the oven, which forces us to get creative in the salad department.

In my opinion, salads are the bee's knees when it comes to healthy and un-fussy dinners, and to ensure that your salad is up to scratch, you need to make your base, aka the lettuce stay crisp for longer. To make this happen every single time, instead of just dumping your freshly bought lettuce into the fridge, wash it right away and put it into a (damp) fabric salad bag. Yup, doing just that will guarantee that you’ll never have limp lettuce again. If you keep the bag damp at all times, your lettuce will stay fresh and crisp for up to a week!

It's magic:)

P.S: You can buy a fabric bag, or make one from a towel like Karen did:)
P.P.S: Use, regrow, repeat.

(Tip and photos by/via The Art of Doing Stuff)


Anonymous said...

thx for the tip

emily said...

I'm leery of this approach...I always soak, spin, and then leave a dry paper towel in a tupperware with the lettuce. I try to keep the lettuce dry but then the paper towel is slightly damp from the moisture left on the leaves. I've had lettuce last for weeks this way...not that that's a good thing, but... ;) I might have to give this a go, but I do like my trick!

Anonymous said...

I'll need to try this. Jill

PayliTuzu said...

I envisage feeling to have the increase that your knowledge.

Elon said...

YES! I've been looking for the solution to crisp lettuce. Thank you for sharing. I can't wait to make the little bags with the kids as a fun activity.

Elon said...
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