Self-Care: Lavender Eye Pillow

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Since June ended up to be a rather stressful month, I’m planning to make July calmer and more enjoyable on all fronts. First thing on my agenda is to make one of those easy-peasy lavender eye pillows to accompany my morning meditating sessions. Here is the full how-to if you fancy indulging in a bit of TLC as well...

What's your go-to relaxation trick? Do tell...

P.S: And this.
P.P.S: Plus, that.

(Photos by Ryan Liebe and Erik Valind via/for Etsy. How-to by Julie O'Boyle)


Anonymous said...

id like one too. My trick is to drink a chamomile tea

Mary Beth said...

Hi Diana! I completely agree--I need some Calm, asap! I'm looking forward to some downtime in these next few weeks. My favorite method is meditation (I use the Calm app) and daily walks. I'm inspired by your eye pillow. Maybe I'll make one!

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